The BDA has announced the availability of 5,000 sites in Nadaprabhu Kempegowda layout.

50% of the sites will be allotted to SC/ST, State / Central Government Employees, Defence personnels etc and the remaining 50% is allotted to General Public.

50% of the sites which are available will be allotted on the seniority basis.

1). Number of Attempts.

2). Financial eligibility.

3). Age.

4). Domicile Status.

5). A family comprising of husband, wife and minor children must not have an apartment or a site or a house either from a society or from BDA or from KHB or under Ashraya Scheme or any other Government Schemes and from any other source in Bangalore District is an important criteria. ( Majority of the applicants flout this norm)

It is learnt that over 20,000 applications have been submitted and expect another 30,000 applications might be submitted and thus totalling 50,000 applications will be submitted for a total of 5,000 sites.