A man in Bengaluru sold off a piece of land that housed a local police station, presenting it as a residential plot with forged documents.

A cheat in Bengaluru took the art of con to a whole new level by forging all property documents and trapping a clueless buyer and sold off a piece of land that houses a local police station! (The seller offered it at a throwaway price and the buyer might have been tempted at such a price) (This is the simplest trick)

The cheat created fake property documents and furnished them to the buyer and collected a good amount before decamping. The said property is a POLICE STATION.

It was when some construction workers KNOCKED at the doors of the Kamakshipalya traffic police station to build a shed in the compound, the policemen learned what has gone down.

The best part of this story is that a man claiming the land has always belonged to him – and he even produced fake documents in court claiming he currently resides on this land, meaning in the police station.

In a similar, but different case and property in Marathahally, a cheat created a fake document and even got the BBMP `A` katha in the name of the dead person and got it registered.  The buyer was not even aware of it till date.

A layout on sarjapur road, developed by a prominent builder has discrepancies in title and the builder is very well aware of it and had sold a big junk of the layout (10 years old) and the legal heir or the share holder does not even know that her signature had been forged.

Another layout on sarjapur road, approval of the layout has BBMP seal and signature but the original plan has a totally different XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  The builder has happily sold it and none of the buyers are aware of it, till today.

There are too many such instances across the state.