The forest department of karnataka has issued notices to over 50 persons including a powerful minister and three noted builders, who have several projects in that area, to submit their documents (title) and offer explanations towards such survey, revenue and title documents to the department.

It is has been alleged that various persons have encroached upon the Government Land in and around Jakkur and Allalasandra villages worth Rs.14,000/- Crores and if found to be true or proved to have been encroached will land in JAIL. They will be shifted straight away from middle east to Parappana Agrahara.

The victims are the BUYERS.  But, none of the buyers are bothered at all.  Because the banks, in connivance with the developers approved the projects without even batting an eyelid, (definitely for illegal money- then why else approve without proper verification and examination) and are a happy lot.  They will wake up only when their properties are attached and their bank account is frozen and their salaries (Husband – wife – co – applicant- Guarantor) is attached or seized by the bank or the courts.

It was a surprise to the whole world, how some persons have become MULTI BILLIONAIRES overnight???? Everyone was wondering ? is it possible so soon and so fast? How?

The questions from a common man:

1). What was the Government and the Department doing all these years?

2). How did the Sub-Registrars allow the executions of such conveyance ?

3). How did the District Administration accord change of land use?

4). How did BDA/BBMP sanction building plan?

5). How did the KSPCB, BESCOM, BWSSB, BSNL, GSI, FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES, AAI and other statutory bodies approve or issue NOC for these projects?

6). How did the Survey Settlement department sit quiet for years?

7). How did the banks approve?

8). How did the BBMP issue kathas?

The list is long.  But, there is only one simple ANSWER – is MONEY AND MONEY.

Everyone has partnered their role in the alleged (if proved) (very difficult) scam, will twist the entire story soon with their money power and many are so powerful that they will delay the justice forever and may try to scuttle the judicial process tooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, the poor man without a shelter is scrambling for a roof over his head.