LAND SCAM IN ALLALASANDRA VILLAGE, NEAR JAKKUR, Yelahanka hobli, Bangalore Additional North Taluk, Bangalore Urban District.

Former Chief Minister and JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy, in a press conference on September, 21,  has alleged that major and medium Industries Minister R V Deshpande and his family encroached huge stretch of lands in Jakkur Allalasandra along with two notorious builders worth hundreds of crores.  He further stated that 177 acres and 48 gunta of forest land in Jakkur Allalasandra in the Bengaluru North sub-division worth hundreds of crores has been encroached upon by Deshpande and prominent builders and the land had been claimed by 50 persons including ‘Radha and R V Deshpande’, whom he suspected to be R V Deshpande and his associates or family. He also accused prominent builders including Sobha, Mantri and Century developers of encroaching the said land.
Notices had been served on July, 2015 by the Assistant Commissioner, Bengaluru North to prove that they were the title holders of the land with relevant documents to the alleged encroachers.

Those who have received the notices must submit the legitimate and authentic documents to prove the ownership.  Otherwise the state will resume the possession.

But, in the event, those who are in possession, could not prove their title, will opt for JUDICIAL INTERVENTION, to delay or confuse and derail the whole process of resumption by the Government.

The HARISCHANDRAS OF THIS Century will stake the claim as if they are the absolute owners with  right, title and interest and anything and everything they have done regarding the possession of these properties are legal and there is NO IRREGULARITY OR ILLEGALITY.