BDA SITES – HSR LAYOUT – WATCH OUT – CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY – SALE DEEDS OF THE site No 384, 385 and 386 in HSR IInd sector and site No 130/A, 131/A, 184/A1,  and 196/B, stands cancelled.

The value of the sites is estimated to be around Rs36 Crores!!!!

        A complaint had been lodged with the Seshadripuram Police Station by the BDA against a first division assistant working with the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) and three touts and an FIR filed against them for allegedly trying to gulp nine prime sites measuring 50×80 in HSR Layout.
       BDA’s deputy secretary-1 Shivaswami has filed an FIR with the Sheshadripuram police on the directions of the  BDA commissioner. The FIR has been filed against Suryanarayana, Yeshwanth and Guru, and BDA employee GL Madhusoodan, for forging an original file and creating a duplicate file to grab nine prime sites in HSR Layout. The incident came into light after Suryanarayana, Yeshwanth and Guru grabbed allotment letters pertaining to site No. 384, 385 and 386 in HSR IInd sector and site No 130/A, 131/A, 184/A1, 196/B, 1107/E and 1107/F in sector No III. Further, the accused obtained registered sale deeds of the site except site No 1107/E and 1107/F, to show sale transactions.

       According to the complaint filed by the deputy secretary, BDA found that sites No 384, 385 and 386 in HSR sector II and site No 196/B in sector III were registered in the names of M Munikrishna and were sold to PS Asha, Savitramma, Lalitha, Manjunath Shetty and Prabhakar Shetty, respectively.

The BDA Commissioner Sri.Sham Bhat cancelled the “sale” of the above seven sites after BDA’s legal advisor recommended the same on February 27, 2015. During the investigation, it was also found that the official, Madhusoodan, along with the touts had stolen the documents from the file belonging to one Lakshmidevi.