The State government is planning to issue a fresh notification for implementing the AKRAMA-SAKRAMA and the life term might be one year from mid-March for VIOLATORS to submit applications.


 1). Municipal bodies will be (might be) receiving applications from March 20. 

2). The existing October 19, 2013, cut-off date for regularisation remain unchanged.

3).  Under the scheme, violations pertaining to setback, floor area ratio, non-conversion of agricultural land and formation of unauthorised layouts and sites under ULBs will be regularised. 

4). Violations and Deviations up to 50 per cent in the residential properties and 25 per cent in commercial properties will be regularized.

5). Setback violations will be calculated on all four sides of a building separately.  If violation is more than 50 per cent of the stipulated setback on any one side, then the building will become ineligible for regularisation.
6). It is proposed that up to 25 per cent violation in residential buildings will attract a fee of six per cent (6%)of the total guidance value of the property (either land or built-up area) and eight per cent (8%) between 25 and 50 per cent. 

7). Commercial properties will attaract regularisation charges of Twenty per cent (20%) of the guidance value for less than 12.5 per cent violation and Thirty Five per cent (35%)of the guidance value for up to 25 per cent violation. 

8). Scrutiny fee at the rate of Re one for every square metre of the total plot area in case of plots in unauthorised layouts and Rs 2 per sq m of total floor area of the building will be charges.


  1. My house registration is done after Oct 19th,2013. Hence, I may not get A-Khatha with this schema. May I know how to raise concern on this point with government. We want to request to increase this date….Thanks–Harshavardhan

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