Caution to Investors-WARNING SEBI cautions investor – Issues list of 51 Companies

Caution to Investors-WARNING

SEBI cautions investor – Issues list of 51 Companies

SEBI Press Release No. PR No. 165/2014

Dated -December 11, 2014, Mumbai

          It has come to the notice of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) that certain companies / entities unauthorisedly, without obtaining registration and illegally are collecting / mobilising money from the general investors by making false promises, assuring high return, etc. Investors are advised to be careful if the returns offered by the person/ entity is very much higher than the return offered by the regulated entities like banks, deposits accepted by Companies, registered NBFCs, mutual funds etc.

          Wherever SEBI has found such schemes to be in the nature of Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) appropriate action has been taken against the entity/ies and its Directors. In this regard, since January 01, 2011, SEBI has passed orders against 51 entities and its Directors carrying on unregistered CIS. As part of interim directions SEBI directs the entities and its Directors to stop collecting further money under existing / new schemes, not to launch any new scheme or float any new companies/firm to raise fresh moneys, not to divert or alienate any assets or money collected etc., and through final directions SEBI debars the company and its Directors from accessing the Capital markets, etc. List of the Companies against whom order has been passed by SEBI is given below with this press release. The orders are also available on SEBI website at

          However, it has been observed that certain entities collect / mobilize money under existing / new schemes even after SEBI has directed the entity not to collect any further money, not to launch any new schemes etc, which is unauthorised and illegal.

Investors and general public are hereby cautioned that other than “GIFT Collective Investment Management Company Limited” no other entity is registered with SEBI under the CIS Regulations. If any of the following entities are found to be collecting / mobilising money, investors are advised not to subscribe to such schemes and to report the same to SEBI, State authorities including Police authorities immediately, along with appropriate details / documents.

S.N. Case Name Date of SEBI Order
1 Sun-plant Agro Ltd 03-05-2011
2 NGHI Developers India Limited 06-11-2012
3 MPS Greenery Developers Limited 06-12-2012
4 Nicer Green Forest Ltd 12-03-2013
5 Maitreya Services Pvt. Ltd 25-03-2013
6 Osian’s Connoissurers of Art Ltd 15-04-2013
7 Saradha Realty India Ltd 23-04-2013
8 Ken Infratech Ltd 18-06-2013
9 Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd 21-06-2013
10 Sumangal Industries Ltd 09-07-2013
11 HBN Dairies & Allied Ltd 12-07-2013
12 Sai Prasad Foods Ltd. 17-07-2013
13 Sai Prasad Properties Ltd 17-07-2013
14 Maitreya Plotters & Structures Pvt. Ltd 30-08-2013
15 MVL Limited 26-09-2013
16 Samruddha Jeevan Foods India Ltd 31-10-2013
17 Servehit Housing & Infrastructure India Ltd 31-10-2013
18 Orient Resorts (India) Pvt. Ltd 26-11-2013
19 Kim Infrastructure & Developers Ltd 05-12-2013
20 Green Ray International Limited 03-02-2014
21 Royal Twinkle Star Club Ltd. 07-03-2014
22 Ecogreen Realestate (India) Limited 26-03-2014
23 Peers Allied Corportaion Ltd 23-04-2014
24 Green Buds Agro Farm I Ltd 16-05-2014
25 M/s. KBCL India Ltd 26-05-2014
26 Adel Landmarks Ltd (Era Landmarks Ltd) 05-06-2014
27 JSR Dairies Ltd 05-06-2014
28 Nikhara Bharath Construction Company Ltd. 12-06-2014
29 Haldhar Realty and Enterprises Ltd 17-06-2014
30 Rose Valley Real Estate & Constructions Ltd. 18-06-2014
31 Beetal Livestocks & Farms (Pvt) Ltd 25-06-2014
32 Ramel Industries Ltd 11-07-2014
33 Remac Realty India Ltd 15-07-2014
34 Sunshine Agro Global Ltd (Sunshine Forestry Pvt. Ltd) 15-07-2014
35 Ally Multi-Trade India Pvt. Ltd. 22-07-2014
36 Sai Prasad Corporation Ltd 22-07-2014
37 Nicer Green Housing and Infrastructure Developers Limited 28-07-2014
38 Dhanolty Developers Ltd 30-07-2014
39 JSV Developers India Ltd. 31-07-2014
40 HNC Infrastructures and Shares India Ltd 05-08-2014
41 Shubham Kroti Foods Pvt. Ltd 08-08-2014
42 Viswas Real Estates and Infrastructure India Ltd 08-08-2014
43 IHI Developers India Ltd 11-08-2014
44 PACL 22-08-2014
45 Step Up Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 22-08-2014
46 SPNJ Land Projects and Developers India Ltd 17-09-2014
47 G N Dairies Limited 31-10-2014
48 Sheen Agro and Plantation Ltd 14-11-2014
49 Garima Real Estate and Allied Ltd. 24-11-2014
50 Raghav Capital & Infrastructure Ltd. 24-11-2014
51 Shree Sai Space Creation Ltd 24-11-2014

           Investors are also advised that SEBI does not regulate any scheme or arrangement made or offered by Cooperative Society, Deposits accepted by Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), Deposits accepted under 58A of Companies Act, Chit Fund Business, Contract of Insurance, Pension Scheme or Insurance Scheme, Nidhi or mutual benefit society and any other activities which are regulated by any other Authority or banned under any existing law viz., Multi Level Marketing, Pyramid schemes, etc. Accordingly, investors are cautioned not to invest in any company which is not registered and regulated and bring such schemes to the notice of various authorities i.e SEBI, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and State / Police Authorities, etc.