The Government has ordered the one-man commission inquiry headed by retired high court judge HS Kempanna will go into the entire Arkavathy Layout Denotification allegations or scam, since February 2004 when the BDA issued the final land notification for 2,750 acres spread across 16 villages, till April 2014, when the present government gazetted the final notification for the remodified scheme. 

a). Kumaraswamy had ordered for 78 acres 28 guntas denotification from February 2006 to October 2007 after the final land acquisition notification. 

b). Yeddyurappa , is alleged to have denotified 72 acres 12 guntas land from May 2008 to July 2011. In between,

c). Governor’s rule after the fall of JDS-BJP coalition government, 46 acres and 35 guntas land was denotified from November 2007 to May 2008.

d). D V Sadananda Gowda had directed negligible land denotifications, 25 guntas, in his 11-month tenure. 

Unexplained   lands to be deleted by the BDA from 140 acres in 2006 to 707 acres in 2014.  

The lands denotified by the earlier governments under section 48(1) of Land Acquisition Act is 198 acres.

Majority of these denotifications are arbitrary and has been done prior to 2013.

The Layout plan which started off with 2,750 acres, has shrunk to just 1,766 acres and has seen exclusions over the years.

CM Siddaramaiah had denotified 541 acres in June this year violating high court order. After the inquiry commission was announced, the BDA has worked on the report in which there is a point-to-point reply with facts.

The lands denotified /excluded because of court orders/re-do orders as per court orders is as follows: 

– Total extent of land excluded in the final notification of 2,750 acres due to various writ appeals – 83.08 acres. 2,666.32 acres left behind. 

– Denotification as per KLA Act, as per government orders by Kumaraswamy, President’s rule, Yeddyurappa and Sadananda Gowda – 198.2 acres. What remains is 2,468.12 acres. 

– Denotification as per Karnataka High Court’s division bench orders — 157.04 acre; what is left is 2,311.08 acres. (this denotification is under litigation in the Supreme Court). 

– Citing various orders of state high court and Apex Court, following the report submitted by the land acquisition officer and subsequent orders, the BDA has excluded some areas from the notification. 

– In February 2013, 422.25 acres + 119.09 acres (including 26 acres of Tata Housing); on March 20, 02 guntas, in all – 544.31 acres. 

– Finally the land remaining for the proposed Arkavathy layout is 1,766.07 acres.


  1. Dear sir, We have some land In Attibele, Hosur road which was issued preliminary notification for formation of PRR (peripheral ring road) phase 2 in the year 2005. But now the plan is that Phase 2 is not necessary and Phase 1 will join the NICE Road from Hosur road to Tumkur road. The BDA has not replied to my RTI regarding the proposal. We are waiting for almost 10 years without any development. We are seeking Denotification regarding the same. What steps can we take for the same? Kindly reply.

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