8 thoughts on “AKRAMA-SAKRAMA – GAZETTE NOTIFICATION BY THE URBAN DEVELOPMENT SECRETARIAT ON 28-05-2014- akrama_sakrama_2014-gazette

  1. The Advocate General has been asked to file an affaidavit in the High Court,after the Akeama Sakrama has been Gaetted.,by the Govt Of Karnar=taka

    Does this mean that the Hich Court will lift the stay,imposed by itself?
    I undersatand that the stay will be lifted by the H C the next day,since it has been azetted.

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    K N R sastry

    1. All illegal property owners will be the most luckiest, if the high court vacates the stay!!!!!!

      All their neighbours, who have constructed and will be constructing the buildings as per the by law will go to hell.

    1. The existing stay order is still in operation and another stay had been injected on this notification. Both the stays have to be revoked, to enforce the scheme. As of now, it cannot be implemented.

      1. Sad story indeed. I just simply don’t understand how government passes gazette notification when they clearly know the courts are not in agreement with this. Sensible government would have approached court & showcased the benefits of implementing this scheme & should have taken there approval & passed this notification. At the end only poor people are suffering not anyone else

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