Mobile Internet Speed and TRAI guidelines
TRAI will fix the minimum download speed the telecom operators will have to deliver for wireless data services. The minimum broadband speed is 512 kbps to 2.48 mbps but reported speed is lies below 399 kbps

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has found the minimum speed delivered by operators doesn’t even qualify to be called broadband.

“The Authority (TRAI) has been receiving a number of complaints from consumers regarding the poor download speed experienced by them. The Authority after examining the issue felt that there is now a need to mandate the ‘minimum download speed’ for the wireless data services,” TRAI said in its latest consultation process.
At present, there is no binding regulation on telecom operators to deliver wireless service at a particular minimum speed.

Hence, TRAI will soon fix the minimum download speed of 512 kbps.