Hi All ,
We are living in an apartment on Outer Ring Road, which is G+4 & has around 220 flats .

We got A Katha + OC 2 years back , and everything was perfect , until a notice came from Fire dept saying they wanted to inspect the place.

Officials came and took a survey and went back, then send a notice saying there are violations in our complex (Around 9 of them).

Mainly :
Building height is 16.2 Meters, which falls into ‘High Rise’ ! .

Hence we need to follow fire safety norms which are required for a High rise. But the Builder has only implemented Norms for a Low rise , since its a G+4 .
Some of them are correctable, some are not, (Needs major structural revamps ) .

Notice has given us time of 3 months. When contacted the builder, he said he has taken necessary permission from BBMP regarding the violations and paid a fine as well .

But Fire Dept says ‘BBMP approving the deviation in height of building no way can be an excuse for not meeting fire norms of a high rise building.’

Consequences if not followed in 3 months as stated in notice are :

1.Cancellation of OC issued to us by BBMP.

2.Notification to BESCOM to disconnect power to building by Fire Dept

3.Forcing the residents to vacate the premises , so that Fire safety measures can be taken up

4.After adequate measures taken, re-inspection of premise by Fire department

5.After getting clearance from Fire department, re-apply for power connection/OC.

We are trying to put pressure on Builder to deal the matter. But what Fire Dept has done has put misery on tax paying residents, who were UN aware of these things while buying the property.



Why are you blaming Fire department for your misery? After Carlton Towers tragedy, they are trying to make sure that new buildings meet the fire-safety norms, you should be thanking them for thinking about you and your family’s safety.

The only person responsible for your misery is the builder, nobody else. So, kindly name and shame the builder involved in this fiasco, so that at least others will be careful in future

This should be lesson learnt to all flat buyers. Please check all valid NOC/CC from goverment bodies. Even NOC from Sewage handling department is also as important as OC from BBMP and NOC from fire department, or otherwise flat owners has to borne all future surprises. However builder is always a hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!