Gramathana Sites/Properties – an update on form 11-A(panchayat katha)

The Government of Karnataka has issued another directive to the PDO regarding the collection of charges and taxes from the local UNATUHROISED OR IRREGULAR PROPERTY owners within the panchayat jurisdiction(village), the properties, the usage of which are not changed and not approved by the appropriate jurisdictional authorities.

The notification issued dated 21-01-2014 directs the PDO to issue FORM NO.11-A, instead of FORM – 11 to IRREGULAR OR UNAUTHORISED properties, but, COULD NOT be presented to the SUB-REGISTRAR for the Conveyance of the property.

The buyers of property without secondary title documents from the appropriate municipal authorities must be very careful and exercise utmost caution.  In several cases, the Form No.1, Form No.9 and Form No.11 seems to have been tampered and in majority of the cases are FAKE OR BOGUS OR FABRICATED.

The buyers are advised to conduct a diligent examination of the title documents, before embarking upon the purchase.