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  1. Can someone throw light on:
    (1). The layouts formed prior to the formation of BIAAPA. In particular,layouts approved by Village Panchayats,.where house building plan is approved (or sanctioned by BIAAP). ,

    (2). What is the implication on the layouts where BIAAPA has approved their sanctions for building houses.

  2. it is really shocking to know that registrations for BMRDA has been stopped(form 9 and form 11) with out any prior intimation to the public. Any idea when they are going to start again?

  3. Hi,

    I went for site registration today and I was told they stopped registration, they need E Katha and then only they will do registration even if it is BMRDA

    1. Dear Sir,

      You can get computer generated form from the vp office by submitting all the relevant documents( Sale deed, DC Conversion order, layout approval copy, release order,tax paid receipt, old form no.9 and form no.11 and if required up to date ec (from your seller), submit it and get the property registered. It has been enforced to avoid the illegal form no.9 and form no.11, issued in the gramathana limits. Do not bother. Get the certificate and get the property registered.
      Avail the services of your advocate in this regard, will be very helpful to you or else, if you are buying it from the developer, he should get the certificate or E form or E katha.
      EP Team

  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. I understand VP Office, means Village Panchayat office. I went there also they have no clue it seems and they told me I have to wait for 3 months till they regularize 🙁

    1. Dear Sir,
      We have made a representation to both the departments regarding the non update of the data. The depts may relax the norms, till the update is completed.
      EP Team

  5. I also faced the same problem on 26th July. My plot is a resale property under a gated community approved by LIC and BMRDA. Can I go for registration on 5th August? Have any idea?

    1. LIC loan does not authorise you to register the property.
      Please check with your seller and the VP office and obtain computerised form no.9A with State Emblem. It is the duty of the seller to provide Form No.9A for the registration.
      EP team

  6. Hi,
    Any update on this. We only need to go with e-khat or still we can Register with form 9 & 11. If so from when they are starting?

    1. If it is a bda/bmrda/dtcp approved sites, the Government may relax the norms in couple of days. For other type of properties other than ‘GENUINE GRAMATHAN’ may not be able to register.

      Check with your advocate.

  7. Hi,
    I entered in to a sale agreement with a reseller and paid advance for purchase of a plot in a gated community formed in 2003 in Gram panchayath area. Developer was genuine well known company.Developer&Reseller says that time there was no requirement to get BDA approval so they obtained Gram panchayath approval for layout.So I assume Govt should allow such old layouts where there was no BDA/BMRDA rules.It is properly DC converted and approved layout and have BDA NOC.

    Please clarify.Any update on Govt relaxing the the E Katha rules for such old layouts which were legal?


  8. Hi Every one,
    I am visiting grama panchyat office from 20 days for my e katha, after getting all documents now they claim that the layout does not have mutation and resolution number and because of it they can not generate e katha. iam really pissed off, I have all documents like BMRDA approval, DC copy and since the project got developed before 2003 and that time no one was bothered for these numbers. now if computer has to generate e katha we have to give this numbers itseems. PDO of gram panchyat has raised his hands saying he can not help me. I am totally clueless what to do, can I do registration with out e katha? yes I have to negotiate with registration officev:(

  9. then what is the solution? it means we can not register the property at all? Atleast they have to relax or take the deviation on the guidelines. I do not understand whom I have to go meet in the government other than PDO.

  10. Any update from Gevt on this. Also any one done registered with e-khatha BMRDA sites. As many developer I inquired with BMRDA approved layouts, they are not answering on this e-khatha queries

    1. Why relax? The government is issuing E-Forms. It is learnt that the Govt has issued over 12000 such E-katha or Form No.9 and Form No.11 till date.
      EP Team

  11. I have 2 doubts
    1. we have 1 acr DC converted land and 4 people are partners we want bifurcate 4 parts how can we go ahead,VP people asking Baippa approval for Bifurcation…why Baippa Khata required we just divide?

    2. If the guy who bought revenue site some time back,now if want to sell what is the solution?

  12. I have purchased DC converted site B khatha ,i have applied for a khatha but bbmp people is asking for form 9 , but i dont have form 9 and know there is no gramapanchayat to apply.
    so i would like to know with out form 9 we cannot get A khatha , or there is any other way to get it done. but with bribe it is possible which i know , as neighbouring site person has got it done who purchased with us.

    1. Sir,
      Check with your neighbouring site owner and make an application in the same way. Or log or Submit an application/grievance with your details and the details of other properties in the same survey number to the Commissioner, BBMP, The Deputy Commissioner(Revenue) BBMP, head office and to the Joint Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Revenue Officer and the assistant Revenue officer with all relevant documents and query for a detailed enquiry and reply. Send the letter through registered post to all of them. You will get a reply within a fortnight, if you do not, send a reminder.

      Or Approach
      Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force with your grievance stating that katha is not been issued to you, but it has been issued to others. They will enquire and take suitable action.

      EP Team

  13. Hi EP team,
    I’m planning to purchase a site,which is bifurcated from a large site,the layout was bmrda approved,site 248 was bmrda approved according to plan,builder bifurcated the site into 2 parts,248 and 248/A,248 was sold,they are offering 248/A to me,given form 9,11 ,ec of 248/A,is it ok to buy,will that bifurcated 248/A site be still under bmrda approval norm,site 248/A size is 2500 sqrft.can I get approval to build a house or resale it later,can I get e khata too.what are the complications I may face in future,please suggest me.



  14. I have a plot bought in 2012 which is BIAAPA approved. I have a manual Khata for that site (Form9 &Form11). Now I am being told that I need to get e-khata? Is that mandatory? If so how do I apply for it? Can it be applied online (as the name suggest e-khata?)?

    Please suggest.

  15. Hi Sir,
    I took biipa approved 30*40 site near devamnhalli,The government value for the site approx
    9lakh.Developer asking30000 rs for doing E katha.Any body know what is the approximate price for
    E katha?


  16. i want to sell my bmrda approved site, i have bmrda approved letter, sale deed, tax paid receipts, that particular survey no papers, apart from these documents any other documents required to give for buyer
    how much fees we have to pay for getting E katha 9 or 11,

    1. Dear Sir,

      Check with your advocate for any additional documents, as we are not aware of your property details nor about you, would not be able to intimate you.
      Regarding E Katha.
      Rs50/- is the fee to get the E katha 9 and 11.

      EP Team

  17. For getting E Katha for my PID only Form -9 is vissible and not able to get Form-11B . several times the Builder has visited Panchayat Office for this issue .. only for Form-11B it throughing an error Data not found and they are saying Server is down……
    Can any one suggest me what to do ?

    1. We do not have any details regarding you, your property, your seller, the developer, location, type of property, approvals and the statutory regulations complied. Hence, you are advised to contact your advocate, who has given you the opinion.

  18. I have purchased a site doddagubbi, bangalore, in Oct 2014. It is within panchayat limits. Seller gave me computerized form 11b. This form 11b has property number and also mentions conversion order number of survey 105. Based on this, i purchased the property and registered in subregistrar office.

    After 2 years, I need to get khata transferred to my name now. Gram panchayat is saying they cannot issue E-khata in my name because it is temporarily blocked by govt.

    Now, i realized conversion order mentioned in form 11b belongs to adjacent survey number 105. But my property is physically located in survey number 104. Now there is no conversion order for survey 104, so will i get e-khata. If i do not get e-khata, can i at least get form 9 and form 11b? Or Is form 11b itself called e-khata?

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