Overview of Budget 2013-14

Budget Size – Rs. 121611 crore.

State Plan Size – Rs. 48685 crore (16 % increase over 2012-13)

(Rs. in crore)

 Total Receipts 120717


• Revenue Receipts 97986

• Capital Receipts 22731

 Total Expenditure 121611


• Revenue Expenditure 97391

• Capital Expenditure 24220


 Fiscal Deficit 17449

• (2.90 % of GSDP)


 Revenue Surplus 596

• (0.10 % of GSDP)


Sectoral Allocation

(Rs. in crore)

• Agriculture and Horticulture 4378

• Animal Husbandry and Fisheries 1903

• Education 18923

• Urban Development 9286

• Energy 10312

• Water Resources 9363

• Rural Development and Panchayat Raj 8218

• Public works 5862

• Revenue 3797

• Health and Family welfare 5421

• Home and Transport 5315

• Social Welfare 5046

• Women and Child Development 3466

• Housing 1365

• Commerce and Industries 885


v Necessary funds will be provided to fully implement

the programmes mentioned in our manifesto

Our Announcement are :

v Our first announcement – Distribution of rice at Rs.1 per kg to poorest of the poor.

v Our second announcement – Waiver of loan to

Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, Backward

classes and Minorities.

v Our third announcement- Incentive to Co-operative

Milk producers – increased from Rs. 2 to 4.

v Our fourth announcement – increase in subsidy to

House constructions.

v Supply of adequate seeds, fertilisers, agriculture

technology and agriculture credit to the farmers in

timely manner.

v Full utilisation of State share of water in Krishna and Cauvery rivers.

v Providing necessary funds in budget for supply of

adequate electricity for farmers and others.

v Speedy clearance to industries, especially those

creating large scale employment opportunities.

v Action to take Bangalore city and Karnataka State

towards regaining their past global glorious position

v Reducing the debt burden; avoid unnecessary

expenditure; making our tax structure more efficient;

improvement in non tax collection; more emphasis to

outcomes than outlays; strengthen State finances.

v Full utilization of Central funds.

v Merger and reorientation of schemes to make them

more effective and outcome oriented.

v Discontinuation of separate agriculture budget and,

reverting back to earlier time tested system of budget.



v Production targetted at 130 lakh MT food grains.

v 0% interest upto 2 lakh; 1% interest up to 3 lakh for loans availed by farmers from Co-operative

Institutions; continuation of 3% interest to loans upto 10 lakh.

v Constitution of Agricultural Prices Commission.

v Revolving fund of Rs. 1000 crore for agricultural price operations.

v Establishment of Calamity Mitigation Fund.

v Fee concession to the children of agricultural

labourers and farmers affected by draught and flood.

v 90% subsidy to SC/ST and 75% subsidy to other

beneficiaries in case of drip irrigation.

v Extension of organic farming to hobli level.

v Implementation of research based agriculture system under the leadership of ICRISAT.

v Interest subsidy for construction of storage godowns by farmers.

v IP sets upto 5 HP at 90% concession rate to SC/ST

farmers; 50% concession rate to other farmers.

Implementation in 2 districts on experimental


v Extension of Bhoochethana-II scheme to irrigated


v Establishment of transformer banks in 100 taluks for

speedy repair of non functioning transformers.

v Warehouse base marketing system for agricultural

produce in 100 centres- Rs. 5 crore provided.

v Rs. 10 crore for “Swabeejabhivruddhi Yojane”.

v Rs. 150 crore for establishment of agricultural

machinery and agricultural processing units under

agriculture mechanisation scheme.

v Rs. 152 crore for buffer stock of fertilizers.

v Rs. 150 crore for distribution of seeds and other


v Rs. 500 crore for integrated watershed development


v Implementation of RKVY in selected 4 district on

experimental basis.

v Establishment of rain gauge centres at gram

panchayat level.



v 90% subsidy to SC/ST; 75% subsidy to other

beneficiaries for drip irrigation – Rs. 243.76 crore


v Adoption of organic farming in 82,500 acre area –

Rs. 25 crore provided.

v Rs. 5 crore to Amruthbhoomi Trust at Hondarabalu

village of Chamarajanagar district in memory of late

Prof. Nanjundswamy.

v Rs. 2 crore for growing alternate crops in areca

gardens on experimental basis.

v Rs. 12.5 crore for payment of State share of subsidy

to the pomegranate growers facing bacterial blight.

v Rs. 5 crore towards 25% subsidy for coconut

processing units.

v Establishment of 5 coconut parks; Coconut producers companies – Rs. 1 crore initially towards share capital.

v Encouragement to neera based products.

v Development of late S. Nijalingappa memorial at

Seebara in Chitradurga taluk.


Animal Husbandry

v Enhancement of incentives to Rs. 4 per litre of milk

Rs. 818 crore provided.

v Rs. 1314 lakh provided for growing green fodder with central assistance.

v Rs. 73 crore for providing infrastructure in veterinary colleges at Bidar, Shimoga and Hassan.

v Filling up of 391 vacant post of veterinary doctors and 642 veterinary assistants.

v Rs. 25 crore provided for completion of buildings under RIDF.

v Rs. 65 crore earmarked for livestock and poultry

development under RKVY.

v Construction of Super speciality veterinary hospital

in cantonment area of Bangalore and specialised

veterinary hospitals in each of the Revenue Division.

v Construction of ‘Pashu Bhavana’

v Conservation and development of buffalo, sheep, goat breed – Rs. 2 crore.

v Rs. 3000 compensation for accidental death of sheep and goats.

v Rs. 4.20 crore for providing vehicle facility to mobile veterinary clinic at 174 taluks.



v Rs. 5 crore provided for modernization of cocoon


v Incentive of Rs.20/- per kg seed cocoons.

v 70% of pledge loan on value of raw silk.

v Rs. 2.32 crore towards State share for repayment of

loan obtained by silk reeling community for complete

waiver of loan by Central Silk Board.

v Establishment of 3 ARM centres.

v Subsidy of Rs 10,000 construction of rearing sheds

and purchase of implements to SC/ST farmers.

v Rs. 5 crore for modernization of old units of KSIC in Mysore district.



v Establishment of Project Implementation Cell in

Fishing Harbour and Landing centres.

v Distribution of fibre glass boats to 2000 inland


v Subsidy for construction of houses under

Matsyashraya scheme – enhanced to Rs.1.20 lakh.

v Enhancement of fishermen fishery kit cost from

Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000.

v Matsya Mahila Swavalambana scheme – Revolving

funds – enhanced to Rs.1 lakh.

v Rs. 2 crore provided for net mending sheds.

v Kerosene to Nada Doni – enhanced to 400 ltr. per


v Distribution of free ice box – 5000 additional fisher

women – Rs. 2 crore additional grant.

v Development of Fisheries connecting roads – Rs.30


v Development works at Mangalore fisheries college

Rs. 4 crore

v Tax free diesel for fishing mechanised motorboats –

enhanced to 1.5 lakh kilo litres.

v New fishing harbours at Kulai and Hejamadikodi.

v Rs. 50,000 loan at 2% interest to fishermen from

Commercial Banks /RRBs.



v 100% enrolment fee for SC/ST members under

Yashaswini scheme through Yashaswini Trust.

v Registration of SC/ST, Backward class and Minorities persons in Co-operative societies – Rs. 2 crore.

v Rs. 3 crore for Co-operatives Election Commission.

v Waiver of term loan of SC/ST persons obtained from PLD Banks.

v P card Banks and TAPCMS agricultural service cooperative societies building construction and repairs – Rs. 10 crore


Water Resources


Major Irrigation

v Action plan for Rs. 50,000 crore to create an irrigation

potential of 9,25,805 hectares in 3 years.

v Creation of an irrigation potential 1,08,590 hectares

and construction of Field Irrigation Channels in

80,000 hectares.

v Rs. 500 crore for modernization of Cauvery basin


v Rs. 1000 crore for Yettinahole project.

v Dr. Paramashivaiah Committee report – preparation

of DPR – Rs. 50 crore.

v Rs. 10 crore to raise the height of Chikkapadasalagi

barrage by 1.5 meters.

v Rs. 5 crore for DPR to Shriranga project – providing drinking water to Magadi taluk.

v Rs. 200 crore for construction of pucca aycut roads.

v Rs. 5 crore for preperation of DPR for rejuvenation of Shrinivasasagara and 10 other surrounding tanks.


Minor Irrigation

v Constitution of Tank Development Authority.

v Establishment of separate Ground Water Directorate.


Forest, Environment and Ecology

v Priority for prevention of forest land encroachment.

v RFOs training centre at Ghungaraghatti near


v Launching of Siri Chandanavana to encourage

sandalwood plantation.

v Rs. 7 crore for prevention of Encroachment and

conservation of Forest Lands in Bangalore and Other

Urban areas.

v Rs. 7 crore for revival of Village Forest Committees.

v Rs. 35 crore to encourage voluntary rehabilitation of families from Tiger Reserve Forests and National Parks.

v Rs. 7 crore for development of newly declared

Sanctuaries and Conservation Reserves.

v Rs. 30 crore for long term measures to address mananimal conflict.

Primary Education

v Teaching of English as language from 1st standard

v Rs. 10 crore for distribution of steam boiler to schools having the strength of 500 and above under Mid-day Meal Programme.

v Establishment of Digital Knowledge Centres in public libraries.

v Rs. 3 crore to Bharat Scouts and Guides.


Higher Education

v 15 new women colleges in 15 educationally backward blocks.

v One time grant of Rs. 2 crore for qualifying 25

Government Colleges to academic autonomy by UGC.

v Establishment of “Naipunya Nidhi” in Government

Engineering, First Grade Colleges and Polytechnics.

v Establishment of Higher Education Academy at


v Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship to poor students.

v Innovation clubs in all Universities, Colleges and


v Student’s scholarships and free education to the

children of HIV and Leprosy affected persons.

v GIA to Siddharth Vihara Trust, Gulbarga.

v Rs. 30 crore for Women university off-campus in


v Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar Social development

study chair in Mysore University.

v One time development grant of Rs. 5 crore each to

Rani Chennamma University, Bijapur Women

University and Davangere University.


Health, family welfare and Medical education

v Ayush health units in one taluk hospital in each


v One ayush mobile unit to each revenue division.

v Providing of incentive to 35,000 ASHA Workers from state also.

v Dialysis Unit at one taluk Hospital in each District.

v Generic drugs stores in each taluk.

v Residential day care centres to mentally retarded in

all district.

v College of medicine at Gulbarga.

v Free health service and treatment to freedom fighters in Government hospital.

v For implement of NUHM – Rs. 127 crore.

v Additional vehicle for strengthening of Arogya

Kavacha scheme on the basis of 2011 census.

v Establishment of medical colleges at Karwar, Kodagu, Koppal and Chamarajanagar.


Women and Child Welfare

v Revolving fund to Stree Shakti – enhanced to


v Milk with supplementary nutrition to anganwadi


v Honorarium to Anganwadi workers and helpers –

increased to Rs.500 and Rs.250 respectively.

v Rs. 50,000 deposit to physically challenged during


v Fee reimbursement to physically challenged for higher and technical education.

v Child Care allowance of Rs.2,000 per month to blind

women belonging to BPL family.

v Two Day Care Centers in urban areas to Mentally

Retarded children.

v Enhancement of annual grants to old age homes to

8 lakh – extension to Yadgiri, Ramanagar and Udupi.

v Senior Citizens Help Line – Enhancement of annual

grants to to Rs.7.15 Lakhs – extension to 15 districts.

v Pension to Ex-Devadasis -increased to Rs.500 pm.

v subsidy for constructing house to Ex-Devadasis

increased to Rs.1.20 lakh.


SC/ST Welfare

v Bringing legislation for effective implementation of

SESP/TSP schemes in line with Andhrapradesh Act.

v Civil services competitive examination – training to

SC/ST students – grants to training institution.

v Constructions of toilets to the families of SC/ST in

villages – Rs.15,000 each.

v 30 new residential schools for SC, 15 new residential schools for ST students.

v Increase of days scholarship to pre-metric students

Rs. 150 to boys and Rs. 200 for girls.

v Monthly food charges of post-metric student’s hostels,

Morarji Desai, Kitturu Rani Chennamma residential

schools – increased to Rs.1000 and

v Pre-metric students hostels increased to Rs.900 and

v Ashrama schools / primary residential schools

increased to Rs.700.

v Students securing more than 60% marks in SSLC –

enhancement of incentive to Rs.7,000 and for students securing more than 75% – to Rs. 15,000.

v Construction of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar spoorthi Bhavan at M.G. Road Bangalore – Rs.25 crores.

v Micro loan scheme – subsidy enhanced to Rs. 10,000.

v Self employment scheme – subsidy enhanced to


v Rs.5 crores for development of Siddartha Vihar at


v Rs.50 crores to the hostels, educational institutions,

community halls run by the SC/ST religious


v Rs.100 crore for infrastructure facility to more than

2000 SC/ST hostels.

v Land ownership scheme, – enhancement of unit cost to 7.5 lakhs.

v Special development of nomadic tribe, under

developed scheduled castes – Rs. 50 crore.

v Development of forest tribes having RR under Forest

Act – Rs. 25 crore.

v Ganga Kalyana – unit cost enhanced to Rs. 2 lakh.

v Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Dr. Babu Jagjeevanaram

Study centres at universities Rs. 50 lakh each.

v Development of Banjara Kulaguru Sevalal birth place

– Rs. 2 crore.

v SCSP allocation Rs. 2164 crore and TSP allocation

Rs. 837 crore Total Rs. 3001 crore.


Backward Classes Development

v Backward Class Welfare offices at taluk level – Rs.4


v Strengthening of Backward Classes Welfare

department – Rs.4 crore.

v Rs. 165 crore for clearing fee reimbursement pending bills.

v Separate Engineering and Medical student’s hostel

in each district – one each for men and women – 100

student strength.

v Women nursing home in each district with strength

of 100.

v Bifurcation of student hostels having more than 100 student strength – enhancement of student strength

in hostels having less to 100.

v Rs.50 crores to welfare of Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Tribes.

v Rs. 25 crore for educational improvement of Golla

community colonies.

v The Creamy layer limit of Backward Classes –

enhancement to Rs.4.50 lakhs.

v Income ceiling of students belonging to 2a, 2b, 3a and 3b Categories – enhanced to Rs.1 lakh per annu and Category-1 – enhanced to Rs.2.5 lakh per annum.

v Establishment of Vishwakarma Development

Corporation – Rs.5 Crore.

v Construction of Mogaveera Samudaya Bhavana – Rs. 2 Crore

v Rs. 5 Crore to development works of Sangolli Rayanna Prathishtana

v Implementation of hostel assistance scheme –

Depositing of Rs. 15,000 towards bank accounts of

students who could not get admission in hostels.

v Construction of community halls and hostels by

backward classes religious institutions and other

associations – Rs. 75 crore.

v Maintenance of private student hostels run by

association of backward classes – Rs. 5 lakh.


v Incentive to meritorious minority students of SSLC

and above.

v Students not getting any scholarship under Centrally

Sponsored Scheme – launching of a new scheme.

v Financial assistance to Minorities Girls for marriage.

v Two new Morarji Desai Residential Schools.

v Construction of Shadi Mahals/Samudaya Bhavans

Unit cost enhancement – at district level to 1 crore –

taluka level 50 lakh – Rs.25 Crore grant.

v Infrastructure facilities at piligrim places for minorities

– Rs.1 Crore.

v Unit cost under Ganga Kalyana Scheme – increased

to Rs.2 lakh.

v Hosing to houseless – loans upto 5 lakh – subsidy

through reimbursement of interest upto Rs.1 lakh –

Rs.25 Crore grant.

v Rs. 9 crore for scholarship to Jain community students

v Rs. 6.50 crore for incentive and remedial coaching to minority students

v Rs. 10 crore for establishing hostels in areas other

than MSDP & SDP covered taluks.

v Rs. 3 crore towards state share of State Minority

Development Corporation

v Rs. 10 crore for completion of Haj house.

v Rs.100 crore for development of Christian community.



v Completion of 3 lakh houses under construction.

v Unit subsidy – enhancement to Rs.1.2 lakh.

v Rural Housing Scheme – 20 houses per Grama

Panchayat, 20,000 houses in urban areas.

v G-2 model flats at lower price.

v Drinking water facility to Sooryanagar including

Anekal town and adjoining various villages by KHB –

Rs. 450 crore.

v Construction 500 houses under IHSDP – 5549 houses

under RAY.


Labour, Employment & Training

v 100 new government ITIs in backward talukas.

v Multi Skill Development Centres (K.G.M.S.D.C) at

Mysore and Bellary District.

v 4 special Skill Development Centers in the Embroidery and Needle work – Rs.12 crore.

v Modernization of 25 year old 25 Govt. I.T.I s – Rs.50 crore.

v Sir. Mokashagundam Visveshwariah National Master Trainers’ Training Institute at Muddenahalli, Chickballapur Dist.

v Rs. 5 crore for Compilation and computerization of

various Labour Acts.


Kannada and Culture

v Dr.Chidananda Gowda committee report – Dedication of UNICODE- a Kannada software to public.

v Kannada study chairs at Wurzburg, Vienna,

Heidelberg and Munich Universities.

v Rangayana in Gulbarga division – Rs.1 crore.

v Rs. 30 lakh to Sankalpa Foundation for training

prisoners in arts.

v Construction of international standard ‘Kuvempu

Kalabhavan’ in Bangalore.

v Model education centre at Marihala, Chamarajanagar district – Rs. 2 crore.

v Konkani language and culture foundation – Rs.3.5


v International Museum at Roerich Tataguni Estate –

Rs.25 Crore – Initially Rs. 3 crore.

v Various programs at Gandhi Bhavan – Rs.4 crore.

v Rs. 5 crore for development of Koti Channiah birth



Sports and Youth services

v Commercial Pilot License and Domestic Pilot License training at Jakkur Flying school – Fee concession to the SC/ST/OBC students.

v Encouragement of youth associations through our

youth for our school programme.

v Reimbursement of the tuition fee of all sports persons who achieved at National and International level.



v Anna Bhagya Programme – distribution of 30 Kgs of rice at Rs.1/- per kg to BPL card holders.

v Computerization of department – installation of

biometric enabled POS machines – Rs. 20 crore.

v Construction of Food Consumers Bhavan in



Rural Development and Panchayat Raj

v Under MGNREGA land development and water shed activities in the lands belonging to 75,000 SC/ST/small and marginal farmers.

v A Rural Development Commissionerate for MGNREGA implementation and efficient monitoring.

v “Namma Hola Namma Daari” scheme to develop the roads connecting the farm fields.

v Rejuvenation of 12,000 ZP tanks in the State under

MGNREGA and other schemes.

v Installation of 1,000 water purification units to provide pure drinking water to the rural people.

v Water facilities to 30,000 Anganwadi centers.

v Establishment of a separate Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department.

v Construction of 6 lakh household toilets under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan.

v National Rural Livelihood Mission – Interest

Subvention Scheme at the rate of 4% on prompt

re-payment of loans – extended to women SHGs in 26 districts.

v Rajiv Gandhi Chaitanya Yojane – Self employment and placement opportunities for 2 lakh rural unemployed youth.

v Annual grants to Gram Panchayats – increased by Rs.2 lakhs.

v Regional Training Centres of Adbul Nazeer Sab

Institute of Rural Development in Dharwad, Gulbarga and Mangalore.

v Establishment of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj University.


Planning and Area Development

v Creation of Special Cell to oversee implementation of activities under Constitutional amendment for

providing Special Status to Hyderabad Karnataka


v Karnataka Legislators Local Area Development scheme

– Rs. 301.50 crore.

v Rs.65.30 Crore to Hyderabad Karnataka Development Board

v Rs.34.30 Crore to Malnad area development board,

v Rs. 17.30 Crore to Bayaluseeme Development Board.

v Implementation of Special Development Programme

– Rs. 2925.60 crore


Urban Development

v Scientific management of solid waste in 213 ULBs –

Rs.100 crore.

v Up-gradation of Tumkur, Shimoga & Bijapur CMCs

as City Corporations.

v Nagarothana Phase-III – Upgadation of infrastructure

& civic amenities in all city corporations – Rs.1000


v KUWSSB – 9 drinking water supply schemes –

Rs.232.52 crores; – 9 sewerage schemes Rs.118.85

crores; 47 new water supply schemes – Rs.3020.90

crore; 41 new drainage schemes – Rs.1668.12 crores.

v 24×7 drinking water supply scheme under JnNURM in Mysore – extension to the entire city of Mysore.

v Infrastructure development in Mysore Rs.100.00


v Up-gradation of DMA as Commissionerate –

constitution of expert committee.


Bangalore Development

v Development of 100 km arterial and sub-arterial roads

– Rs.300 crore.


v Grade separators at important critical junctions and

near K.R Puram bridge – Rs.500 crore.


v Widening of Bannerghatta Road and Sarjapura Road

– Rs.300 crore.


v Elevated road from Jayadeva Hospital junction to

Central Silk Board junction under 2nd Phase Metro

alignment – Rs.150 crores.

v Elevated road from Ejipura Junction to Sarjapura road

via Sony World junction at Koramangala – Rs.200


v Improvement of important junctions in the Central

Business Ares -Rs.50 crores.

v Construction of pedestrian sky-walks Rs.100 crores.

v Infrastructure in the newly added 110 villages of

BBMP – Rs.250 crores.

v Construction of multi-storeyed car parking Rs.100


v JnNURM schemes – Rs.320 crore.

v Modern technology in solid waste management

Modernization – generation of electricity, production

of compost, etc – Rs.100 crores.

v Over Bridges (ROB) and Under Bridges (RUB) at

railway level crossings – Rs.200 crores.

v Commencement of 10.5 kms Bangalore metroline from

Sampige Road to Peenya – operational by October

2013 – Rs.26,405 crores.

v Establishment of Bangalore Sub-urban Rail

Corporation for implementation of railway connectivity

from Bangalore to Tumkur and other places.

v Development of 44 lakes by removal of encroachments and preventing sewerage flow Rs.100 crore

v Development of Kengeri and Veerasandra lakes in a

scientific and exemplary model through BMRCL.

v Planting of 1.60 lakhs tree saplings across the

Bangalore city through BMRCL – Rs.20 crores.



v Development of remodelling of 4 Major Storm water valleys viz. Challaghata, Hebbala, Koramangala and Vrushabhavathi covering about 857 kms within the

BBMP area – Rs.1000 crore.



v Construction and allocation of 6,500 flats.

v Arkavathi Layout – distribution of position certificate to 8000 allottees by March 2014.

v Formation of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Layout –

allotment of 5000 sites.

v Remodeling of Commercial Complexes of BDA at R.T. Nagar, Indiranagar and Austin town – Rs.600 crores.

v Development of Peripheral Ring Road with JICA loan assistance – Rs.2,250 crores.


Infrastructure facilities in other urban areas

v 24×7 water supply schemes to Haveri, Gadag-Betegari, Gokak, Nippani, Shahabad, Yadgir, Bidar,

Basavakalyan, Raichur, Sindhanur, Hospet, Bellary

and Chamarajanagar towns Rs.123 crore.

v UGD works in Raichur town – Rs.61 crore.

v 24×7 water supply scheme in Magadi, Nanjanagud,

Haliyal and Kollegal towns – Rs.72 crores.

v Water supply and underground drainage works in

Davanagere, Harihar, Ranebennur and Byadagi –

Rs.450 crore.

v 24×7 water supply upscaling projects in Gulbarga,

Hubli-Dharwad and Belgaum cities – Rs.1,760 crore.


v JNNURM – 39 projects in Bangalore and Mysore cities

– Rs.4,150 crore.

v City Cluster Development in Bangalore Metropolitan

Area – Rs.2,100 crore.



v Rs.700 crore investment in power sector.

v Transformer repair centers increased to 100 nos.

v Establishment of transformer banks at sub-division


v Distribution of CFL bulbs for 10.50 lakhs Anthyodaya Anna Yojane beneficiaries under Belaku Yojane.

v Energization of 25,000 Irrigation pumpsets under

Ganga Kalyana Scheme.

v Waiver of electricity dues including penalty for

Bhagyajyoti and Kuteerajyoti beneficiaries upto


v Providing Solar Water Pumps on pilot basis.

v 75% subsidy on Solar Home Appliances.

v Implementation of Solar Project for providing Roof Top

Solar appliances of 0.5 k.w. to 1.00 k.w. capacity.


Public Works

v Construction of 612 kms of roads consisting of 14

State Highways at a cost of Rs.1,615 crore and

construction of 5 major bridges at a cost of Rs.110

crore through KRDCL.

v 9 State Highways on “Operation, Maintenance and

Transfer on User Fee-Toll model basis with 10 years

maintenance period.

v Development of Chikkanayakanahalli-Tiptur-Hassan

70 kms and Dharwad-Alnavara 60 kms State Highway

on PPP-VGF (Toll) model at a cost of Rs.480 crore.

v Development of Yelahanka to Andhra Pradesh border

road passing through Doddaballapur of a length of

70 km.

v Development of 8 State Highways of 452 kms at a

cost of Rs.1,203 crore under World Bank co-financing scheme.

v Strengthening of 4,130 kms and improvement of 3,122

kms of State Highways at a cost of Rs.2,937 crore

under SHDP.

v Development of 3,724 km of State Highways at a cost

of Rs.1,439 crore.

v Development of 3,745 kms of State Highway at a cost

of Rs.1,498 crore.

v Provision of Rs. 50 crore for repair of roads damaged due to incessant rain in Kodagu district.

v Preparation of Detailed Project Reports for

development of 8 lane “Kalyana Patha” road from Bidar to Chamarajanagar.

v Setting up of Quality Assurance Unit and Vigilance

Unit directly under the Government for ensuring


v Coastal protection project at a cost of Rs. 223 crore

with loan assistance from Asian Development Bank.



v Development of Bengaluru International Convention

Centre with a seating capacity of 6,000 near the BIAL,

Devanahalli. And development of business park.

v Setting up of A Joint Venture Company between GAIL and KSIIDC (on behalf of GoK) to undertake

distribution of clean natural fuel for transport,

domestic and other sectors.

v Development of Logistics Parks with ICD, Warehouses,

truck terminals, cold storages and related commercial


v Establishment of railway coach factory at Kolar.

v Completion of Shimoga and Gulbarga airports

undertaken on PPP mode.

v Expansion of Hubli and Belgaum airports.


Commerce and Industries

v Improvement of infrastructure facilities in Industrial

Areas and Industrial Estates at a cost of Rs.30 crore.

v Rs.5 crore is earmarked for establishment of Research and Development Institute to boost the production


v Rs.10 crore is earmarked to operationalize Aerospace Park, as proposed in the New Aerospace Policy


v Provision of Rs.15 crore to encourage new and

innovative projects through Angel fund.

v Establishment of three Mini Tool Rooms for skill

improvement at Harihar, Devanahalli & Mangalore at

a cost of Rs. 22 crore.

v Establishment of 4 Help Desks at Japan, Taiwan,

United States of America and Germany to attract

Foreign Direct Investment.

v Provision of 16 crore for enhancement of incentives

of khadi Spinners, Weavers, wrappers and khadi


v Rejuvenation of various Khadi Institutions,

establishment of silk and woollen Clusters and capital subsidy for 114 rural industrial units – Rs.11.00 crore.

v Weavers package – Rs.100 crore.

v Rejuvenation package of woollen sector – Rs. 27 crore.

v Establishment of textile park at Yadagiri.

v Provision of Rs. 41 crore for extension of the existing short term loan waiver scheme for the loans taken

from the Co-operative institutions by the farmers upto Rs.25,000.

Information Technology and Bio-Technology

v Establishment of Rs. 128 crore Indian Institute of

Information Technology (IIIT) in Dharwad with Rs.45 crore state contribution.

v Creation of Mobile IT Labs at a cost of Rs. 2 crore to create interest in Information Technology and to

enhance knowledge of the school children.

v Launching of e-District Project to initially enable 9

Government Departments to automate and

electronically deliver 132 citizen services.

v Launching of single window for citizen services State Portal and State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG)


v Facilitating Video-Conferencing in all talukas under

KSWAN Project.

v Opening of 46 Citizen Service Centres in 10 cities.

v Launching of Common Service Centres in all Grama

Panchayats for providing citizen services.


Science and Technology

v Continuation of programmes recommended by science and technology vision group lead by renowne scientist C.N.R.Rao – Rs. 20 crore.

v Establishment of science gallery in Bangalore – Rs. 5 crore.

v Planetarium with 3D projection system in Dharwad

science centre – Rs. one crore.

v Knowledge resource centre at Suttur, Mysore District

– Rs. 5 crore.

v Sub regional science centre at Bagalkot – Rs. 3 crore.

v Development of Karnataka Geo Information System

Rs. 160 crore.



v Strengthening and restructuring of KSTDC – Rs. 2


v All tourist services under single roof – tourism plazas

at Hampi & Pattadakallu.

v Backward and minorities communities – Karnataka

Darshan for students; Distribution of tourist taxies;

short term training in hospitality.

v Handicraft fair and sandy in Bangalore on the lines of Surajkund Fair.

v Strengthening of Tourism Department and

encouraging tourism – Rs. 60 crore.


General Administration

v Bifurcation of cities and rural areas as A, B & C on

par with Central Government classification and

corresponding revision of H.R.A.

v Enhancement of freedom fighter pension by Rs. 1000.



v Implementation of Advertisement policy- 2013.

v Dedication of Dr. Rajkumar memorial at Kanteerava Studio campus shortly.

v Subsidy to qualitative Kannada Films – enhanced to

100 films.

v Expeditious commencement of late

Dr. Vishnuvardhan Memorial.

v Amrutha Mahotsava Bhavana in Bangalore – Rs. 2.50 crore.



v India Reserve Battallions at Davanagere and Tumkur.

v Infrastructure development in Anti- Naxal Force camp at Karkala – Rs.9 crore

v Highway patrol vehicles in all districts – Rs.4 crore

v Police Commissioner office at Belgaum.

v Building works for 32 new Police Stations – Rs. 51


v Conversion of Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum

and Hubli-Dharwad into Public Safety Cities –

providing necessary infrastructure – Rs.150.00 crores.

v Separate health system for police staff and their family in collaboration with Health Department.

v Upgradation of police schools at Koramangala and


v Construction of 10,000 police residential quarters by Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation.



v Establishment of Regional Transport Offices at

Banashankari, Chamarajpet , R.T. Nagar and


v Establishment of Regional Transport Offices at Hubli and Suratkal

v Establishment of Assistant Regional Transport Offices at Dandeli, Madhugiri and Tarikere.

v Automated driving test tracks at Mangalore, Belgaum

and Hospet – Rs.15 crores.

v Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Institutes at Mangalore and Gulbarga – Rs.30 crores

v VTMS and PIS system in 4000 vehicles and in 45 major bus stations of KSRTC.

v The Truck Terminal and Logistic Park at Andhetageri village near Hubli.

v Truck Terminals in, Raichur, Hospet, Karwar,

Mangaluru, Hassan and Humanabad.



v New scheme “Manaswini – Rs.500/- monthly pension to BPL unmarried women above 40 years age and divorced women.

v New scheme ‘Mythri’ – Rs.500 monthly pension to

sexual minorities.

v Notifying of thandas, gollarahatties, mazare villages,etc with 50 or more houses and population of above 250 as revenue villages.

v Compulsory registration of mass marriages conducted out of Government grant

v Establishment Natural Calamity Mitigation Fund.

v Severe action against encroachment and abatement

of Government lands. Judiciary

v Expediting the construction works of 52 Court

buildings and 204 Judicial Officers quarters.

v Establishment of 10 fast track courts for speedy

disposal of atrocity cases on women.

v Advocate Association building in Mysore – Rs. 2 crore.




Goods and Services Tax:

v Constitution of GST Consultation Committee in the

Commercial Taxes Department.


Commercial Taxes

v A revenue collection target of Rs. 37,740 Crores for 2013-14.


Value Added Tax

v Provision for the dealers to upload the details of their purchases and sales along with the returns.



v Tax exemption to footwear costing upto Rs. 300 per pair.


Additional Resource Mobilization Measures

v Increase in VAT rates from 5% to 5.5% and 14% to

14.5% to continue beyond 31st July 2013.

Rationalization measures

v Current 1% entry tax on sugar replaced by 1% Value Added Tax.


Sales Tax


v Sales tax on diesel by reduced from 16.75% to 15.65%.

Reduction in price of Diesel by 51 paise per litre at


v Reduction of Rs.20 in purchase tax and road cess of Rs.5 per tonne payable on sugarcane.

v Karasamadhana Scheme for payment of disputed and pending Sales Tax dues


Entry tax


v Withdrawal of 1% entry tax on sugar.


Professions Tax


v Annual income limit for Professional Tax exemption for pygmy agents and other agents increased to Rs.1.2



Entertainments Tax


v Increase in amounts of service charges collected by

theatre owners – from Rs.1.50 to Rs.3 per head in AC

and air-cooled theatres and Rs.1 to Rs.2 per head in

other theatres.



v Collection target of Rs. 12,600 crores for 2013-14.

v Increase in Additional Excise Duty rates by 16 per

cent to 40 per cent across all the 17 slabs.

v Electronic payment (e-payment) facility for payment of Excise Duty and other amounts.

v A modernized Excise Academy to be set up at

Kallukote village, Sira taluk, Tumkur district.

v All the vacant posts of Sub-Inspectors of Excise and Excise Guards to be filled up

v Members of families who were involved in illicit

distillation to be rehabilitated.


Stamps and Registration

v Revenue collection target of Rs. 6500 Crore for


v Revision of Guideline Market Values.

v Creation of a permanent dedicated valuation cell in

the State.

v Steps for collection of additional Revenue from stamp

duty on instruments relating to import of goods.




v Collection target of Rs. 4,120 crores for 2013-14.

v 50% concession in Motor Vehicle Tax to Maxi Cabs

exclusively carrying school children.