Home Loan affidavit- General Format



We, (1) ______, W/o _______,  aged __ years, (2)  _________, S/o ______, aged __ years, all residing at _______ do hereby solemnly affirm and undertake as follows:-

We have availed  a Housing loan of Rs. ________/- for the purchase of the property and for the building construction from your Bank, The ______ Bank , _____Branch, purchased from____________ and registered it as document no.___ dated___________ in the office of the Sub-Registrar, _____________ City.

1.                                                                                             2.

We hereby undertake that we shall not violate the sanctioned / approved plan, that the construction shall be strictly in accordance with the sanctioned plan that the built up property has been constructed as per the sanctioned plan and/or building bye-laws and that we shall be responsible for obtaining the completion certificate and the same shall be obtained and handed over to the Bank positively within __ months from the completion of the construction without fail or without seeking for extension.

We further agree to the terms of the Bank that on our failure to obtain the completion certificate as aforesaid, the Bank shall have the absolute power and authority to recall the entire loan with interest, costs and other usual bank charges and to proceed for recovery of the loan without any objection from our side. We confirm that that we shall be liable to discharge the aforesaid obligation.

1.                                                                                             2.

We further undertake that in the event of any loss caused to the Bank on account of our failure to discharge the aforesaid obligation we shall indemnify the bank for the loss sustained by the bank in full will make good the loss caused to the bank.

What is stated above is true to the best of our knowledge, information and belief.

1.                                                                                             2.


Solemnly affirmed and signed before me at my office at ____ who are personally known to me on this __rd of _____.