Shankar Mahadev Bidari – A hero, Bidari along with his team risked their lives for the country -A view of one of the readers

I have been surprise by the judgment of hon’ble justice N.Kumar recently given in context of DGP of Karnataka,Shri Shankar Bidri.In 2011 Justice N.Kumar judgment given for Karnataka speaker ruling also was overruled by Chief justice kheher along with another judge of three judges bench .While Judges are called God in our country and they are above criticism but recent cases of judicial chauvism can’t be denied and there are many reasons that judicial accountability bill are brought to parliament and is passed into law recently .While we consider Judgments delivered by judges are to be respected we should not forget that not all but may be one or two judges are biased and judgments may be delivered with any motive to malign somebody or affect somebody’s prospective with some hidden agenda . According to me while human rights report of the STF commander Shri Shankar Bidri was given too much preference by justice N.Kumar over his sacrifice in controlling the menace of Verrapan who created regular panic in tamilnadu and Karnataka over decades and that lead to two riots taking place among two communities in state of Karnataka.Shri Shankar bidri stayed for months in jungles with his team, risked their lives and sacrificed STF men but bought peace to much extent in Karnataka, whose sacrifice resulted in praise by all parties in Karnataka and STF was rewarded.Kidnapping of Rajkumar by same verrappan that almost led to chances of fall of congress government led by shri Krishna and both tamilnadu and Karnataka people were close to riot . There may be excesses by some of the team of STF but stray cases are there always in any law and order maintaining force in all over world.What about excesses done by verappan on villagers, STF personals, their families who lived under tension over years till verappan was killed.What about tension created by verappan in both southern states while kidnapping Dr Rajkumar and his friend , what about torture to their family under mental pressure, how do one brings justice from terrorists , why we give so much preference to human rights of law breakers and highlight them as if Shri Shankar bidri is inhuman.Did any body considered his part of story or truth or just take decision That based on two affidavits of die hard supporters of known fugitive veerappan Hon’ble Justice N.Kumar could compare Shri Shankar Bidri worse than Gaddaffi and Saddam Hussain.Did Justice N.Kumar studied what has been done for years by Saddam Hussain that led to many lives buried and later thousands of graves were found after his death, in worst of genocides known in history he created over decades.Gadaffi looted his own country over decades and did no sacrifice his life but killed all those who opposed him and did genocide and both saddam and gaddafi ruined economies of their country and looted own countrymen where as Shri Bidri led his men to get rid of a fugitive Verrapan sought after by two neighboring states. Those who led their lives to bring to justice fugitives if are compared with saddam and gadaffi and removed from their post which brave men will led their life for our country against naxals, terrorists .People like Gilani in jammu and Kashmir freely move, who eat in our country, criticize our country, support terrorists openly and openly extend logistic supports to Pakistan anti india lobby and they will further roam free ,and our hard earnings goes to tax money that is spent on maintaining peace in Kashmir and our forces don’t have ammunitions to fight when needed ,because of judicially biased judgment l delivered and importance to wrong issues. Why do we blame terrorists when we have terrorists in our system who punishes martyrs and supports fugitives and terrorists. According to me, judgment  that led to many married daughters losing their rights on their fathers properties because Shri N.Kumar in 2010 in Pushpalatha case in Karnataka high court judgment case delivered a unnecessary lengthy judgment of around 120 pages where he observed that married daughters who were born after 17.6.56 will only get equal right in their fathers property.I feel that there is no need to deal in any matter whatsoever about date of birth issue after 17 6 56 as the puspalatha case has nothing to do with the date of birth issue and this has affected many poor married daughters right. These sorts of judgments are like slow killings to those who are affected of these faulty judgments ,I failed to understand What was the need  to deal with date of issue in pushpalata case who was born after 1956, his father got ancestral property under registered partitioned unchallenged and it became his self acquired property therefore his all siblings has equal right as per 17 .6 .56 HSA act, there was no ambiguity for Shri N.Kumar to raise and debate date of birth issue that led many married daughters to suffer and loose their equal rights born prior to 17 6 56 after his prejudiced judgment . it was legal partition pushpalata father got in year 1967 and he died intestate in year 1984.though the judgment favored pushpalata, there was no need for date of birth issue and its lengthy debate over 120 pages and the issue was irrelevant and it is needed that the chief justice of India should review the case. Justice N.Kumar also did not mentioned perhaps intentionally pravat Chandra pattanaik vs sarat Chandra pattanaik case AIR 2008 Orissa 133 ,Sugalbai vs. gundappa maradi and ors ILR 2007 KAR 4790;2008(2)Kar LJ :406 .in this two cases date of birth issue was settled that what needed Justice N.Kumar to debate a non issue in a different case of pushpalata where date of birth issue was irrelevant and he wrote more than 120 pages of observation that led to affect many married women in this country where people does not have much knowledge of law. Is it not than human right violation also as wrong judgment irrelevant to DOB issue in wrong case against settled principal of law  that led many married daughters to suffer ? I want all legal brains of this country to review  judgment of 2010 and they will find truth in my views, which are not against anybody.

How a hero of India from Karnataka having clean career over decades is put into trouble by this controversial judgement.I call all justice seeking people to read the judgment in case of pushpalatha and see how it damaged married daughters rights ,his judgment than can be termed as  judgment if he treats human rights violations so eagerly and seriously as he did in case of DGP of Karnataka, and the judgment was faulty, illegal, prejudiced.While my intention is not to malign any judge and not a complain but as a commen citizen I feel certain wrongs are to be corrected when some one projects himself a true and honest person to give justice .Please give justice to Brave hero like Shri Shankar Bidri who became victim of judicial chauvism in name of human right violation.Human right violation has become tool in hand of certain vested people and they use it time to time to punish their adverseries.

Mr.Mukesh Jain.