1. Dear ecopack team,

    Is this any new scheme or related to the old circular that came out in feb 2011? Reason I want to know is – are the smaller divided sites on bigger DC converted plots eligible for A Khata now?

    Eagerly waiting for a response…


    1. Dear Sir,
      If the sites (irrespective of the size) have form-9, form-10 and DC conversion order or CMC katha, can pay betterment charges as per the earlier order, which is modified slightly.
      ecopackindia team

      1. The form 9 and form 10 may be for the larger area, and DC convertion is definitely for larger area. In which case, the smaller site on this larger area can still pay betterment charges and get a-khata?

        Also can you tell me what has been modified “slightly”.. eagerly waiting for a khata hennce your answers will definitely help.

      2. Dear Sir,
        Form-9 and Form-10 are issued for sites and the buildings therein.
        No modification noticed.
        ecopackindia team

  2. Sir,
    The above documents have to be submitted at the Ward office and what are the charges to be paid ? The khata will be issued in how many days?
    I am just trying to further the information given by you.Thank you for this timely info.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Yes. Please check with the concerned dept for the statutory fee.
      ecopackindia team

  3. can we get a form 9 and form 10 now for the sites?
    So in a d.c converted layout, people who have form 9/10 are legal sites and
    others are illegal (B-form) is it .. they can construct house and others can’t.. what rule of law ?


    1. Dear Sir,
      Consult your advocate. Demand reply from the Government.
      ecopackindia team

  4. I have submitted these documents in the WhiteField BBMP office for Katha extract. They have asked me to come back in a week. Lets see how it goes.

    1. okay. i had been to the bbmp office yesterday but my application hadn’t been touched. They have asked me come back tomorrow i.e. Monday

  5. Hello sir,

    My apartmnet floor is not approved…. It is built in the year of 2009… I have B kata… can i pay the betterment charges?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Betterment charges are paid for sites and not for apartments.
      ecopackindia team

      1. Dear Sir,
        Why do you want to pay betterment to your apartment?
        Do`nt you have a katha?
        ecopackindia team

  6. Okay. I finally got my Katha certificate and Extract today for both of my properties.

    One property had a cmc katha and we had paid improvement charges at that time to CMC.

    The other property had a village panchayat khata, conversion certificate, form 9, form 10. I don’t know why but they didn’t ask me to pay the improvement charges for this property. I got the BBMP Khata for this as well.

    Both the properties had property tax up to date.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Form-9 and Form-10 must be obtained the panchayat office.
      ecopackindia team

  7. Hello Sir,

    I learnt that not all properties requires Form 9 & 10. Like properties that come under BBMP Limits does not require Form 9 & 10. My property is of that kind which is ‘B’ Khata + DC Converted. In this case what are the necessary documents required for paying betterment charges to get ‘A’ Khata. Kindly help us out. Thanks in advance!!

      1. Dear Sir,
        The notices, all the communications and all the boards must be only in KANNADA in the state of karnataka.
        We do not know, what kind of titles or dc conversion you hold and hence cannot suggest any remedy.
        ecopackindia team

  8. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to purchase the plot in a DC converted and has ‘A’ Katha for the undivided land.
    1. How to get the Bifurcation Katha for each individual site?
    2. Is it a problem to buy a site if the real dimensions when measured personally was lesser than the site dimensions mentioned in approved layout plan? i.e in short if the site dimension has changed from the layout plan approval is it safe to buy?

  9. Dear Sir
    Hi I am planning to get a site (30X40) near K R puram. Its a DC converted land total 10,000 sq.ft) having A katha. I am paying for the house construction also along with the site. Construction will start after the site is registered in my name. There are totally 10 sites in 10,000 sq.ft. “A” katha is there for the whole land , Builder told that we have to apply for individual Katha once the property is registered in our name. Problem is there is no lay out approval for it . It is in BBMP limits. Will we face problems after getting this site since there is no lay out approval. will we get individual A Katha or sub katha after registration. Since the layout is not approved will we face problems in getting katha. Kindly guide me. Thanks in Advance

    1. Dear Sir,
      Consult an advocate, who specialises in town planning and municipal laws.
      ecopackindia team

  10. We bought a 60 x 40 site and got it registered in our name. It is an A khatha site and the khatha is also transferred to our name. But we didn’t get the better tax receipt from the old owner, he lost it some where. Can we get a duplicate copy of the betterment tax receipt from the BBMP office and is there any alternate way.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Please submit an application with the property details along with the betterment paid receipt details and seek a duplicate copy of the receipt from the concerned Revenue Officer, BBMP.
      ecopackindia team

      1. Hi Sir ,

        I am planning to buy a plot in north bangalore area which has A Khata(means unique PID with tax paid from 2007 till date).
        This is a very old layout formed before BBMP came into existence.
        This layout earlier came under Byatarayanapura CMC and betterment charges were paid to CMC in year 2000 and CMC Khata (Form MAR19) was obtained.

        After 2007 , it has a BBMP Khata.
        Is it safe to buy such property ? Will i get loan from Nationalized bank ?

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