What is RTC or pahani ?

RTC – Right, Title and Crop details are recorded in the revenue records of the Government and is a very important revenue record and it contains details of land such as owners’ details, area, assessment, water rate, soil type, nature of possession of the Land, Liabilities, Tenancy and Crops grown, etc.
Why is it (RTC)required ? 
It is required for various purposes:
1. To know the genuiness of seller(owner) when land is being purchased.
2. It is required at Sub-Register’s office when sale transaction is being done 
3. To raise the farm credit / loan from the Bank.
4. It is required as evidence (RTC) in case of Civil litigation.

What does RTC contain?

1. Survey Number and Hissa Number of Land.
2. Total Land under the Pahani.
3. Land Revenue details.
4. Land Owner’s name with Extents and Khatha Number.
5. The way land is acquired by the owner.
6. Government/Public rights on the Land. 
7. Liabilities of the Owners on the Land.
8. Classification of the Soil.
9. Number of Trees.
10. Source of irrigation and area irrigated.
11. Cultivators Details.
12. Utilisation of land under various categories.
13. Details of Crops grown season-wise.
14. Details of Mixed Crops.

How is the computerised RTC different from manual RTC ? 

There is absolutely no difference in the contents of computerised RTC and manual RTC. However, the computerised RTC is neat and easily readable and understandable as details are printed in the respective Columns. Further it cannot be tampered easily.”

What is Mutation ?

Mutation is a process through which Owner’s name or his particulars like liabilities get changed because of some type of transactions. The type of transaction may be one of the following:

1. J-Slip-Sale through registered deed.
2. Inheritance – Change of Ownership because of death of the Owner.
3. Division of Land within the Family. 
4. Pledge / Release – Change in liabilities because of loan from bank or 
repayment to bank.
5. Court Decree – Based on the Court Order. 
6. Alienation – Conversion of land from agricultural to other purposes.
7. Acquisition by Government for Public purpose.
8. Grant of Land by Government to Poor People.”

When does the Owner name and his details Change ?

The change in Owner name and his details will take place when one of the following transactions occurs:
a. J-Slip – Sale transaction takes place at SRO.
b. Inheritance – Death of the Owner. 
c. Division of Land within Family Members.
d. Court Decree – Order of the court.
e. Grant by the Government.
f. Alienation for non-agricultural purposes.
g. Acquisition by Government. 
h. Podi – Division of RTC into 2 or more. 
i. Pledge/Release of the Land with / from banks.”

How to bring New Owner’s name or change the owner’s details in the RTC ?

The Owners of the land will change because of purchase transaction, Inheritance, Division, Grant by Government, Court Decree. When one of these takes place, NEW OWNERS should approach the Revenue Department with the required document to incorporate their names. They can request for the same at the THALUK OFFICE OR CHAVADI CENTRE and collect the acknowledgement. Similarly when loan is taken or repayment is done, to change the liabilities details, Owner can submit the request at the PAHANI CENTRE with required documents.”


  1. This is a great piece of information to buyers of agriculture land. Also inform people that many of these lands are owned by revenue site owners whose details dont appear in the RTC. Multiple sales are affected with this convinient document. Which govt is going to put an end to this. RTC does not confer the title of ownership on any body.

  2. You are right Mrs.Bhagyalakshmi. These land mafias are getting this RTC document very easily from the tahsildars,while buying the revenue land/agriculture land especially for formation of new layouts and while selling the land illegally. there are many conditions stipulated by the government to get the RTC done. But due to large scale of corruption at all levels, they will get this RTC done by the concerned departments very easily, violating all the norms/rules. and misusing this document for their real estate business and making crores of rupees. Unless the government imposes stringent action and made strict rules for issue of RTC, this menace will continue for ever. As you said, RTC should not be taken as the title of ownership.

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