Regularisation of Revenue Sites within BBMP limits ?

Though the Government resolved and amended the KLR Act to empower the BBMP to regularise the revenue properties collect the penalty, the appropriate order could not be enforced due to various political and legal compulsions.  More than 20% to 30% of these revenue properties cannot be regularised as they are in green belt, on raja kaluve, bandi daari, karab land, govt land and under ht lines etc. The Akrama – Sakrama WP is posted for hearing on 25-07-2011 and a favourable order is expected. Of late, some of the major banks have stopped lending home loans to apartments with B katha.  Few banks are offering loans for sites with B kathas at higher rate of interests with other personal interests of the employees. It is also said the commission for the loan is in the range of 2% to 5% for this type of properties.