DR.SHIVARAMA KARANTH LAYOUT – land acquisition at 17 villages



1).SOMASHETTIHALLI                    :358 ACRES.

2). LAKSHIMIPURA                            :180 ACRES.

3). GANIGARAHALLI                        :291 ACRES.


1). BYALAKERE                                     :372 ACRES.


3). GUNIAGRAHARA                          :300 ACRES.

4). KEMPAPURA                                    :75 ACRES.


1). MEDIAGRAHARA                            :299 ACRES.

2). AVALAHALLI                                   :191 ACRES.

3). VADERAHALLI                                :108 ACRES.

4). RAMAGONDANAHALLI                     :252 ACRES.

5). KEMPANAHLLI                                :95  ACRES.

6). VEERASAGARA                                :173 ACRES.

7). DODDABETTAHALLI                  :223 ACRES.

8). HAROHALLI                                       :30  ACRES.

10).SHYAMRAJAPURA                       :119 ACRES.

11).JARAKABANDE KAVAL              :110 ACRES.

109 thoughts on “DR.SHIVARAMA KARANTH LAYOUT – land acquisition at 17 villages

  1. does the B khata BBMP properties fall under these areas or is it just the agricultural land that is notified??

    1. Dear Sir,
      B katha is issued to revenue land. Revenue land means agricultural land. All the survey numbers notified in these villages are under acquisition, irrespective of B kathas.
      ecopackindia team

  2. Tank you for this useful information to land buyers it says beware of these villages.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Inspite of this publication, many buyers in sarjapur area and choodasandra are still buying it with GPA(unregistered) thinking that they got a DEAL. One of our client Jayaprakash and Lijo Ponnappan, brought a file (sarjapur road-revenue)and were told that the titles are not clear and the sellers might not be able to register it, (GPA)but they vanished in thin air, thinking that, they have to pay the remaining (balance)fee to us. We tried to contact them to furnish the details, many times through mobile and e-mail, they are not accessible. We tried to tell them about this notification and never demanded the remaining fees. With good intention, we tried to communicate it, but they are not bothered to listen.
      We do not know, whether our publication is useful or not, but are glad that you have expressed your feelings.
      ecopackindia team

  3. Thanks for your response! Could you also please tell me,

    1)Will the existing BBMP B khata houses(in north banaglore, yelahanka- anathapura- nisargha layout to be specific) be notified to form a BDA layout? Will these houses be demolished by BDA?? Can this happen?

    2)What is the future of B khata BBMP sites in the city? Akrama Sakrama is a 100% thing?

    1. Dear Sir,
      1). We cannot predict/assume/presume any of the events. It is a mad world ruled by politicians for money.
      2). If it is regularised, it is good. 50% of the B katha properties are not eligible at all, they are either located in green belt, valley zone, lake encroachment, raja kaluve and under the HT lines.
      ecopackindia team

  4. Thanks for your answers!! Really helps!! It would be very very helpful if you could provide me your feedback on this area,

    yelahanka- anathapura- nisargha layout – BBMP Limits – B Khatha/B Register – Clear Rigistration papaers- Mother deed(photocopy only) available – Tax paid receipts
    Also there are a lot of houses already constructed in this layout.

    I am interested in a plot here.

    Could you please suggest if i can buy it?

  5. Dear Sir,
    Where can I find all the survey numbers of VEERASAGARA ,173 ACRES that BDA has acquisition. Is there any notice or website to check our plot number?

    1. Dear Sir,
      There is no website to display.
      It is not possible to find your plot number as it will be in survey numbers.
      ecopackindia team

  6. Dear Sir,
    Recently we have seen a revenue site in chikka byalakere village. BDA outer ring road comes nearby in byalakere village. can you please let us know whether this is the right decision to go ahead for purchasing it. and does this area come under green belt area..? what are the risk points..?

    chandrakant Bhat

  7. Sub : Dr.Sivaramakaranth Layout

    Sir, My land is in Doddabettahalli layout (Yelahanka Hobli) . More than 18 years back i have purchased the site . Till now i have not constructed the house. Becuase i am a poor man. My sons are studying. My income is not much. ( Income and expenditure both are same) I have seen the news paper that BDA has given the priliminary notifiation for my survey number . After that i went to BDA and filed objection. Again BDA has called for hearing . I went to BDA and given all the details .

    One column BDA has mentioned Nature of land : I have mentioned Vacant

    If I take a loan and construct the house BDA will demolish the house or they will leave it? Just i wanted to know.
    Please clarify.

    1. Dear Sir,
      It is a BDA Property Now. You cannot construct and no bank will sanction loan.
      100% the building will be demolished. Do not take risk or chances.
      The question of poor and rich does not arise in case of acquisitions. Everybody claims to be poor.
      ecopackindia team

  8. Hi Sir,

    I have a land in Dodabettahalli survey no 46/1 , which has been notified for Dr Shivram karanth layout.could you tell me the latest status of this layout regarding land acquiring.

  9. hi

    i have taken one site in ganigarahalli sy no 72/3p i have seen that BDA has acquired land for bda layout there but this sy no 72 is not mentioned am i safe what other things should i check. can i take noc from bda pls let me know. Thanks . Anand

  10. we r planning to buy individual house in ejipura but many people told, still in these area many property very not having correct document especially many survey no telling BDA acquisition ,pls tell it is true

    1. Dear Sir,
      We do not have any details of properties in that area. Please consult the best advocate in property matters, before paying the advance.
      Check for BDA notification, orginal owners, rtc,mutation,ec,katha, bogus gpa sales, etc before the purchase and place a public notification in leading daily newspapers.
      ecopackindia team

  11. Sir, I want to know How many years BDA priliminary notification is valid for Dr.Sivaramakaranth Layout?

    1. Dear Sir,
      obtan a gazette copy and Check with BDA regarding the progress.
      ecopackindia team

  12. Dear Sir,
    I would like to buy a independent house (3 years old) under B-khata, could you plz suggest me whetehr buying that house is good or not in future point of view, the house owner having all the valid documents (DC conversion order,plan layout,sale deed and mother deed etc)

  13. Sir,
    I took residential site in Veerasagara village in Sy No.39/1 in yr 2003 which later on was notified for acquisition for Dr Shivraman Karanth Layout.I had constructed a one BHK sheet house.Electicity Bill I am paying regularly.On the notice of BDA I had submitted all the relevant document in BDA office.Now due to present need I want to further add two rooms to present structure.Please Advise, and also keep intimating latest about this layout. Thanks a lot.

    1. Dear Sir,
      You are under the wrong impression that payment of electricity bills and constructing an unauthorised building will confer titles to you. The land has been notified and it is the property of the BDA. It is a common preception that the entire area is built up and hence, BDA will not acquire it. It is not so. Once the final notification is over, BDA is the absolute owner of the property, even though you have paid taxes, have electricity connection and water connection. All these connections will not confer any right, title and interest.
      The building plan will not be sanctioned by any authority and is a huge risk. It is not advisable to put up any more structures in the aforesaid property, as you might be directed to vacate, if it is not denotified.
      Take Care.
      ecopackindia team

      1. Thanks for so prompt reply.Though the final notification has not yet been issued, Pl tell what compensation would be given by BDA for a site of 1650 Sq Ft.Thanks.

  14. In Doddabettahalli.. we have a site in survey number 50/1……. what is the latest position of BDA acquirement …. And what is the land value at present?????

  15. Illigal delitation was started inDr. Shivaramkaranth that is in avalahalli village yelahanka hobli is it right

  16. Do you have the survey numbers of BDA noticfications issued for Shivaram Karath Layout for Doddabettahally Village.

  17. sir,
    MAGNOLIA SERENADE IS BDA approved layout . is this layout sy no also aquired for Dr Shivarama karanth layout

    1. Dear Sir,
      Most probably it is NOT. But will have to echeck.
      ecopackindia team

  18. Dear Sir,
    We are threee friends have purchased sites at Shayamrajpura, Vaderahalli.
    So far Govt has not issued the notification to acquire that particular survey number. It the area of proposed Shivaram Karantha Layout. it is any plan or can govt / BDA may acquire on later stage?


    1. Dear Sir,
      If the BDA has not notified your property, feel happy. Future is uncertain. The BDA may or may not acquire it. As of now, you are lucky.
      Check the survey number and not bogus kathas form no.9 form no.10 and dc conversion orders.
      ecopackindia team

  19. Sir ,
    Do you have the list of survey numbers which have been fully or partially de-notified in Dr Shivramankarantha Layout.If yes please give the numbers of Veerasagara Village and Bylakere Village.

      1. Dear Sir,
        One single query which requires reply will be charged Rs500/- without any documentary support and if any document is required, the document charges will be charged extra. Exhaustive replies with remarks will be charged Rs2,000/-.
        ecopackindia team

      2. What will be the mode of payment.Payment to be made in advance or on service received. ?

      3. Dear Sir,

        We shall check the query. Whether we could be able to provide reply to the query or not. If we can, shall ask you to deposit it in our account otherwise, not.
        ecopackindia team

  20. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to purchase a site at Shyamarajapura, survey number 26 and 26/1, Vaderahalli, Yelahanka Hobli.

    Please let me know if it is notified by BDA for proposed Shivaramakaranth layout.

  21. Sir, in my apartment Total legal Houses are 16 (As per . Total floors are Ground Floor, First Floor , Second Floor and Third Floor. The builder has illegally constructed extra 1 house in the terrace area and sold to somebody. Now the builder is calling for association with the illegally constructed Terrace building person also.

    Suppose If we go for the association with illegal construction occupant (Terrace building person ) whether it is correct or only legal 16 people can form a association? Please explain? Thanks for your help.

    1. Dear Sir,
      There is no need for legal knowledge. It is common sense. Your apprehension is right. Only 16 legitimate owners occupying the legitimate building, approved by the town planning authority must be the members?
      ecopackindia team

  22. I have received your valuable suggestion for Legal Association . Thank you so much for your help. – Rengaraman

  23. Hello Sir – my home in sanjaynagar comes under 73/2 survey number, nagashetthyhalli. bhd isro… i got to know that our survey number is notified by BDA. this layout is well developed . i am planning to demolish the existing house and construct a new one. please suggest if this is a good idea? or do u think this survey nbr will have some problem in future? how do i find out.. please help

    1. Dear Sir,

      First of all, you are not the absolute owner of the property. BDA is the owner,(final notification) and you are taking abnormal risk. Is it necessary? Layout formation or issue of bbmp katha on misrepresentation of details or land notified by bda does not confer you the right, title and interest. The said survey numbers are in encroachment list of AT ramaswamy committee report STF report and Govt(strong) will definitely take action. Any katha issued in contravention to any of the prevailing laws is illegal and liable to be cancelled without notice.
      It is your decision. Just because, others have built, why should you take risk? is it necessary?
      Take care,
      ecopackindia team

  24. Hello sir, im planning to purchase site in Laxmipura village,Yeshwanthapur Hobli.This site will come under survey no.12/1,it wont come under BDA Acquisition.Site Layout(which is private,gated community) is approved by Somashettihalli grama panchayat.This layout is not as per BDA rules and builder has not got approval from BDA.
    My concern is that if i purchase the site in that layout, will i get any problem in future as this layout is not as per BDA plan and also it is not approved by BDA.

  25. Hello Sir,

    One of my friend wants to buy plot in Hiland Nest in M S Palya, Guni Agrahara. It has only DC conversion and no other approval. Is it safe to buy it?

    waiting for ur reply.


  26. Good Morning Sir,

    I have received BDA preliminary notification for my Land Doddabettahalli survey No.50/1 4 1/2 years back . Is there any chance / provision to escape from BDA land acquisition from Akrama Sakrama scheme ? Awaiting your reply sir.

      1. My flat is 4 Years old. Total 16 Flats. So far No Association formed by Builder & Apartment members so far . 15 Apartment owners are respectively taken the maintenance incharge for once in 3 months continuously and paying the maintenance amount every month correctly without asking any reasons.
        But One Flat owner is creating always problem from the beginning itself not paying the maintenance money properly & asking lot questions regarding maintenance and he is not ready to pay the maintenance money correctly from the beginning. At the same time who ever has taken the maintenance they used their own money and adjusted the maintenance with out stopping. When ever the Maintenace incharge person asks money he is escaping with some unwanted / illegal reasons and not paying the maintenance money for long period.
        Out of 16 Flat owners , Now 15 apartment members completed the maintenance . Now we are asking to take the problamatic Flat owner for maintenance , But he is giving answer “No one will pay the maintenance money to me so I will not take the maintenance”. .
        Now he started a new story form the Association then I will pay the money. But other Flat owners getting fear and are not ready to Form the Association.
        Now the Flat maintenance has been stopped because of this one problematic Flat owner.
        Secondly the problem creating Flat owner is not willing to pay single paise for maintenance in future , until and unless forming the Association legally. But one Flat owner is recently died and house is vacant. But they are sending the monthly maintenance amount correctly. Now the total maintenance stopped in the Apartment. We approached other flat owners and they are scared not willing to form the association , because of this problem creating Flat owner.
        Now maintenance is stopped. Electirity bill not paid and Cauvery water not paid. When Apartment power goes we are getting fear.
        Finally all other Flat owners were went his house and spoken but he replied not interested to share his money until forming the Association & he will not take the maintenance Incharge.
        We have spoken to Builder also he is playing Double game and not favour to us. But No flat owers are ready to share his maintenance amount. Is it possible can we disconnect / arrest unpaid flat owner house water line connection and share the common money with Flat owners to run the maintenance .
        Please advise what to do? Thank you sir

      2. The defendant is right in demanding an association for the maintenance of the apartment and is the right time to have one with clear cut by-laws. Why do not you understand the basic requirement of group living in apartments and find fault with the person who is `RIGHT`.

        Requests can do more wonders than orders or commands. Commands work better in army. Who are you to disconnect the water and other amenities? Please consult an advocate before embarking upon such activities. want to prove that you are a MM? NO.

  27. Hello Sir,


  28. Hello Sir,
    one of my friend planned to purchase constructed house at old survey 12/8B, re-survey no. 12/8C and 17/1 of lakshmipura, yeshwantpura hobli, is it safe ?

    1. Two years from the date of Final notification. They can notify as many times as it is required and issue endorsement at the end of two years or initiate or even award compensation.

  29. (Dr.Sivaramakaranth Layout ) BDA preliminary notification received on 31st December 2008 for Land acquisition at Doddabettahalli survey No.50/1 . So far we have not received the final notification . How many years the preliminary notification is valid ? If they are not published the final notification can we construct the house ? , Because now a days purchasing the land is a big thing. .Now the land price is increased every where . Just i want to know sir. Awaiting your reply.

  30. Sir, can you please inform Maragondana Halli village in Mahadevapura constituency, Biderahalli Hobli whether it is also added to BBMP or not? Awaiting your reply sir, –


      BEGUR GP

      1 Pillaganahalli
      2 Anjanapura
      3 Gollahalli
      4 Kembathahalli
      5 Thippasandra
      6 Vajarahalli
      7 Raghuvanahalli
      8 Talaghatpura
      9 Kammanahalli
      10 Basavanapura
      11 Kalena Agrahara
      12 Begur
      13 Yelenahalli
      14 Chandrasekarapura
      15 Haralur
      16 Bellandur
      17 Ambalipura
      18 Alahalli
      19 Doddakallasandra
      20 Junnasandra
      21 Kasavanahalli
      22 Doddakannalli
      23 Kaikondahalli
      24 Basapura
      25 Chikkathoguru
      26 Doddathoguru (p)
      27 GOTTIKERE GP Gottikere
      28 KODATHI Chikkabellandur
      29 Beratena Agrahara
      30 Naganathapura
      31 Parappana Agrahara
      32 KUDLU Kudlu
      33 PANATHUR Bhoganahalli


      1 Dasarahalli
      2 Rachenahalli
      3 Byrathi
      4 Bilishivale
      5 Dodda Bettahalli
      6 Chikka Bettahalli
      7 Harohalli
      8 Vasudevapura
      9 Govindapura
      10 Kenchenahalli
      11 Manchenahalli
      12 Amani Byrathikhane (B)
      13 Chalakere
      14 Horamavu Agara
      15 Geddalahalli
      16 Kothnur Narayanapura
      17 Kottanuru
      18 Nagareshwara – Nagenahalli
      19 Kyalasanahalli
      20 Bellahalli
      21 Kattigenahalli
      22 Srinivasapura
      23 Thirumenahalli
      24 Chokkanahalli
      25 SINGANAYAKANAHALLI Ananthapura
      26 THANISANDRA Thanisandra


      1 Abbigere
      2 Myadarahalli
      3 Chikkasandra
      4 Shettihalli
      5 Sidedahalli
      6 Kariobanahalli
      7 Doddabidarakallu
      8 Handrahalli
      9 Lingadeeranahalli (B)
      10 Herohalli
      11 KODAGIHALLI Hosahalli Gollarapalya


      1 AVALAHALLI Varanasi
      2 Bellanduramanikere (B) (p)
      3 Devara Beesana Halli
      4 Kariyammana Agrahara
      5 Chansandra
      6 Kadugodi Plantation
      7 Kumbena Agrahara
      8 GUNJUR Gunjur
      9 Hagadur
      10 Nagondahalli
      11 K.Channasandra
      12 Kalkere
      13 Horamavu
      14 Balagere
      15 Panathur
      16 Kadabeesanahalli
      17 Siddapura
      18 Ramagondanahalli
      19 Thubarahalli
      20 SEEGEHALLI Belathur
      21 Sorahunise
      22 Khanekandaya (B)
      23 VARTHUR Varthur


      1 Ganakal
      2 Lingadheeranahalli
      3 Hemmigepura
      4 Somapura
      5 Varahasandra
      6 HEROHALLI Gidadakonenahalli
      7 KODAGIHALLI Ullalu
      8 Gabbalalu
      9 Vasanthapura
      10 Subramanyapur
      11 Vaddara Palya
      12 SULIKERE GP Sonnenahalli
      13 Hosahalli
      14 Uttarahalli -Manavarthekaval(p)
      15 Uttarahalli
      16 Arehalli
      17 Thurahalli

      1. Vanakkam Sir, thanks for your legal advise. Regarding legal matters I am a Zero Knowledge person . Because of that reason i was selected me as a Managa Madayan . I know the meaning very well and no one is misguiding me. Thank you very once again sir.

  31. Helo sir.We are planning to buy a plot in Panchamukhi Enclave under Sy.No 23,which comes in Immidahalli,Hagadur(1.5kms from Whitefield Mayura backery).This land got preliminary notification from BDA for acquisition in 2009 to form D Devaraj Urs layout.People who got GPA from absolute owners,saying they will provide endorsement for the same.Pls let me know is it safe to buy plot irrespective of endorsement.Thanks

  32. Dear Sir, There is news in the press that BDA Pursuing Shivaram Karanth Layout Plan. I have plot of land in Dodda Bettahalli. BBMP has collecting taxes for plots & there are people buying & selling plots in survey number 16/5, 16/6 & 16/7 in Dodda Bettahalli. There are about 300 houses constructed in these 3 survey numbers with people occupying the houses with valid BBMP tax paid receipt, EC, B-Katha, etc… My question is how can BBMP collect taxes, how can revenue department fix land guidance value for registering the land & how can sub-registrars register properties when the land is under preliminary notification of BDA…How come BBMP does not now about BDA identifying he land is under preliminary notification & continues to provide EC, TAX paid receipts, B-Katha for land notified by BDA…I am confused & extremely concerned…Please advise…

    1. Dear Sir,
      Do not get confused.
      All the BBMP katha is obtained through FRAUD AND MISREPRESENTATION OF FACTS. If you intimate the BBMP that these properties are bda notified, do you think they will issue katha? NO. Absolutely not. Lies, fabricated documents, misrepresentation of facts and tampered data/details are given to BBMP, then, got the katha.
      Based on the same, the tax is paid and collected. Based on such documents the SR registers the docs. If you intimate or provide documentary evidence to the SR, the document will not be registered. Who is at fault? Cheap site? brokers to get the Katha? brothers to register the property?
      Use diligence while choosing, even the agent. There is an old saying in Hindi`BAHUT AKAL GOO KAATHA HAI`.
      Now, question yourself? Who is at fault? What is the confusion? Whose mistake was that? Fault of BBMP? Fault of SR? OR THE FAULT OF THE BUYER?
      EP Team

    1. Yes. The Govt has powers to notify and denotify any number of times.
      Check. Many of the properties in these areas are not denotified and many fake BDA NOC and letters are circulating. Denotification must be published in the state Gazette and not on letterheads.
      EP Team

  33. Vanakkam Sir,

    Apartment is 6 Years Old. ( Total 16 Flats as per Town Planning authority approved) . In Terrace – 1 Illegal Party Hall and 1 Illlegal 3 Bedroom House constructed by Builder and sold to one person. Party hall is only under control of apartment members.

    Apartment construction time itself builder has arranged a loan from SBI to all the 16 apartment Flat owners .I have purchased a Flat 4 years back as Second Sale . While I am approaching with State Bank of India – Home loan Dept officials, they told this is “B” Katha and Division is 30% to 40%. For that reason SBI refused my application.

    I asked SBI officials, In my Apartment all the Flat owners have taken the loan from SBI same branch why you are refusing me ? SBI said Now rules has changed and “B” Katha and Deviation we are not providing loan

    After that I approached the LIC Housing finance , they have given the loan. LIC Housing Finance
    people said in Bangalore all the Flats are mostly Deviation so this is not a big matter. Akrama Sakrama comes every thing will be normal they replied.

    Regarding B Katha and Deviation for the reason all the apartment members went and approached the Builder . The Builder has assured if Akrama Sakrama comes i will give some amount for that purpose then it will be automatically change as “A” Katha.

    Builder told orally / verbally when Akrama Sakrama comes i will pay the money. But No record / No writing in this matter with Builder

    What we can take legally can you explain?

    Thank you very much for your help sir.


    I am a single earning person working in a private company getting low salary and paying rent to house owner Rs.7000/- per month for single Bedroom and managing the family expenditure with 2 Children Educations. ,

    My simple question is can I construct the small Sheet house in my land costing around 3-4 Lakhs and live or should i wait for some more time regarding an appeal in this regard , My 35% salary is going for rent and Survival of family is very very difficult. Just i want to know what I can do sir. Awaiting your reply. Please adivse

    1. Dear Sir,

      Do not take any hasty decision. The BDA might prefer an appeal. Decide on the final decision of the court and this is not it.

  35. Dear Sir,
    JS homes Lake mist(Ramagondanahalli Yelahanka) layout is done on BDA notified land for Shivaramakarantha layout. The layout is BDA approved layout. Can we go ahead and purchase a plot here. ?
    Developer claim BDA as removed this survey numbers from the notification and approved the layout plan.

    1. We do not have any knowledge about this layout nor the details filed by you, hence, consult an expert, a knowledgeable professional and an advocate.

  36. Hello Sir / Madam,
    we had purchased a land (Bylakere) – next to forest resource, after purchasing we came to know that it is still revenue land, please confirm whether we will be able to register the land in my mother’s name / will it be acquired by BDA. please suggest.

    secondly, the early landowners formed a committee and asking all the people who purchased land to give 50000/- each in order to get NOC letter from BDA. please suggest here.

    we hail from a poor family after 38 years my dad purchased a small piece of land which is still not our property.


    1. Deer Mr.Amal,

      The law is the same for rich and the poor and it does not distinguish the citizen on the basis of the economic status.
      You (the buyer) should have conducted a diligent enquiry and check whether the property has complied with all the statutory regulations or not, if not, there might be some trouble.

      As per your statement the position is not good and The true situation appear to be different from what you have stated and hence a thorough examination is required, contact a good advocate and ask him to verify all the details at the thaluk office and BDA office on the basis of genuine documents and the compliance to the prevailing and applicable laws.

      We cannot predict or forsee the future events as we are not soothsayers regarding BDA acquisition.

      An affluent person may buy and still manage this kind of show, but a hardworking person must necessarily think and examine the legal requirements before any purchase as it will affect the entire family and its future.

      Take Care,
      Eco pack Team.

  37. Today News paper Hindu and Indian Express

    BENGALURU, September 3, 2015
    Updated: September 3, 2015 07:50 IST
    Notification for acquiring land for Karanth layout quashed

    The Karnataka High Court on Wednesday quashed the entire preliminary notification issued by Bangalore Development Authorities (BDA) identifying 3,546 acres of land in different villages between Doddaballapur and Hesaraghatta for acquisition to form the Dr. Shivarama Karanth Layout.

    Justice Ram Mohan Reddy passed the order while declaring that the notification, issued on December 30, 2008, had lapsed as the BDA had not implemented the plan for which the land was notified for acquisition.

    With Wednesday’s order, BDA’s plan to form 18,975 sites in the proposed layout stands cancelled.

    The court passed the order while allowing petitions by B. Byathappa and several other land owners, who had contended that that the layout scheme was neither implemented nor the final notification issued for acquiring the required land even after nearly seven years.

    In November 2014, the High Court had declared that some of the notifications, identifying land situated in Ramagondanahalli and Veerasagara village of Yelahanka hobli, for the formation of Dr. Shivarama Karanth Layout had lapsed. However, the 2014 order was made applicable only for those petitioners from these two villages who had approached the court then.

    Notification issued on December 30, 2008, lapsed as the BDA did not implement the plan

  38. Dear Sir,

    Today news paper the Hindu and Indian Express The Karnataka High Court on Wednesday quashed the entire preliminary notification issued by Bangalore Development Authorities (BDA) identifying 3,546 acres of land in different villages between Doddaballapur and Hesaraghatta for acquisition to form the Dr. Shivarama Karanth Layout

    Please advise i can construct a small house in my survey no.50/1 Yelahanka Hobli, Doddabettahalli village. Please advise sir.

  39. Dear Sir,

    can I construct the small house in SHYAMRAJAPURA which was notified by BDA in 2008.

    Awaiting for your valuable reply.


    1. Dear Sir,

      If the property is converted for the residential use, then, Obtain the legitimate katha as per KMC Act and get the plan sanctioned by the BBMP, then go ahead and construct.

      EP Team

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