BBMP is not sanctioning building plans for the properties which has `B` Forms or Kathas.  There were innumerable queries and requests to obtain sanction of building plan from our readers from BBMP.  We wish to state that BBMP IS NOT ISSUING OR SANCTIONING BUILDING PLANS BASED ON THE` B` FORMS as of now.

Some builders and agents might promise to get the Genuine Katha or get the plan sanctioned, to sell the properties.  Make sure, all the documents are thoroughly examined and have complied with statutory requirements as per KMC ACT, KLR ACT AND KTCP ACT.

The sale of revenue sites was banned in 2005 by the Government.  In 2010, the Government relaxed the norms due to various political compulsions and permitted the registration based on the issuance of prescribed forms directly sent to the Sub-Registrar by the Chief Executive Officers.  The Government eased the process with`B` forms in BBMP areas.  It could be used only to sell the properties.


  1. Hi Eco Team,

    I need to know when BBMP is going to issue ‘A’ Katha…What will be the proceedings?…

  2. we required khatha for the 3 flats at kasavanahalli near sarjapur road. pl tell us your charges and the duration for the same . the flat is built in the DC converted layout.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Thanks. Please intimate us the status of the present status of the building and the existing katha. (full details required) We shall check the legalities and will inform you , whether you could get A katha or not.

      ecopackindia team

  3. dear sir

    i am planning to buy a house ( at doddakannali village-sarjapur road) on a reveneue land with b katha , onece betterment charges are open , if i pay the same will i get the A KATHA , OR even if i pay , that property will be in propblem, i have chked with regsteration office they said they will register and bbmp said they transfer b katha to my name and once betterment charges open it will not be any propblem – is it correct

    1. Dear Sir,

      You have made enquiries at SR and BBMP. They are authorities, who have powers to do the same.
      ecopackindia team

  4. We have a house in Cauvery Layout with following details. Kindly inform us whether we can get the A Khatha for this property. The details are as below:-
    Site No 4&5, H L Katha No. 357, Dasarahalli Village, K R Puram Hobli. In case we can apply what is the procedure. Thanks a lot

    1. Dear Sir,
      If it is within the gramathana, you must get the katha. The information is insufficient. Please inform us, whether the Cauvery layout, is a private layout? is it DC converted? is it approved by BDA? or any other authority? have you paid any betterment charges? did you go through the regularisation process earlier?

      We cannot advice you without proper details. Please contact an expert or a professional for your guidance in this regard.

      Take Care and do not loose money in this process.
      ecopackindia team

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