City Municipal Council Sites

There WERE 7 City Municipal Councils and one Town Municipal Council surrounding the Bangalore city. The sites in the limits of these authorities are mostly owned by private individuals, some of the sites are acquired by Government. Infrastructure is very poor. The process of tracing the title is very complicated. But some extra pre cautions need to be taken. Verify whether the betterment charges have been paid, if not purchaser may have to pay it in the future. Many lands in the area of these local bodies are agricultural lands and conversion to non-agricultural purpose must have to be done. Presently City Municipal Councils have stopped collecting betterment charges and issuing Khatas. If the owner doesn’t have a Khata, he cannot construct the house with the plan approved from CMC.

Site in private layouts

These are layout formed by private parties, other than statutory development authorities. Many reputed land developers have formed layouts around the city. Verify all the documents as required in case of private property for a period of 43 years. Apart, from the above check whether the land is converted for residential purpose, and the layouts are approved by BDA or BMRDA. Verify the records with respective offices. Many numbers of private layouts with D.C. conversion and panchayat approval are available. Purchase of these type of sites involves little risk.

Gramathana Sites

These are residential sites, which were originally available in village panchayat areas. They can be distinguished from Kaneshumari number, assigned to them. The agricultural lands have survey numbers. The sites of this nature are very few. Government has put restrictions on issue of license for construction by village panchayats beyond their approved Gramathana area, original Gramathana sites can be identified by examining old village survey maps available in survey department. Examine all the records as is done in case of private property. In addition verify the village records and form No. 9 and 10. Form No. 9 denotes Gramathana site and form No. 10 denotes the building, which confirm that the particular property is original Gramathana site or not. But many village panchayats issue from No. 9 & 10, though they are not Gramathana sites. Many such sites fall in green belt area, where construction of residential buildings is restricted. Extra caution is necessary while buying Gramathana Sites.


  1. Hi,
    Myself Mohan, and I have relative who is a cab driver.
    he owns a small plot (20*30) near Bommanahalli.
    And now he wants to build a house there by taking an house loan from any of the nationalized banks.
    He has all the documents ready with him…but does not have A-Khata.
    but the banks need this document to sanction the housing loan.
    it seems that BBMP authorities ar enot issuing the A-Khata, but only B-Khata is issued.
    Could you please suggest a way out of this problem….as the person is illiterate and is badly in need of some assistance.
    Please let us know the importance of A-Khata and the ways and procedure to obtain the same.
    Waiting for a favorable response..


    1. Dear Sir,
      If the documents are clear and have compliance, the BBMP cannot refuse or reject the issue or register the KATHA.
      If it is not regular, or otherwise, it cannot issue or register it.
      Check with a lawyer about the titles and then approach the BBMP.
      ecopackindia team

  2. Hi Team,
    I’m planning to buy a house which is under Gramtahan limit (Doddathogur – Electronic city). I have collected the documents for legal opinion purposes. Lawyer asked me to get the Sales agreement between pervious seller and the buyer. Is it required to get Sales agreement? Current owner doesn’t have this document. Need you assistant & Opinion.


    1. Dear Sir,
      It is unethical to interfere in our colleague`s file and advice.
      ecopackindia team

  3. Hi,

    We have finalized a property in Hennur road about 500mts from ring road.
    the land is having
    mutuation extract
    khata certificate
    Taxes till not paid for latest, they will pay those things.
    could you please tell me? is those documents sufficient to purchase the property.


    1. Dear Sir,
      Mother deed, Sale Deed, Partition deed(if any) and other compliance related approvals might be necessary for the complete examination. Please consult your advocate.
      ecopackindia team

    2. Dear Sir,
      You have to consult an advocate with the details. The details furnished are insufficient.
      ecopackindia team

  4. Sir,

    I have reigistered the property 20 days back. Prpoerty had “A” khatha and under BBMP limits. Now I am in the process of transferring Khatha to my name. But the BBMP is asking to pay betterment charges and 2% of that registerd sale deed amount…I am not sure without bettercharges paid how my previous vendor got “A” Khatha and is it really the 2% of saledeed amount we need to pay?

    1. Dear Sir,
      You should enquire your seller about it.

      ecopackindia team

  5. I am planning to buy the ‘TELECOM AEROPARK RESIDENCY’ is situated on Chapparkal Main Road, which is very near to International Airport.
    Is this property was approved by ‘BIAAPA’? Is it safe if we buy the plot and how long it will take for registation?

    1. Dear Sir,
      We have to examine the documents to give you the report.
      If the titles are clear, good and marketable, then it will take one or two days to get the property registered.
      ecopackindia team

  6. What could be the the new guidance valuation rate in Sahakarana Nagara ??

    1. Dear Sir,
      There are 23 different value is reported. If you have any specific area, type and property, please forward, shall respond to it.
      ecopackindia team

    2. Dear Mr.Gulvady,

      Please find the revised guidance value at RMS colony,Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore.
      Make thorough enquiry before you sell it.
      A block to F block- Rs2,500/- but the market price is different.
      M.Chandra Shekar.

  7. Hi,
    I am planning to buy a plot near Gunjur. The plot is in 2 acre layout and the whole 2 acre has a BBMP A katha. Builder is saying that he wie ll registered whole land to the group (around 40 people) and then we can go for partiton deed and apply for a BBMP katha. So that we can get a BBMP A katha. Is it possible to do so? Can we go for partition other than blood relatives? Appreciated your valuable advice on this.


    1. Dear Sir,
      We do not have any data about the type of property and its compliances and hence, cannot comment on it. It is strongly recommended that you avail the services of an expert and not only an advocate.
      ecopackindia team

  8. Is it possible to have A Katha for a Layout but not for individual plots ?

    1. Dear Sir,
      YES. If it is a DC converted property.
      ecopackindia team

  9. Sir,

    Can we purchase a residential plot in a small layout ( 4.5 Acres ) in Whitefield with A katha , DC conversion , betterment paid and noc from BDA. But this layout is not approved by BDA / BMRDA . The land developer says that layouts less than 10Acres will not get approval from BDA/ BMRDA. Please advice

    1. Dear Ms.Pavithra,
      Please consult an expert.
      We can show the approvals from BDA for less than that.
      ecopackindia team

      1. Sir

        Thanks for your reply. Please advice me what could be the possible risk with an unapproved layout.

      2. Dear Ms.Pavithra,
        Consult an expert and an advocate.
        ecopackindia team

      3. Sir

        Please pass your address and the convenient time for the consultation so that we can come with the documents.

      4. Dear Ms..Pavithra,

        You can consult us. But, Our colleague has already opined that ???????????????? and it is not ethical and wise to give you another advise. Please revise your decision.
        It is not the fee or the money involved. , our interference is !!!!!!! not welcome.
        If you still wish to meet us, Yes, you are welcome. We will give you all the details.
        ecopackindia team

        ecopackindia team

        ecopackindia team.

  10. Hi,
    My Name is vikram. I had booked a flat in Gram panchayat area near Kalyan Dist thane Maharashtra. So i want to Check what are the legal document to check with the builder. As builder is stating that the site is legal as he had temporary NA Document, Development aggreement noterised. So please revert asap

    1. Dear Mr.Vikram,
      Please contact an advocate in Kalyan, as we are based in Bangalore.
      ecopackindia team

  11. One of my friends has purchased a Agricultural land in Mysore. As it was a Agricultural land, and he does not have any RTC in his name, the seller got the land added under Grama Thana and then made the sale. Now, in this case, will there be a RTC transfer or only Khata transfer for the land? They say its only Khata transfer that will happen. In such a case, what would be the process duration & approx cost for the Khata transfer?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Please consult an expert and an advocate.
      ecopackindia team

  12. Hi,

    We are planning to buy a site in Horamavu, near Om shakthi Temple Sankalpa layout. The developer has given us the documents, our lawyer has verified A katha and said it is not proper. My question is other then A katha if all the douments are correct can we gohead and Buy the property. Please respond ASAP

    1. Dear Ms.Sunitha,
      We regret that we do not wish to comment on this as you have already have a valid legal opinion.
      ecopackindia team

  13. Hello I have seen a house which comes under Gramthana
    It has EC,Clear titles,Building approved document,
    A Khatha document but not paid betterment charges
    Is it possible to get A khatha without paying betterment charges if its a gramthana

    Thanks in advance


  14. Hi Sir,

    I am trying to buy a a site. A-khata. House owner is saying he dont have lay-out plan…
    What is GPA. how can i get lay-out plan and GPA. Please advise

      1. Hi Sir,
        Thanks for your reply.
        Can you please tell me how to apply for lay-out plan and GPI



      2. Dear Sir,
        We do not know the sanctioning authority and cannot guide you and GPA is a document issued by the principle and is not available in Govt offices.
        Please consult an advocate.
        ecopackindia team

  15. Hi Sir,
    I am planning to buy a site which is part of a BMRDA approved layout. The land owner has purchased the same in the year 2007. But the title is as follows:
    1) The land belongs to Mr.A who got this land through a gift deed — its clear, no questions on this
    2) Mr. A has done a partition deed with his wife and the only son (and son’s wife) in the year 2005. This is a registered patition deed.
    3) In the year 2006 (a year after partition deed) Mr.A has sold the land to the layout owner. But as per the partition deed, this land was given to Mr.B (Mr. A’s son and A’s wife). In the sale deed of 2006, Mr. B and his wife have signed as consenting witness.

    My questions:
    a) Can Mr.A sell the land which was mentioned for his son and daughter-in-law according to the partition deed (yr 2005)
    b) Mr.A is mentioned as the owner of the land in the sale deed done in the year 2006, but his wife has not signed as consenting witness. Is that okay?
    Pls help me with these 2 questions….

    1. Dear Sir,
      We regret to state that we do not respond to these queries.
      ecopackindia team

  16. Dear ecopackindia team,

    My Name is Kiran a resident of Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Just wanted to take your advise of yours on buying a plot. We are planning to buy a plot in North bangalore, Hebbal. We have got an offer from one of the agent for a Gram panchayat katha site which has DC conversion and they say it is a B katha. Most of the houses have been built in this area except few of the sites. Hence i want to Check what are the legal documents are required to take a legal opinion for this site.. As the owner is stating that the site is legal. So please revert asap


  17. HI, we have brought an apartment at sidedahalli under chikkabanavara gram panchayat limits in 2006. the builder had paid all the tax, had plan approved and better charges paid to the gram panchayat. The DC conversion of land has been done and BMRDA approval is also available. The builder had khata in his name (still it is in his name). when we agreed to buy the apartment. the registration of the apartment happened after the grampanchayat was included in the BBMP limits (bagalgunte ward). we have been paying the tax to BBMP since then and we are waiting for the khata transfer to happen. The builder has given a letter saying that he has no objection to khata being transferred to our name. i have couple of questions:

    1. Other than waiting for the govt order (for converting gramthana khata’s to BBMP khata’s) is there any other way to get the khata transferred to our name. i have heard that if the builder issues form 9, we can get the khata transferred to our name is that true?
    2. If i want to sell the apartment, then what will be the procedure without the khata? BBMP people say they can issue a B-khata, would that be sufficient to sell the property???

    1. Dear Sir,
      You have to approach your builder for clarifications.
      ecopackindia team

  18. Hi Sir,

    I have techincal calrfication, If big peice of DC converted land with BBMP Khata, is sold in parts to different people. After the sale, when we approach the BBMP, should we apply for transfer of Khata(Single Khata to many Khata) or bifurcation of Khata.


      1. Sir, I didn’t get you. In the above case is it transfer or bifurication of khata required?

      2. Dear Sir,
        1). The original katha stands in the name of the vendor- has to be transferred to the purchaser.
        2). The original extent has to be subdivided or bifurcated.
        It is a single process.
        ecopackindia team

  19. Sir,I have come across a plot being sold by real estate guys,North Bangalore-Devanahalli which is in Green belt.The property agent says that change of land use will be done and then the land conversion will done. Is it safe to buy green belt site.

    1. Yeh Allah, Mazhar to batao, yeh teek nahi hai.(ramzan- Joot nahi bolnha )

    1. Dear Sir,
      We do not have any data about the property.
      ecopackindia team

  20. Dear sir,
    I would like to purchase B khata plot(30 * 40), but not DC converted which is in BBMP limits . can i get it converted later?

  21. hello I want to by a Gramtana Site and Bank is suggesting to get the BBMP Katha in the onwers name, I required your help for procedure for converting to BBMP A katha


  22. Sir
    I have purchased a gramtana site in yelahanka in the year 1993. I paid betterment charges and got plan approval and constructed house in 1995. After couple of years I got plan approval for first floor and built first floor. There are some minor deviations in construction. Now I do not have the original plan approval documents. I have been paying property taxes regularly.

    Do I have to pay further betterment charges?
    Do I have to pay improvement charges?
    Since I have not preserved the original plan approvals from yelahanka CMC, will it be treated as illegal constrution.
    Can I get A Katha from BBMP.


    1. Dear Ms.Rani,
      Yes. You have to pay the regularisation charges.(Improvement or Betterment charges are one and the same)
      No problem. You can get the copies of the sanctioned building plan from the appropriate authority, if it is genuine. If it is not genuine, it will be treated as illegal.
      If the property is regularised, then you can get A katha.
      ecopackindia team

      1. Sir,

        I am planning to purchase a B Katha individual house in horamavu banaswadi i,e in P & T layout. This land was DC converted in 1971-72 and on this site a house was built in 2003-04 with a nationalised bank loan. The construction quality is excellent. The plan approval was done by gram panchayat and housing license katha number also. Around 2004-05 this village has come under BBMP limits. So BBMP has issued B-katha.

        Till date all the taxes have been paid and the documents like EC etc are clear. But my concern is can we go ahead with this property. Since this land was DC-converted in 1971-72 and all the taxes are paid and plan approval and betterment from grampanchayat is there can we get A katha or should we wait fro akrama-skrama?

        Secondly it is an independent house with ground, first and second floor. Since I cannot get the whole loan amount, my father-in law for investment wants to buy the 2nd floor unit with the undivided share of land. Can the individual house which is built in a plot of 2400 sqft can be split into separate units and sold to others. The seller’s lawyer says we can do, since many of the apartments in hormaavu with B-katha land have done it. But many of the bank lawyers said that it cannot be done if the plot size is less than 4000Sqft(It is a new rule of BBMP it seems).

        I am confused, Please answer my query in a genric way itself. Thanks in advance

  23. Sir,
    We have identified an independent house near Rama Murthy Nagar (off TC Palya road). It is a 30*40 site with 1000 sq.ft built up house. The builder says that there is NO DC conversion for this site and no plan approval. But he says that a building plan will be given to the Bank for loan approval. He has the ‘B’ Khatha. He says after the akrama sakrama we can get the building regularized by paying about 30k to BBMP. He says he has built nearly 30 houses like this.

    Is it safe to invest in this house? Can one build without an approved plan? Who is the Building Plan sanctioning authority? Is regularization of this building really possible? I am not an expert in these matters but I get a sense that the builder is taking people for a ride. Is it even worth visiting a lawyer? Please let know.

    1. Dear Sir,
      is it safe to invest in this house?
      Can one build without an approved plan?
      Please answer?
      ecopackindia team

  24. Dear Sir,
    I have planned to purchase a house in adithyanagar,bangalore.The site is in B khatha but still they have constructed the house and the house is 4 years old.Rest of all the necessary documents i have cross checked with my laywer.My lawyer told everything is fine except khatha.i don know what to do should i stop all arrangements for registration or shall i continue kindly give me suggestion

  25. Hi,

    I am planning to construct an house in my site, which is B-khata, no DC conversion. Plz let me know which banks would provide home loans for this. I tried in many banks 🙁

  26. Dear sirs,
    I intend to buy a site in Balaji kripa layout near Hegde nagar. At first I want to know whether is the layout legal, secondly how do I find out out whether the site is sold twice to two different individuals. Lastly some site owners claim that they have A khata and some B Khata. I would like to know how is it possible to have two different khatas in the same layout.
    Kindly enlighten me.

    1. Dear Sir,
      All queries and consultation are chargeable.
      NO Free consultation.
      ecopackindia team

  27. Hi,
    I’m planning to buy a site in a panchayat approved layout. It has a survey number, and khatha for the whole layout, and no DC conversion. The owner has already constructed a house and sold many sites in this layout. The khatha is a panchayat khatha. He is saying that this place will become BBMP in one year, and going to create a separate khatha for the sites which he is selling to me.
    Please advice if we can purchase this site.

  28. I need ur Help.. I have constructed the house on a newly bought plot through the contractor. My RTC is missing and the contractor is nomore. Can I get a new RTC. if so on what basis. Can i verify the RTC status online?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Are you an agriculturist?
      Your name will not appear in RTC, if you are not an agriculturist.
      ecopackindia team

  29. I have a site gifted from my mother, but it does not have a khatta, all taxes are paid upto date, I got a suggestion from my friend to get a B Khatta and to start construction. will it not be a problem tommorow if we do not have a proper Khatta. am i to wait till we get a proper khatta, or can i go ahead in constructing a house. pls advise

    1. Dear Ms.Geeta,
      Where on earth, you can get a plan sanctioned for a bogus katha?
      ecopackindia team

  30. I want to buy a site in Satpagiri layout near Bangalore university. The layout is fully completed. But the problem is , there is no approval from BDA.Some big houses have been constructed in the layout inspite of non approval from BDA. I am purchasing from a person who bought it from the layout builders in 2006. .He has been paying the tax till today. He is applying for B khata.Can you please tell me whether i can purchase it and can i get bank loan?

    1. Dear Sir,
      The documents should be examined and verified at the concerned offices to suggest either to buy or not?
      ecopackindia team

  31. I have a house built in 1996, In 1996 i have paid betterment charges. Then till date i have not paid any charges and there is no khata for the property. This property is GP Registered, Now if i want to register this property they are asking for khata. But when i enquire BBMP officials for khata, they said they have stopped issuing khatas.
    Can u please suggest me what to do…… I cant get bank loans without registration and khata. Please advise me what to do..

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Dear Sir,
      We regret to state that we cannot suggest you any solution;
      ecopackindia team

      1. Can u please advise me on what is the procedure to get the khata and for registration of property ?

      2. Dear Sir,
        You cannot register the property without katha and BBMP will not issue katha for illegal and unauthorised of unapproved sites or layouts. There is no way. You have to wait for akrama-sakrama.
        By the way what is GP?
        Did you obtain legal opinion before the purchase?
        If you had availed the opinion from an expert and not from an ordinory advocate, you would not have landed in this mess.
        take care,
        ecopackindia team

  32. Dear Sir,

    I didn’t get you. Which documents to be verified ? Documents related to layout development or site documents of the vendor from whoom I am purchasing?and where?
    please clarifiy Regards,

    1. Dear Sir,
      We do not have any details regarding the said property and are not in a position to adivse you without proper examination. Please examine all the documents of the property.
      ecopackindia team

  33. A property has B khata and tax paid till date Under CMC . House is constructed on 30×40 site without building plan approval. Whether I can buy this site?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Consult your advocate!
      All queries and consultation are chargeable.
      ecopackindia tean

  34. hi team,
    i have brought a land in 2009 in kammagodanahalli.which is a bbmp vacant site bt i dont have the khatha n even d tax i m paying is nt on my can u guide me wht i should do to change d name.n can u give me your mobile number.

    1. Dear Juby,
      Please forward complete details.
      contact:M.Chandra Shekar. For legal inquiries: 09342816151.

  35. Hi, My brother is purchasing a consturcted house in mahadevpura. Now it is under BBMP limit. But the owner is having only B Khata and he has not paid any tax from the past 2years. Can we buy this property based on B Khata. is it possible the owner can sell the same property using the same B khata after making agreement with us to sell the property.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Please examine the titles and consult an expert in the property laws and solutions.
      ecopackindia team

  36. Hi, I recently purchased a plot (1200sqft) having B-Khata in Bommanahalli, Bengaluru. I also got the B-Khata transferred in my name and all the tax is duly paid to BBMP. Because the plot does not have an A-Khata or the original khata, I would like to know if the building plan can be approved only on the basis of B-Khata? please note that A-Khata is not being issued by BBMP now. And just because this plot contains only the B-Khata, does it come under Akrama-Sakrama? Note that all the taxes are duly paid till now. Can someone please answer these two questions?

    1. Dear Sir,
      All questions, queries, clarifications, consultation and services are chargeable.
      ecopackindia eam

  37. hi, i have some queries, and i know your service is chargeable, how much and how to pay the service charge? and can u please give me your office address as well when i come to bangalore so i can come down to office, right now am in mangalore, i have a property in bangalore. thanks in advance

    1. Dear Sir,
      you can contact us with a list of your queries and shall respond to it. :You are requested to forward complete details with queries, so that you will get the clarifications.
      ecopackindia team

      1. hi, many thanx for prompt reply. query is, my brother -in -law bought a building G+1, 8 years back . and he died after 3 years. the building still in his name and now my sister wanted to transfer to her name and also wanted to sell it off . building is in udayanagar, k r puram. to transfer name what all doccument and also how long is a processs, and she doesnt have much doccument how she will find about the khata? many thanx in advance.

  38. Hello sir
    I am planning to buy DC converted site at maragondanahalli ,near yelahanka,bangalore.These sites are developing by Maxworth Reality,What are the documents is needed for clarification ?

    1. Dear Sir,
      The list is published in our blog. Any additional documents or clarification is required, you can obtain it during the course of examination.
      ecopackindia team

  39. Hi,

    I am purchasing a site in Lakshmi Vinayaka Layout,Abbigere,North Banglore.
    This is a DC Converted Layout and it has B Khata. Please suggest if this property is eligible for A khata conversion

    1. Dear Sir,
      Please check with an advocate.
      BDA NOC is a letter stating that the schedule property is not in the proposed list of acquisition as on that date. The very next day, if the BDA needs it, can notify it.
      ecopackindia team

  40. Hi Team,

    We own a 30*50 site with B-Katha. Is it possible to get BDA approval for the Plan and to go ahead with Construction of the Building.
    And is it possible for B-Katha to A-Katha conversion.

    Please let me know.

    Anil Kumar Bingumalla

    1. BDA will not approve the Plan, for B-Katha.
      Need to wait for Akrama Skarama to get a valid Katha issued.

      1. Dear Ms.Deepa,
        If the property is within the jurisdiction of BDA, it can sanction the building plan.
        You are confused. BBMP issues B forms. There are two registers maintained in BBMP. In one register all the legitimate property details are entered and A katha is issued. There is another register, where unauthorised and illegal properties(though you are the absolute owner) are entered and a B form is issued under the taxation act of 2008. The owner of the property makes an application and declares his property as XXXXXXX and gets B Form for having paid the taxes.
        ecopackindia team

  41. Hi,
    I am impressed with the support you are giving in clarifying all juggled queries.

    I represent for a batch of 15 people, who wanted to buy a yellow belt land and divide it equally (by forming a layout with proper roads and common area) to build our houses, to save some costs For this we identified a land in Gunjur (BBMP limit). The owner claims that he has DC conversion, paid the betterment and holding A khata.
    if so, What and all I need to do to form a layout.
    1. What guidelines i need to follow?
    2. Which are the authorities i need get permissions from?
    can you please help on this.

    thank you.

    1. Dear Sir,
      We are a group of professionals providing turnkey services for the layout formation and specialise in title clearance and verification.

      All consultation and services are chargeable.

      ecopackindia team

  42. Dear Sir,
    We have site at Rajarajeshwari nagar, which is CMC Site, we want avail loan and start construction , but Mother deed is missing , other than we have KATHA, TAX PAID RECT., E C etc. How to get the related documents to go for loan.
    P R Rao

    1. Dear Sir,
      What about the sale deed? All the documents have to be examined to find out. Is the entire transaction genuine?
      ecopackindia team

  43. Hello Sir, My name is Srilakshmi, we are planning to buy flat in Silk Board Apartment name is Dreamz Infra , Is it a good builder? they are quoting 16.5 Lac + Registration, 930 Sft, 2 BHK, My question is , is it possible to get 2BHK for this amount. Please give me some ideas because my budget is 20 Lac

    1. Dear Ms.Srilakshmi,
      As a matter of policy, we do not comment on the builders.
      It is very difficult to even dream a house within 20 lakhs anywhere within the city limits.
      ecopackindia team

  44. Hi,

    Is it OK to buy a vacant plot in BDA unauthorized layout ( this layout is in the bdabangalore unauthorized layout pdf) ? The site has a BBMP A-khata , but betterment charges are not paid. The layout has a CMC approved layout plan though.

    Will there be any compilcations later when we go for the house construction approvals or loans?


  45. Hi, I recently purchased a house (1200sqft) having B-Khata in Ramamurthy nagar, Bengaluru. Obtained legal opinion from the laywer and property documents are clear. Currently the B-Khata is in my previous builder name and all the tax is duly paid to BBMP till this year (2011-2012) under the name of previous builder.

    How to get the B-khata on my name and how to pay the tax against my name?

    1. Dear Sir,
      It cannot be transferred to your name. You have to pay the taxes in the previous owners name only. B form is issued only once.
      ecopackindia team

  46. Thanks for your prompt response.
    A Khata will be issued once akarama sukarama comes.
    When i will get the B khata under my name? because i have purchased/registered the house under my name.
    Whether it will not be any issue, if i am paying against previous builder?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Only, when it is regularised. So what? All your actions must be within the frame work of law. Check for relevant statutes and you will understand, why katha is not being issued to you.
      Seek clarification from your advocate and your builder and demand it from the builder.
      ecopackindia team

  47. Hi

    I have a Purchased a 60 * 40 land in Doddakanelli ,Bangalore.

    It has B khata in the name of Previous owner. It is agricultural land made as a layout before 10 yrs and most of the plots are built up with houses with panchayat approval. Now recently this area is brought under BBMP zone. Now I am planning to construct a home in my site but the BBMP people needs conversion certificate for building plan approval. The problem is I cannot get individual Conversion certificate and have to get conversion certificate for entire 2.1 acres of layout which has already built up houses.

    Please Kindly advise me How can I proceed with the plan approval with BBMP now and start my construction ?

    Thanks .

  48. Dear Team,

    We have purchased 8 sites in a private layout (Nor approved by BDA or BBMP)at Varthur, which was having DC conversion and BBMP KHATHA on total layout (33 guntas-16 sites) Betterment charges paid by the builder around 7.5 lacs for the toal land and got the KHATHA. we got the legal confirmation for the documents from our lawyer and we personally checked the DC copy and KHATHA and Betterment paid receipts form the concerned authorities. everthing fine.

    we got the loan from the Bank and registered the sites on our names. now we are trying to get the KHATHA bifurcation on our individual names and came to know that it will not possible. Banker is asking to provide the KHATHA on my name to release the remaining loan amounts for construction.

    Now I got only B Form from BBMP and what will be the way to get the individual KHATHA for this sites??

    kindly let us know for this case? is only akrama sakram is the way to fulfill our dream? or any way to bifurcate the original KHATHA??

    we appreciate your suggession..

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Dear Sir,
      As you have already obtained the opinion and hence,you are advised to consult your advocate.
      We decline to comment.
      ecopackindia team

  49. 1.what is the differnce between A-Khatha & B-Khatha?
    2.Once the private layouts developed by the private builders which are approved by BMRDA or BIAAPA will BDA / BBMP be able to aquire this layouts in future for other civic developments proposed by the govt?
    3.Is it ok to purchase a site which is aproved by BIAAPA with DC conversion or should we get NOC from BDA/BBMP as well?

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