City Municipal Council Sites

There WERE 7 City Municipal Councils and one Town Municipal Council surrounding the Bangalore city. The sites in the limits of these authorities are mostly owned by private individuals, some of the sites are acquired by Government. Infrastructure is very poor. The process of tracing the title is very complicated. But some extra pre cautions need to be taken. Verify whether the betterment charges have been paid, if not purchaser may have to pay it in the future. Many lands in the area of these local bodies are agricultural lands and conversion to non-agricultural purpose must have to be done. Presently City Municipal Councils have stopped collecting betterment charges and issuing Khatas. If the owner doesn’t have a Khata, he cannot construct the house with the plan approved from CMC.

Site in private layouts

These are layout formed by private parties, other than statutory development authorities. Many reputed land developers have formed layouts around the city. Verify all the documents as required in case of private property for a period of 43 years. Apart, from the above check whether the land is converted for residential purpose, and the layouts are approved by BDA or BMRDA. Verify the records with respective offices. Many numbers of private layouts with D.C. conversion and panchayat approval are available. Purchase of these type of sites involves little risk.

Gramathana Sites

These are residential sites, which were originally available in village panchayat areas. They can be distinguished from Kaneshumari number, assigned to them. The agricultural lands have survey numbers. The sites of this nature are very few. Government has put restrictions on issue of license for construction by village panchayats beyond their approved Gramathana area, original Gramathana sites can be identified by examining old village survey maps available in survey department. Examine all the records as is done in case of private property. In addition verify the village records and form No. 9 and 10. Form No. 9 denotes Gramathana site and form No. 10 denotes the building, which confirm that the particular property is original Gramathana site or not. But many village panchayats issue from No. 9 & 10, though they are not Gramathana sites. Many such sites fall in green belt area, where construction of residential buildings is restricted. Extra caution is necessary while buying Gramathana Sites.


  1. Hello,

    I am planning to buy a agriculture land 10 guntas near sarjapur, this land is in green belt. this land has tar road access and this land is surrounded by bmrda layouts and appartments.
    1. can this land be converted from green to yellow belt ?
    2. can i get a BMRDA apparol to build a appartment complax?

    1. Dear sir,
      All queries, questions, claficiations and services are chargeable.
      ecopackindia team

  2. I am Praveen we have land around 4.5 acres at Channasandra whitefield is this land belongs to Green belt or yellow belt were BDA has proposed to Periphal ring road
    please suggest me

    1. Dear Sir,
      We do not know the location and details about your property and hence might not be able to inform you. All queries are chargeable.
      ecopackindia team

  3. hi sir,
    i have purchased a gramthana plot long time back when there was no development around. Now plenty of layouts and houses have come around. Can i get panchayath approval for constructing a house. Pls advice its urgent.

  4. Dear Sir,
    We shall mail you the list of documents which are required for the examination.

    ecopackindia team

  5. Dear Sir,

    I purchased a land Near Hessarghatta Road, consist of 30 x 40 site, I got Motherdeed, Sale Deed, Khatha and Tax Paid Receipt. Its not DC converted. Few days back i came to Know that BBMP is aquaring some land near Hessarghatta Road, Is this will become problem for us.

    Kindly suggest us.

    With regards


    1. Dear Sir,
      As we do not have any detail, cannot make any comment on this issue.
      ecopackindia team

  6. Dear Sir,

    We have purchased property (revenue land), this revenue land located in between
    Jigeni and Bannegatta, Kulumepalya village and the property registration also completed but still this property tax (in Telugu Kandaya receipt) receipt not received, So please advise me how to get the above receipt.

    Please kindly guide us,

    With best regards,
    Mahaboob Pasha.

    1. Dear Sir,
      The TAX PAID RECEIPT MUST BE AND WILL BE IN KANNADA ONLY. If you have not received it, you must get it from the concerned department.
      ecopackindia team

  7. This is Ismail here. I want to buy a site 40*60 in Maragondanahalli, Jigani Hobli, Anekal Taluq. The site is around 2.5KMs from Wipro gate, Electronic city. It comes under BDA juricediction. The site is DC converted. It comes in Hi Tech zone. The owner is saying, he will get the ‘A’ khata. Will it possible to get ‘A’ khata for this site? Is is safe to buy this site?

    Kindly guide me…

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Dear Sir,
      We cannot predict and dream the location and the type of property you have proposed to buy and Katha and the future problems you might face or encounter. Do not pose this kind of queries. Please consult an experienced advocate in property related issues.
      ecopackindia team

  8. I was planning to buy a resale flat in kr puram. I applied for bank loan and was refused because building plan was approved by gram panchayat during 94. But during that time, KR puram was under CMC or gram panchayat?

    1. Dear Sir,
      The property will be held only as collateral security for the loan availed by you. It appears that the building plan is not a valid one or there may be an abnormal deviation, that might be the reason behind the rejection.
      ecopackindia team

  9. I am planning to buy a house in a highly reputed gated community near Wipro corp office. A part of this layout is under Halanayakan halli panchayat and does not have a A-Katha. But it has DC conversion and 7 year old property. But I heard that,the registration are stopped for this kind of properties (without e-Katha). Is there any update or clarity how long it may take to restore registrations?
    This house has a bank loan already which I am taking over if I buy it.

  10. dear Sir,
    My name is babu. I’m planning to buy a plot in maragondanahalli village’,jigani hobli, anekal taluk. The plot owner said its belongs to bbmp limits,u can transfer dc converted site into B Katha problem is how can i know this sites belongs to BBmp or not?if its belongs to bbmp limits then how can i transfer into A Katha?

  11. hi,i’m purchasing an apartment in kotthnur village, uttarhalli hobli. which is denotified by BDA, NOC is also given by BDA is it safe ?

    1. If you know that it is denotified by BDA and NOC issued, is it not Safe? Yes. But, as we are not aware of any of the details of the property, may not be possible to give you any opinion. Please consult your advocate and obtain legal opinion for additional safety.

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