NGT Latest order baffles town planners regarding the raja kaluve

The recent order of the NGT regarding the pollution of the Bellandur and Agara Lake and the observation made in the order has left the BBMP and the BDA in a state of dizzy.

The NGT Slapped a massive fine/penalty on both the Government and the BBMP for Non-Compliance.

The effects of the observations and the orders of the NGT will have severe ramifications on the layouts, sites, buildings, roads, industries and apartments abutting the lakes and raja kalve.

 The Buffer Zone as observed by the NGT in its latest order baffles the builders and the land owners.  The existing buildings or apartments or constructions across or abutting the lakes, primary channel, secondary channel and territory channels are badly impacted. 

Those(buyers and investors) with the simple knowledge and common-sense may not even dream of buying such properties.


NATIONAL GREEN TRIBUNAL (NGT) IMPOSED A HEFTY PENALTY OF RS.139.85 CRORES TO THE Mantri Techzone Pvt Ltd  and Core Mind Software and Services Pvt Ltd, is developing massive commercial projects, including Special Economic Zone (SEZ), hotels, residential apartments and mall, spread across 80 acres land immediately abutting the Agara Lake and more particularly identified as lying between Agara and Bellandur Lakes in violation of all environmental norms.

Earlier this week, the residents of sadashivanagar and adjoining areas protested against the proposed construction of apartments on the Sankey Lake Bed by Mantri group.