Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum orders xxxx Developers to immediately act on obtaining Occupation Certificate for a property, which was sold by them in 2006. Obtaining Occupation Certificate (OC) should be a must-have document for those purchasing flats, before taking possession of their property. If you are denied the same, then the consumer court can come to the rescue of the property buyers.

Bandra Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, last week, ordered Dharia Developers to give a purchaser OC within four months, noting that the OC is an essential requirement for a flat-buyer.  The buyers of flats are relieved of their tension, in obtaining the OC.

The Forum further observed that, “Obtaining OC is an essential requirement under the MOFA (Maharashtra Ownership Flat Act) and the flat purchased cannot legally occupy the same, unless the OC is obtained by the builder. The builder has not produced a single piece of paper to show that he has taken effective steps with the competent authority for obtaining OC.”

Importance of Occupation Certificate (OC)

The OC issued by the local municipality, stands for the completion of the property as per the approved plan, so as to be fit for occupation, and should be in compliance with all concerned laws. Lawyer Wavikar said, “This is a trendsetting order, especially with the consumer foras, passing it at an interim stage. Several flat-buyers, who shell out their lifetime’s hard-earned money, will be benefited by this order. Many get possession, though not the OC, due to which the municipality can ask for eviction of their flat or have penalties levied on them. Besides, if they don’t have OC, the possession is illegal. Even the water supply would be charged at double or triple the usual rate and the same go for electricity.”