The BBMP has sent a proposal to the State Government of Karnataka to regularise (convert) B katha properties (vacant properties-without any construction) to A katha and the matter is still pending before the Government. As this subject is under judicial scrutiny before the Apex Court, the matter may be brought before the court for its consideration or observation. This proposal might be subject to Apex Court`s intervention.


The BBMP has proposed to regularise or legitimise the B katha by collecting FEE and issuing the regular A Katha and the subject is before the Government for its approval.

There are some complications in this process.  As the subject is before the Hon`ble Supreme Court, the Government may attract serious rebuttal from the Apex Court and All the B katha sites cannot be converted into A Katha due to various other issues and even, if the BBMP regularises it, it may be difficult to sanction building plans.

Hence, it is advised to be careful before the purchase of B katha and the converted A Katha.