B-Katha Properties and its nature

There is only one KATHA. There are no ABCD kathas in the KMC Act. Katha means, a revenue account of the property in the municipal records and it is a secondary title document.

B-Katha is issued by the municipal authority, within its jurisdiction the property is situated. A register is maintained and entries regarding the tax payment is made and it is called B REGISTER.

Innumerable properties are registered under this B Register, and some properties can be regularised and some can NEVER BE REGULARISED.

The owners and buyers can sell and buy B Katha properties and can also register the same in the Sub-Registrar offices and pay taxes toooooooooooooooooo. Many have availed loan on such properties too. Nothing is impossible in our country. If the buyer and seller are smart, they can get anything and everything from all these offices.

The present sellers and owners promise and assure the potential buyers that their B Katha can be and will be regularised and will provide innumerable examples, but the buyer will find it extremely difficult to regularise it.

There are many issues coupled with B Katha. Some can be converted, once, the Govt approves, but subject to Apex court rulings in Akrama-Sakrama Case pending. The Govt is in a tearing hurry to regularise such B Katha and collect money.