High rise Buildings (Above 15 meters or 50 feet height) does not  follow power norms

Maintenance recommended to minimise danger

The Department of Electrical Inspect-orate (DEI), in their periodical inspections, have found that out of 7,960 multistoried buildings in Bengaluru, ninety percent were not in full conformity with the Indian Electricity Rules and the residents residing and working in Multi Storied Buildings are not aware of how safe their buildings are.
The chief electrical inspector, said, “MSBs found having defects are given time to have them fixed. We are inspecting all MSBs for the safety of the people residing in the building, who need to abide by the laws for their own good.”
One of the senior officials said, “Many buildings are violating norms. During our periodical inspections, we found most buildings did not adhere to the relevant safety codes and standards. So, we inform them to get the rectifications within a certain time. After an inspection, we seek a fee as inspection charge that is based on the number of blocks, lifts and generators in the apartment complex.

The main objective of the DEI is to ensure that all electrical installations are maintained as per the relevant safety codes and standards. This is carried out to minimise danger to humans, animals and property. The department works to ensure safety in the generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation of electrical power.

a). Power cable and communication cables segregated

b). 100 Combustible material removed and kept clean

c). Energy meter and current transformers provided for diesel generators calibrated and test reports furnished

d). Annual maintenance contract between the lift agency and the (MSB) furnished along with the report on working condition of safety limit switches and over speed governor and the copy of the same furnished 

e). Safety equipment such as first-aid box, rubber gloves, and fire extinguisher maintained