Bengaluru flooding woes, & chaos

It is to be noted that we have been continuously requesting all the readers,(free of cost) not to enter into agreements, nor sale, or even enter into rent or lease agreements with properties of encroachment, violation, deviation, and irregularities.

Our write-up on 31-07-2017-predicted this chaos


 ECOPACKINDIA  1 January 31, 2017 1 Minute

Few layouts formed and approved by the BDA are in the danger zone.  The BDA had approved the layout plan and the developers have sold the property and are found to have encroached on the Raja Kaluve and have flattened the raja kaluve and built structures like club houses, parks by closing the normal gradient flow of rainwater to the lake and claiming to be a lake view layout.

The other one is under litigation.

Watch out.  Keep out of the danger zone.

Check and conduct a thorough and diligent enquiry with experts before buying the properties.

But, not all layouts are approved by BDA.

But, nobody bothered nor listened.

Most of the buyers, who appear on electronic media are blaming the bbmp, govt,sub-registrar, and all others, for their folly of not checking or conducting a diligent inquiry.

The recent videos clearly show that the majority of the buildings are constructed on the BUFFER ZONE and apart from that, none of the buildings have setbacks as mandated, height violation, FAR violation and whatnot? Leave alone the encroachment, the majority of the buildings have not been built as per sanctioned plan.

There is another catch for the buyers:

This Bank and Tht Bank has approved the projects, is the statement and declaration of the sellers to convince the customers that all is well and they will be in the (well).

and there are multiple TOPIWALA.COMS online, educating and offering the best and top-end villas and apartments at good prices. Additionally, the reviews are superb, as it is a clear-cut scam.

The NOTORIOUS GATED COMMNAUTIES, have relinquished the common areas, like parks, roads, and civic amenity areas/sites in favour of BDA or local bodies, but have illegally fixed gates, so that the locals, who had been living years and years, cannot enter their palaces. It is very sad to see a property owner swimming in his own villa in the sewage-mixed flood waters. It is our own making.

And the DC Converted layouts, wherein, there are no rules and regulations. All the owners say, they have katha, that too, A katha. OK. How did you get it? The BBMP does not have the power to issue Katha for DC Converted sites and revenue sites, but way back in 1990, the erstwhile BCC collected betterment charges and issued A Katha.

Now, Put the blame game to an end. Start afresh, plan well, check the documents diligently with a professional and then proceed to buy.

There is another waterloo coming up in Bangalore east ???? Agrahara, wherein, the builder is issuing indemnity letters/bonds to the buyers, stating that all the litigations will be sorted out, and the crazy buyers have overbooked the property.

Enjoy the litigation and start the blame game.

The notorious banks are also offering home loans. Beautiful brochure, online video presentation, walk through ( the corridors of court), etc with innumerable amenities.

Do not feel bad.

The truth is very bitter.

Be careful.

We are not pinpointing the mistakes, faults, errors or violations, but, regret that in spite of our regular warnings, no serious actions have been taken.