Flooding in Bengaluru 2020

Many XXXXXXXX along with XXXXXXX opposed the NGT order on the buffer zone in respect of Raja Kaluve, Secondary Channel and Teritory Channel and of all the LAKES, Had the NGT orders are complied with in total spirit, these damages could have been averted. Even now, it is not too late to amend the area to be left as buffer zones as per the directions of the NGT, in the interest of the citizens.

Nature has its own rules. It need not obey any order. It is quite natural for the rain water to flow to the lower gradient areas. Due to bad and unplanned development, all the water channels encroached and lakes were converted into layouts and none bothered about the buffer zone.

The rainfall in Bengaluru is just 66% above normal. Many low lying areas are flooded. Citizens are complaining about the Government`s apathy and ill-preparedness. Majority of the flooded areas are illegal layouts, with abnormal irregularities.

Citizen`s are negligent about their duties and responsibilities and expect the Government to do everything. The citizens get what they sow. Keep away from low lying areas, Maintain maximum distance from the raja kaluve and lakes.

Low lying areas must not be encroached. Maximum Buffer Zone vacant area must be retained. The Raja Kaluve must not be CONCRETRISED. Many builders have illegally constructed structures in the buffer zone and looted the fool`s money in the name of amenities.

A builder, has many projects across the lakes in Bengaluru and has a fancy to develop huge complexes across the raja kaluve and lakes, offering it as XXXXXXXXXXXXXX apartments. The basements or parking lots are always vulnerable against flooding and other natural disasters.

Buyers expect too good properties, closer to their workplace, in the heart of the city, with all worldly amenities at throwaway prices, bargain for the best price with the unyielding builder. The builder offers a third-class building using the cheapest materials and with all the worldly vulnerabilities with BANK LOAN APPROVAL. Within a few years, the plain doors and door frames become designer doors and the walls are so, strengthless, the even, if you sneeze a block will fall. The flooring tiles are the world’s cheapest and all the electrical and plumbing materials used within the walls and the flooring will be of the lowest quality. But, the top end of the sinks, taps, and other fittings, which could be viewed or seen will be a designer piece. Water is very scarce in all these projects. Water has to be bought every summer, as the borewell goes dry.

The recent rain at Bangalore brought with it a host of such vulnerabilities. The Hosakerehally lake and its surrounding areas were flooded. It is not the fault of nature. It might happen anywhere or everywhere if we do not follow simple nature`s laws.

In adverse climatic conditions, either, very hot summer or severe rainy season, these properties will bear the brunt of the nature.