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Netravati M Chavan

Netravati M Chavan, 14, from Karnataka’s Bagalkot district lost her life while trying to save two young boys from drowning. She managed to rescue 16-year-old Muthu but died in a failed attempt to save 10-year-old Ganesh. Her father Mahantesh Chavan will receive the award from PM Modi. Netravati couldn’t continue her studies after her Class 7 as she had to take care of her two ailing brothers.

Karanbeer Singh
Seventeen-year-old Karanbeer Singh, a Class 12 student from Gaguwal village in Amritsar along the India-Pakistan border, saved at least 15 lives when their school bus plunged into a drain. Karanbeer, who was on the bus with 37 others, including his sister, showed great courage and helped other children come out of the bus, which was fast sinking. Seven students died in the accident while 13 were injured. However, had it not been for his quick thinking, the death toll would have been higher.

F Lalchhandama

F Lalchhandama lost his life while attempting to rescue his friends. A group of three friends had gone to Tlawng river after writing a test. His friends accidentally slipped into the river. The 18-year-old jumped into the river to save his friend. But neither could be saved. When the body of the brave-heart, who wanted to become a cardiologist, was found, his arms were found to be wrapped around his friend’s body.

Betshwajohn Lyngdoh Peinlang

A 14-year-old boy from a remote village in West Khasi Hills will receive the Bravery Award saving his three-year-old brother, Arbius Lyngdoh Peinlang. Betshwajohn’s father, Disidarius Myrthong, said the two brothers were in the kitchen when a fire broke out. The house had thatched roof and soon it was in flames. Without wasting a moment, Betshwajohn plunged into the flames to save his brother.

Mamata Dalai

In April last year, six-year-old Mamata Dalai was taking a bath with Asanti Dalai, 7, in a pond in Kendrapara district of Odisha, when a five-foot crocodile attacked Asanti. Instead of running to safety, Mamata fought hard to free Asanti from the crocodile’s grip.

Sebastian Vincent

Sebastian Vincent from Kerala’s Alleppey was riding a bicycle with his friend Abhijith when he fell on the railway track. Abhijith was unable to move even as a train was fast approaching. Seeing his friend in danger, Sebastian made a daring move and rescued him.
Laxmi Yadav

In 2016, 16-year-old Laxmi Yadav was abducted by three men, who drove her to an isolated place and tried to sexually assault her. Though she froze for a moment, she gathered the courage to fight back. She managed to get hold of their bike’s key and threw it away. She pushed them away and fled. She ran to a nearby police station and informed the cops about the incident.

Samridhi Sushil Sharma

The 17-year-old Gujarat girl was alone when a masked man tried to enter her home. He held a knife to her neck. She was scared but she fought back forcing the intruder to flee. She sustained a deep cut to the vein in her hand and bled profusely. She had to undergo two surgeries. The ring finger on her left hand is completely damaged and would require another surgery.


Zonuntluanga from Mizoram saved his father, who had been attacked by a bear. He had gone with his father to a forest to collect vegetables when a bear attacked his father and severely wounded his face. Zonuntluanga then fought with the bear with his simple tools, driving the bear away.

Pankaj Semwal

Sixteen-year-old Pankaj Semwal also saved his mother from a leopard attack. A resident of Uttarakhand’s Tehri Garhwal, said that when he confronted the leopard, fear was the last thing on his mind. He not only saved his mother but also ensured that his sisters and brother who were there were taken to safety.


Agra’s Nazia helped the local police to bust a betting racket in her area. She collected evidence against those who were harassing shopkeepers in Sadar Bhatti area of Agra and handed it over to the police. Four people were arrested.


The other recipients of the awards include 13-year-old Mansha NN Shangpon Konyak, 18; Nagaland’s Yoaknei, 18, and Chingai Wangsa, 18; Nadaf Ejaj Abdul Rauf, 17, from Maharashtra; 15-year-old Loukrakpam Rajeshwori Chanu from Manipur; and Pankaj Kumar Mahanta, 15, from Odisha.