It has come to the notice of the administration that few sellers/owners/developers/builders/agents are fleecing/compelling/forcing/trying to convince the buyer/clients to sign sale agreements ( one-sided/unfair ) prepared to their best advantage but NOT AS PER the RERA format or Draft.

The buyer/client is the master and can decide whether to enter into or execute  as per the RERA draft or prepare his own sale agreement and sale deed or sign on dotted lines (One Sided/unfair) of sale agreements, but, in the event of a different format/draft, the buyer will still have legitimate rights to initiated any legal action, but the RERA draft/format is by far a BETTER one, is more clear and terms and conditions are devised for the safety and security of the buyer by the Government.

Co-Operative Housing Societies MUST get the RERA approval for all their projects.

RERA approval does not mean the TITLES are good and clear, but all the provisions of the law is checked by the authorities, before the approval and have complied with all statutory/mandatory requirements.

RERA approved projects are slightly higher priced but safe.