The airforce station in Yelahanka, which is a sensitive installation, has upped its guard with a direction to BIAAPA not to permit or sanction building plans without its concurrence or approval within a radius of 10 kilometers.

Any construction within a 10-km radius of the Air Force Station (AFS) Yelahanka, some of which also fall into a ‘danger area’, will have to get clearance from the Indian Air Force. In a July-18 order, the local area planning authority — Bangalore International Area Planning Authority (BIAAPA) — which monitors and clears developments around the airport has been instructed to follow the new guidelines.

Till now, BIAAPA, which has a jurisdiction area of 750-odd sq km around the international airport, used to forward every construction proposal/application to BIAL for approval. Ground-plus-three or 15 meters is called a high-rise in the BIAAPA masterplan. All the building plan applications within 10 km radius will be submitted to BIAL for its NOC.

The Air Force station at Yelahanka has issued fresh guidelines redefining the distance and the NOC procedures for the buildings, hence all the applications must get clearance from BIAL and Airforce.
In the order forwarded to commissioners of BIAAPA and BBMP, V Satyamurthy, group captain, chief operations officer, AFS Yelahanka, has elaborated on the new procedures. It also speaks about the need for the new guidelines.

“With reference to the Ministry of Civil Aviation guidelines, which has introduced the concept of colour-coded zoning maps to avoid delays in approvals/clearances to real-estate projects, similar maps have been prepared for the Yelahanka Air Force station to assist in decision-making for issuance of NOC for real-estate projects by local municipal authorities.’’

The Ministry of Civil Aviation introduced the concept of colour-coded zoning maps in the vicinity of all aerodromes in 2015.

Similarly, the other airforce stations like jalahalli and Jakkur may also adopt the same guidelines.

Real Estate will be hit hard by this directive.

* THE PINK GRID: 10-km radius around the aerodrome reference point of AFS Yelahanka is marked in pink. Nearby danger areas, too are marked in pink. Applicants must obtain NOC from IAF for constructions in the pink grid

* THE YELLOW ZONE: Development in areas beyond 10-20 km from the aerodrome reference point are marked in yellow. Local municipal authorities can approve building plans only up to a height of 120 m above aerodrome elevation. But the cases must be forwarded to the AFS Yelahanka to cross-check the clearances

* THE GREEN ZONE: Areas beyond 20 km of the aerodrome reference point and area outside the purview for issuance of NOC by IAF are marked green. For any construction here, applications need not be processed for infrastructure up to a maximum height of 150 m above aerodrome elevation. Local municipal authorities can approve the building plan without NOC from IAF.