Any development project, which is bound to generate waste and sewage, should not be granted clearance unless its plan provides for proper collection, processing and disposal of sewage and garbage, the National Green Tribunal has said.


“It needs no wonders to understand that any development, residential, industrial or commercial is bound to generate municipal waste and sewage. Thus, when plans are made for such development, authorities including ministries and others are statutorily required to ensure that proper processing facilities for dealing with the municipal solid waste as well as for treating sewage are available,” a bench headed by NGT Chief Justice Swatanter Kumar said.


The green panel said it is “statutory obligation on all authorities to ensure that waste is not dumped randomly and it is collected, segregated, transported and disposed of in accordance with Municipal Solid Wastes (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000 and 2016.


It said that planning of projects would be “faulty” if precaution is not taken before commencing any plan which is essential for sustainable development.

It issued notices to all the states and UTs to show cause as to why the tribunal should not pass directions requiring authorities to strictly adhere to the doctrine of sustainable development in its true spirit.


“Why any development project, industrial, residential and commercial, be directed not to commence until and unless development plan duly provide for collection, processing and disposal of municipal solid waste in accordance with law,” the bench said, while hearing a petition filed by Kudrat Sandhu against violation of waste management norms in the capital.