Improvement Charges – BBMP

The High Court of Karnataka has allowed a petition by BBMP regarding the collection of improvement charges from D C Converted Properties within its jurisdiction and observed that the BBMP has the power to collect it.

The charges are Rs.200/- per square metre in old area and Rs.250/- per square metre in the amalgamated 110 villages.

This is applicable for the full extent of the property Converted as in OM copy

4 thoughts on “Improvement Charges – BBMP

  1. can you give me some clarifications on this?
    1. betterment/improvement charges are being taken for the whole piece of land which was DC converted or even fit individual plots on DC converted piece of land.
    2. if improvement charges are being taken for individual plots then are they eligible for A khatas?

    1. Yes. Full and complete extent as per the OM. Any bifurcation/sub division done is illegal and the Conversion order stands cancelled without notice.

      1. The response is too brief to offend anyone’s independent reasoning , founded on sound logic. Certainly, in one’s conviction, in respect of already completed constructions,- for instance, of apartment complexes, already handed over to and in physical possession and enjoyment of the purchasers, and also who have been issued A Khata and been duly paying property tax, what you have opined cannot hold good.

        Look up some of the observations of the HC as briefly reported by the media elsewhere – see my separate previous comment.

  2. Unclear whether your reference is to the same recent judgment of the HC as reported , in greater details, elsewhere; for instance, by TOI in its issue of Aug 27- “BBMP gets nod to get betterment fee”. As observed, ” The court , however said, payment of improvement charges cannot be made a pre-condition for registration /transfer /bifurcation /amalgamation of khata and plan sanction”.
    These are, as remembered and if not mistaken, in line with the view of the court taken in of its earlier judgment.
    You are requested to, for the benefit of your website users, have published at the earliest full text of the latest judgment or a summation of it in details. That should enable them to share their independent viewpoints requiring to be again urged on a very crucial aspect of most concern to apartments complexes / the purchasers cum owners.

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