The BBMP has issued only 13 Occupancy Certificates in 2016-17, of which 3 are commercial projects and 10 are residential apartments.

There are few hundred projects which had been completed and few hundred housing apartment projects are underway, but only few builders and the apartments have the MANDATORY OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE.

Between 2011-12 to 20161-7, the BBMP has issued around 300+ Occupancy Certificates and the remaining buildings or projects or apartments DOES NOT HAVE MANDATORY OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE, it means, that buildings or apartments or projects are NOT WORTH BUYING OR OCCUPYING.

The recent floods and the havoc caused by the rains is MAN MADE.  In one of the flood affected areas, the road width is 30 feet and there were several apartment complexes having more than 20+ apartments and the entire narrow road, in bangalore south, J.P.Nagar, has about 400 to 500 apartments, NONE OF THE BUILDINGS HAVE OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE AND HAS NOT BEEN CONSTRUCTED AS PER THE SANCTIONED BUILDING PLAN AND THEY ARE ILLEGAL, IRREGUALR AND UNAUTHORISED.