It is alleged that the L & T housing project in Hebbal, Bangalore North, which is almost sold out has some irregularities and illegalities connected with the project, may stall it or it might be delayed.


1). Land use not changed.

2). Non Payment of Betterment charge.

3). Bandi Daari, Kaalu Daari and Raja Kaluve encroachment and blocking of public road in the property.

4). Non Compliance – No NOC

As the investigation gets deeper, many skeletons may tumble up.

Raja Kaluve has been encroached by many developers and concrete slabs laid disruption natural rain water harvesting and blocking the public roads like kaalu daari and bandi daari as if it is their dadas jagir.

It is more prominent in Sarjapur area in the villages like doddakannelli, doddanekundi, haralur, ambalipura, kasavanahalli and iblur.  The builders have illegally with the connivance of the officials have blocked the natural rain water flow and laid concrete blocks and blocked the public roads.  All these issues of these big builders will be up for investigation soon.

It is quite natural that these notorious builders will come up with all kinds of silly response for allegations to convince the stupid buyers.

The Response from the violators.

a). We have all the approvals.

b). We have complied with all the statutory norms.

c). We have paid the fees.

d). We have initiated legal proceedings.

e). There are no issues at all.

f). Our builders is very powerful and can do anything on earth and will resolve it.

g). It is petty and small problem, do not worry about it.

h). There is no violation at all.  It is all baseless allegations.

g). These guys want money, they are harassing by publishing articles like this, do not believe it.

The truth is this:

There is violation and deviation.  There is Non-Compliance.