2 thoughts on “AKRAMA WILL SOON FALL FLAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What does it mean when you say it will fall flat? Is it likely to face legal hurdles again? Or do you mean it will not be successful in attracting property owners? Will it not generate as much money for the government as envisaged? Are you referring to all parts of the act or just about the building deviation part?

    1. Yes. It most likely to get into legal hurdles. It will definitely attract the defaulters and violators. The most integral part or important subject in this scheme is NOTHING BUT MONEY. Hence, the money will play its vicious role. There is a political angle to this scheme too. The silent honest neighbour`s tax paid money is looted to provide facilities for a violator. Is it not a crime? Many more unexplained issues dogs this scheme and it will be raised in the appropriate forum by the affected soon.

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