Delhi`s Chief Minister Mrs.Sheila Dikshit’s suggestion/solution for reducing the electricity bill

Delhi`s Chief Minister Mrs.Sheila Dikshit said while addressing a public rally in Chhattarpur on Sunday, that if “one consumes electricity for 24 hours, then one should not expect a bill for five hours consumption. If you cannot afford the electricity bill, then cut down your consumption of electricity.” She further stated that if electricity bills were too high, people should cut down on number of electrical appliances.

Mrs.Sheila Dikshit suggested that power consumption should be proportional to the household income and if somebody’s bills are too high then they must control consumption. She justified the power tariff hikes, saying, uninterrupted electricity comes at a high cost and said that the increase in the cost of power production has led to the rise in electricity rates. Delhi’s power tariff has been hiked three times in as many years — 22 per cent in 2011, 26 per cent for domestic consumers in 2012 and 3 per cent from February 1.