Customer Protection – Limiting Liability of Customers in Unauthorised Electronic Banking Transactions


July 6, 2017

All Scheduled Commercial Banks (including RRBs)
All Small Finance Banks and Payments Banks

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Customer Protection – Limiting Liability of Customers in Unauthorised Electronic Banking Transactions

Please refer to our circular DBOD.Leg.BC.86/09.07.007/2001-02 dated April 8, 2002 regarding reversal of erroneous debits arising from fraudulent or other transactions.

2. With the increased thrust on financial inclusion and customer protection and considering the recent surge in customer grievances relating to unauthorised transactions resulting in debits to their accounts/ cards, the criteria for determining the customer liability in these circumstances have been reviewed. The revised directions in this regard are set out below.

Strengthening of systems and procedures

3. Broadly, the electronic banking transactions can be divided into two categories:

  1. Remote/ online payment transactions (transactions that do not require physical payment instruments to be presented at the point of transactions e.g. internet banking, mobile banking, card not present (CNP) transactions), Pre-paid Payment Instruments (PPI), and
  2. Face-to-face/ proximity payment transactions (transactions which require the physical payment instrument such as a card or mobile phone to be present at the point of transaction e.g. ATM, POS, etc.)

4. The systems and procedures in banks must be designed to make customers feel safe about carrying out electronic banking transactions. To achieve this, banks must put in place:

  1. appropriate systems and procedures to ensure safety and security of electronic banking transactions carried out by customers;
  2. robust and dynamic fraud detection and prevention mechanism;
  3. mechanism to assess the risks (for example, gaps in the bank’s existing systems) resulting from unauthorised transactions and measure the liabilities arising out of such events;
  4. appropriate measures to mitigate the risks and protect themselves against the liabilities arising therefrom; and
  5. a system of continually and repeatedly advising customers on how to protect themselves from electronic banking and payments related fraud.

Reporting of unauthorised transactions by customers to banks

5. Banks must ask their customers to mandatorily register for SMS alerts and wherever available register for e-mail alerts, for electronic banking transactions. The SMS alerts shall mandatorily be sent to the customers, while email alerts may be sent, wherever registered. The customers must be advised to notify their bank of any unauthorised electronic banking transaction at the earliest after the occurrence of such transaction, and informed that the longer the time taken to notify the bank, the higher will be the risk of loss to the bank/ customer. To facilitate this, banks must provide customers with 24×7 access through multiple channels (at a minimum, via website, phone banking, SMS, e-mail, IVR, a dedicated toll-free helpline, reporting to home branch, etc.) for reporting unauthorised transactions that have taken place and/ or loss or theft of payment instrument such as card, etc. Banks shall also enable customers to instantly respond by “Reply” to the SMS and e-mail alerts and the customers should not be required to search for a web page or an e-mail address to notify the objection, if any. Further, a direct link for lodging the complaints, with specific option to report unauthorised electronic transactions shall be provided by banks on home page of their website. The loss/ fraud reporting system shall also ensure that immediate response (including auto response) is sent to the customers acknowledging the complaint along with the registered complaint number. The communication systems used by banks to send alerts and receive their responses thereto must record the time and date of delivery of the message and receipt of customer’s response, if any, to them. This shall be important in determining the extent of a customer’s liability. The banks may not offer facility of electronic transactions, other than ATM cash withdrawals, to customers who do not provide mobile numbers to the bank. On receipt of report of an unauthorised transaction from the customer, banks must take immediate steps to prevent further unauthorised transactions in the account.

Limited Liability of a Customer

(a) Zero Liability of a Customer

6. A customer’s entitlement to zero liability shall arise where the unauthorised transaction occurs in the following events:

  1. Contributory fraud/ negligence/ deficiency on the part of the bank (irrespective of whether or not the transaction is reported by the customer).
  2. Third party breach where the deficiency lies neither with the bank nor with the customer but lies elsewhere in the system, and the customer notifies the bank within three working days of receiving the communication from the bank regarding the unauthorised transaction.

(b) Limited Liability of a Customer

7. A customer shall be liable for the loss occurring due to unauthorised transactions in the following cases:

  1. In cases where the loss is due to negligence by a customer, such as where he has shared the payment credentials, the customer will bear the entire loss until he reports the unauthorised transaction to the bank. Any loss occurring after the reporting of the unauthorised transaction shall be borne by the bank.
  2. In cases where the responsibility for the unauthorised electronic banking transaction lies neither with the bank nor with the customer, but lies elsewhere in the system and when there is a delay (of four to seven working days after receiving the communication from the bank) on the part of the customer in notifying the bank of such a transaction, the per transaction liability of the customer shall be limited to the transaction value or the amount mentioned in Table 1, whichever is lower.
Table 1
Maximum Liability of a Customer under paragraph 7 (ii)
Type of Account Maximum liability
• BSBD Accounts 5,000
• All other SB accounts
• Pre-paid Payment Instruments and Gift Cards
• Current/ Cash Credit/ Overdraft Accounts of MSMEs
• Current Accounts/ Cash Credit/ Overdraft Accounts of Individuals with annual average balance (during 365 days preceding the incidence of fraud)/ limit up to Rs.25 lakh
• Credit cards with limit up to Rs.5 lakh
• All other Current/ Cash Credit/ Overdraft Accounts
• Credit cards with limit above Rs.5 lakh

Further, if the delay in reporting is beyond seven working days, the customer liability shall be determined as per the bank’s Board approved policy. Banks shall provide the details of their policy in regard to customers’ liability formulated in pursuance of these directions at the time of opening the accounts. Banks shall also display their approved policy in public domain for wider dissemination. The existing customers must also be individually informed about the bank’s policy.

8. Overall liability of the customer in third party breaches, as detailed in paragraph 6 (ii) and paragraph 7 (ii) above, where the deficiency lies neither with the bank nor with the customer but lies elsewhere in the system, is summarised in the Table 2:

Table 2

Summary of Customer’s Liability
Time taken to report the fraudulent transaction from the date of receiving the communication Customer’s liability (₹)
Within 3 working days Zero liability
Within 4 to 7 working days The transaction value or the amount mentioned in Table 1, whichever is lower
Beyond 7 working days As per bank’s Board approved policy

The number of working days mentioned in Table 2 shall be counted as per the working schedule of the home branch of the customer excluding the date of receiving the communication.

Reversal Timeline for Zero Liability/ Limited Liability of customer

9. On being notified by the customer, the bank shall credit (shadow reversal) the amount involved in the unauthorised electronic transaction to the customer’s account within 10 working days from the date of such notification by the customer (without waiting for settlement of insurance claim, if any). Banks may also at their discretion decide to waive off any customer liability in case of unauthorised electronic banking transactions even in cases of customer negligence. The credit shall be value dated to be as of the date of the unauthorised transaction.

10. Further, banks shall ensure that:

  1. a complaint is resolved and liability of the customer, if any, established within such time, as may be specified in the bank’s Board approved policy, but not exceeding 90 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, and the customer is compensated as per provisions of paragraphs 6 to 9 above;
  2. where it is unable to resolve the complaint or determine the customer liability, if any, within 90 days, the compensation as prescribed in paragraphs 6 to 9 is paid to the customer; and
  3. in case of debit card/ bank account, the customer does not suffer loss of interest, and in case of credit card, the customer does not bear any additional burden of interest.

Board Approved Policy for Customer Protection

11. Taking into account the risks arising out of unauthorised debits to customer accounts owing to customer negligence/ bank negligence/ banking system frauds/ third party breaches, banks need to clearly define the rights and obligations of customers in case of unauthorised transactions in specified scenarios. Banks shall formulate/ revise their customer relations policy, with approval of their Boards, to cover aspects of customer protection, including the mechanism of creating customer awareness on the risks and responsibilities involved in electronic banking transactions and customer liability in such cases of unauthorised electronic banking transactions. The policy must be transparent, non-discriminatory and should stipulate the mechanism of compensating the customers for the unauthorised electronic banking transactions and also prescribe the timelines for effecting such compensation keeping in view the instructions contained in paragraph 10 above. The policy shall be displayed on the bank’s website along with the details of grievance handling/ escalation procedure. The instructions contained in this circular shall be incorporated in the policy.

Burden of Proof

12. The burden of proving customer liability in case of unauthorised electronic banking transactions shall lie on the bank.

Reporting and Monitoring Requirements

13. The banks shall put in place a suitable mechanism and structure for the reporting of the customer liability cases to the Board or one of its Committees. The reporting shall, inter alia, include volume/ number of cases and the aggregate value involved and distribution across various categories of cases viz., card present transactions, card not present transactions, internet banking, mobile banking, ATM transactions, etc. The Standing Committee on Customer Service in each bank shall periodically review the unauthorised electronic banking transactions reported by customers or otherwise, as also the action taken thereon, the functioning of the grievance redress mechanism and take appropriate measures to improve the systems and procedures. All such transactions shall be reviewed by the bank’s internal auditors.

14. The instructions contained in this circular supersede some of the instructions contained in our Master Circular DBR.No.FSD.BC.18/24.01.009/2015-16 dated July 1, 2015 on Credit Card, Debit Card and Rupee Denominated Co-branded Pre-paid Card Operations of Banks and Credit card issuing NBFCs as detailed in the Annex.

Yours faithfully,

(Prakash Baliarsingh)
Chief General Manager


Instructions in our Master Circular on Credit Card, Debit Card and Rupee Denominated Co-branded Pre-paid Card Operations of Banks and Credit card issuing NBFCs (DBR.No.FSD.BC.18/24.01.009/2015-16 dated July 1, 2015) which stand revised in respect of Scheduled Commercial Banks

Sr. No. Existing Instructions Revised instructions in this circular (Para No.)
Para No. Instructions
1 I.14.1 Banks/ NBFCs should set up internal control systems to combat frauds and actively participate in fraud prevention committees/ task forces which formulate laws to prevent frauds and take proactive fraud control and enforcement measures. 4
2 II.7.(viii)(c) 7. Terms and conditions for issue of cards to customers:
(viii) (c) The terms shall put the cardholder under an obligation to notify the bank immediately after becoming aware:
– of the loss or theft or copying of the card or the means which enable it to be used;
– of the recording on the cardholder’s account of any unauthorised transaction; and
– of any error or other irregularity in the maintaining of that account by the bank.
3 II.7.(viii)(d) (viii) (d): The terms shall specify a contact point to which such notification can be made. Such notification can be made at any time of the day or night. 5
4 II.7.(x) The terms shall specify that the bank shall be responsible for direct losses incurred by a cardholder due to a system malfunction directly within the bank’s control. However, the bank shall not be held liable for any loss caused by a technical breakdown of the payment system if the breakdown of the system was recognizable for the cardholder by a message on the display of the device or otherwise known. The responsibility of the bank for the non-execution or defective execution of the transaction is limited to the principal sum and the loss of interest subject to the provisions of the law governing the terms. 6 & 7
5 II.9.(i) The bank shall ensure full security of the debit card. The security of the debit card shall be the responsibility of the bank and the losses incurred by any party on account of breach of security or failure of the security mechanism shall be borne by the bank. 4, 6 & 7
6 II.9.(iv) iv) The cardholder shall bear the loss sustained up to the time of notification to the bank of any loss, theft or copying of the card but only up to a certain limit (of fixed amount or a percentage of the transaction agreed upon in advance between the cardholder and the bank), except where the cardholder acted fraudulently, knowingly or with extreme negligence. 6 & 7
7 II.9.(v) Each bank shall provide means whereby his customers may at any time of the day or night notify the loss, theft or copying of their payment devices. 5
8 II.9.(vi) On receipt of notification of the loss, theft or copying of the card, the bank shall take all action open to it to stop any further use of the card.




1. Defence Accounts Department Emp. H.B.C.S Sy. No. 12/3 13/ 1.2 24/2-3 BNarayanapura 8A-37.9 12.5.1990

2. L.R.D.E Exp. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 89/12 90/1ABC, 2.3.5.C100 Doddenakundi 19A.25.9 25.9.1995

3. Arch Bishop H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 28.7 Samanthanahally 3A-34.689 17-10-2001

4. ITI Cup H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 36A-249 23-02-01

5. Krishnagar Industrial Sy. No. Audogodi 5469 towards Koramangala

6. Bhararh H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 59/2 A Bommanahally 6A-259 6-12-95

7. Kendra Upadyayara Sangha Sy. No. 45-47 of Jakkasandra Village 34A-3G 7-1-82

8. Aircraft Camp H.B.C.S. Kudur & Singharasandra

9. Amarajyothi H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 57, 58, 66 Domlur 44A-099 7-10-86

10. Metropolitian Co.Op H. Society, Madivala Village 15A 18-1-89

11. Metropolitian Sy. No. 19/G 9,10,11 27/124 28, 29, 330 Ropena Agrahara

43/2, 44/127 Bommanahally 1/2 Venkoji Rao Kane 4mps 14A-99 19-2-92

12. AECS Cup H.B.C.S. Kudlu Singharasandra 9-03-2001

13. ——’’’’—- 21TA31 3/4/9 9-03-2001

14. Gowramma Bilher Village 5A 27 9 29-10-03

15. Shantinagara H.B.C.S. Srinivagilu 42A36/9 29-01-03

16. B.E.M.L. Thurbavhali 67A 27-07-01

17. Sehagal and Raghunatha 3A 22 9 4.06.03

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24. ITI Dep H.B.C.S. Maallthahalli 61A1 09 18.03.02

25. Gavipura H.B.C.S. Nagadevahalli 22A 69 29-04-04

26. Reliable Developers Sy. No. Haralur 1st Phase 20A 09 29-05-02

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29. —————-’’————————- 99/1 100/1 Haralur 7A 159 17-09-04

30. M/s. United Builders 8.9.10/11 Kempapura 5A-59 03-08-04

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32. M/s. Red Stone Trading Pvt. Ltd., Kannamangala 16A 069 31-08-09

33. M/s. Chaithanya Samrata Sy. No. Kannamangala 20-09-04




1. Sy. No. 54 Sanneguravanahally WCR 3rd Stage, Gayathrinagar H.B.C.S.

2. Sy. No. 131 of Leggere, Rajajinagar Industrail employees H.B.C.S

3. Vinayaka H.B.C.S, Nagarabhavi 5-12-92

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Kengeri Hobli. 26 A. 309 5-12-89

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Kendra Upadhyayara Sangha 1-2-89

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7. Sy. No. 68, 71 & K.P>A M. Thimmaiah

8. Sy. No. 48/3 48/12 48/(p) 54/1 & 79 of Nagarabhavi. Income Tax

Department H.B.C.S Layout 10A 339 7-7-2000

9. Sy. No. 123, 128, 139, 141, & 142 Nagarabhavi, Bangalore

City Employees H.B.C.S Layout 24 A – 379


T. Chowdaiah Road, Kumara Park West, Bangalore -560 020.

BDA APPROVED PRIVATE LAYOUT LIST10. Sy. No. 8&9 Saneguravanahally, Bangalore. University

Engineering College Staff

11. Sy. No. 66/1 to 8 69, 71, 81, 1245, 87/4to28, 88/ 1to14

& 88/15 to 21 & Malathahally Railway Mansion H.B.C.S Layout 41A – 389 26-7-01

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13. Sy. No. 49/ 4 & 6 of Deevatigere manachanahally Venkateswara

H.B.C.S. Layout 5A – 169 9-10-87

14. Sy. No. 38, 184, 185 and 186 of Laggere K.H.B.C.S Layout 2-5-73

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Gavipura Extension H.B.C.S. 6A – 009 15-09-97

16. Sy. No. 23/2 & 3(p) of Dodthidarakalu Kumari Padmashree Santa Rao Layout

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H.B.C.S. Layout

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23. N.G.E.F. employees H.B.C.S. Nagarabhavi Sy. No. 23 & 12 old No. 124. 14A- 09 11-12-87

24. National H.B.C.S. Saneguravanahally Sy. No. 73 and 86/1

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384/3 K.P.A. Layout 4A.24 9.

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32. Food Corporation India H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 31/2 of Deevitige Ramanahally 14-5-87

33. D Group employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 21/1 25/12xp, 28/89/ 27/23 29 & 30

of Srigandakaval 66A 149 323-02-2001

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35. Kalyana Co.Op Society Sy. No. 238/246, 251 253/1.2

255/ 258/1706 K.P.A. Layout

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41. Widia Layout Sy. No. 327 328 of K.P. Agrahara 8A-89

42. F.T.I., H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 3 of part J.B. Kaval 2A

43. Health & Family Planning H.B.C.S. Sy. No 27/1 37/1to6 32to15 41/1A

Srigandakaval 2 employees

44. I.T.I. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 6/(a) 2 (b) 10/1/12 13 14, 123, 18 & 28 Malathally

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54, 57/ 102, 104 105

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49. Sy. No. 57/2 A.D. Hally, W.C.R. IV Stage, Gopanna, W/o Late Rangaiah

M.S. Chandrashekaraiah 2A-09

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Educational Trust 20-11-86

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377/2to69 K.P.Agrahara 20A-009 18-6-2001

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1 2 3458. Karnataka H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 54/1B 54/2A J.B. Kaval 8A-239 25-9-95

59. Adarsha Welfare Association Sy. No. 6 & 7 S.G. Hally W.C.R. III Stage 6-3-86

60. Athmeeya Gelayara Balaga 9 n.s.s. Sy. No. 12//1 of J.B. Kaval 1A-09 01-01-94

61. ————’’———– Sy. No. 115, 119, 122 190 131, 132 135 & 136 J.B. Kaval 40A-17G

62. ———————-’’——– Sy. No. 1 of J. B. Kaval 8-6-81

63. Sy No. 22/18/21/3 20/4 21/2 of Shivanahally

64. Karnataka urban housing co.op society Sy 60/1 and 61/1 A.D hally 2A-399

65. G.K.W. layout SyNo. 377/1,2 & 3 K.P. Agrahara.

66. Bharath Friftz weavers Emp. H.B.C.S. Sy No.142 of Laggere.

67. Vyalikaval & 179 of laggere. 29.11.2001

68. BCC. Emp. 49/123 & 7 Deevatig Ramanahally

Sy. No. 11-12/123 & 13/12 Gagondanahally. 24A 149

69. MICO & 47/7 of Deevatigeramanahally

70. Sy. No. 20 21 S.G. Hally M/s H.B.C.S Ltd.,

71. Sathu Nagayan H.B.C.S. Sy No. 169/1.2. 1721, 173/1,2 of Laggere.

72. Karanataka Govt. Secretriat Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 23/1, 24/8, 24/9

24/10 24/14, 34, 27 of Srigandakaval 19A-039 03-08-2002

73. Sy. No. 25.26/12 of Saneguravanahally, Kirloskar Employees H.B.C.S

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76. Sy. No. 207/23 of Laggere Kirloskar Employees

77. Sy. No. 31, 32/1 35 Nagadevanahally Padma Upadhaya

78. A. Circle at the junction of 8th Main T.C.W.R III stage, 4th Block

79. Sy No 5 of Sanneguravanahalli W.C.R. 3rd Stage, Gayathrinagar,,

H.B.C.S. superseed

80. Sy. No. 32 of Sanneguravanahalli B.E.M.L Employees H.B.C.S.

81. 14 p 15 of Laggere B.H.E.L. Officers H.B.C.S.

82. Sy. No. 46/345 & 47/7 of Devatige Ramanahally Mico H.B.C.S. 4A249

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85. Sy. No. 15, 19 21, 22, 23, 26, 28, 3153 K.A9 Telecom employees H.B.C.S.

86. Sy. No. 82 Sanneguravanahally B.E.M.L. Employees H.B.C.S.

87. Sy. No. 14, 15, 24 of Nagarabhavi N.G.E.F. H.B.C.S. Ltd., 46A-09

88. Sy. No. 442/1, 23 5A 442/6 and 441/6B Old No. 151 of K.P. Agrahar

Oil dar layout

89. Modified layout in Sy. Nos of Nagarabhavi Village in H/o Vinayaka H.B.C.S. 78A019 03-05-03




1. Coffee Board Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 11/12 12/12 106 13/1to 5 14/12

Kempapura, Yelahanka 54A-994 31-10-92

2. N.G.E.F. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 1.145, 143/2 & 144 of Byrasandra 4-11-81

3. Bhoopasandra Sy. No. 6 to 17 & 20 to 38 of R.M.V. IInd Stage 8-5-86

4. N.G.E.F. Ltd., Sy. No. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 144 of Beniganahalli\

5. ITI and A.G.S. Officer Employees H.B.C.S. Chikkamaranahalli

6. Handloom Weavers Welfare Association of Challakere in Sy. No. 108 & 109

7. N.T.I. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 12/6 13 & 19 of Nagasetthalli

8. Industrial Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 15 to 19 Narasipura 27-9-82

9. State Bank of Mysore Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 17 & 18 Hebbal

10. R.M.S. Telephone Employees H.B.C.S. Kothihosahalli, Byatarayanapura

& Kodigahalli Sy. Nos.

11. N.T.I Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 61/1 & 60/4 of Nagashettyhalli

12. U.A.S. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 64/3(b) Nagashettihalli 2-9-85

13. N.T.I. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. I (part) 27 to 33 Narasipura 22-7-81

14. K.S.F.C. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 16, 17 19 20 & Kacharakanahalli 12A

15. A.G.S. Office H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 2,3, & 5/1A of Chikkamaranahalli 4A-329 21-11-86

16. Meenakshi Sundaraswara H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 98 of Cholanayakanahalli 9-9-84

17. B.E.E. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 1 to 14 & 21 to 25 of K.G. Narasipura

18. B.E.E H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 11 (part) thindlu Yelahanka

19. N.G.E.F. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 66/4B 65/4A 65/3 65/2

20. K.E.B. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. of Gaddalahally

1 2 3421. Aircraft Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 31/3 32/2 and 32/3 part of Gaddalahally

22. Aircraft employees Sy. No. 12/13, 24/34 35/2 31/3 94/134, 33/2 36/3

& 30/0 of Gaddalahalli

23. Central Excise employees Sy. No. 9(p) 12, 13, 14(p) 15, 17, 18, 19 33(p) of

Bhoopasandra R.M.V. 2nd Stage, 2 Maps 23-4-96

24. Judicial Officers H.B.C.S. Sy. 5/12.3 of Gangenahalli

25. Railway Mess Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 104/2 104/3 and 105/2 Kacharakanahalli 24-12-96

26. H.M.T. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 34/0 39, 41tp 51 Narasipuar 11(part) Thindlu

27. I.T.I Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 2/1, 3/1, 3/3 & 4/2 Chikkamaranahalli

28. Bangalore Postal Employees H.B.C.S Sy. No. 2/12 25/12 & 31/1 of

Geddalahalli 2 Maps 14-A119 27-6-94

29. U.A.S. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 61/2, 3A & 5 64/1, 2, 3 of Nagasettihalli 27-3-82

30. H.M.T. H.B.C.S. of Additional Sites of Gangenahalli 12-11-86

31. K. VenkataRaman Shastri K.K.V. Jayalakshmi Charitable Trust, Bhoopsandra

32. B.E.L. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 3/3 5/123 and 17/5 Chinnaranahall 6A – 119

and Geddalahalli Jaladarsini Layout

33. B.E.L. Employees Sy. No. 3/B 5/5B and 17/5 of Chikkamaranahalli & Geddalahalli 5-12-92

34. K.A.S. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 105/3, 108/2 of Allasandra 9A-199 31-7-91

35. Canara Bank Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 191/1A 1B-2 193/1

2(b69A)B 194/ 1234A 4B 208/7704 of Kedigehalli 38A 379

36. Sobha Developers Sy. No. of Tabarahalli 67A – 09 13-09-01

38. Indian Institute of Science Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. of Kodigahalli Emp. 44A 059 24-5-94

39. Defence Govt Official site owners Association, Chikkabelahalli Sy. No. 6 2maps

40. CIL Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 7/1to15/12/1to6 15/1 16/12 17, 18/12

51/1to5 52 of Kothihosahalli 41A-089 22-3-96

41. C.I.L. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 212/4 22, 23, 24/5 Geddalahalli 9-10-74

42. Defence Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No.4/1to5 5/1to3 6/2 to5

13/192 Kothihosahalli 14/1 of Kodigehalli 20A-369 25-11-91

43. Defence Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 3/12 4/123 5/1 6/12 7/11A 234 4A

8/12a 2B and 9/23.42 Jakkur 2 mps. 32A-129 7-12-2000

44. Prathamesh Apartments Co.Op H.S. Rajmahal Vilas employees 2nd Stage

Sy. No. 105 to 108 122-128

45. Chakravarthi H.B.C.S. Ltd., Sy. No. 13 of Malenahalli

46. Nandi View Sy. No. 33/7 of Matablahalli 7-1-82

47. Group Housing Sy. No. 43/1.2 78/1&2 of Puttenahalli

48. Vinayaka H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 41, 42 43 & 45 Bhoopasandra

49. Karnataka Govt. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 30, 31, 33, 34/2 and 3 of Devasandra

50. Jyothi Purack Sy. No. 18 (part) of Kodigehallli

51. Central Govt Employees Welfare Housing Organisation Sy. No. 2/2 3 4/2

5,6 & 7 of Amanikere vihar and 17/1A Venkatala

52. N.G.E.F H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 6 3 45 to10 7, 8 13/1 to 8 35/1to2

36/234 to 6 and 87 Benniganahalli 2 maps. 1-4-86

53. Sree Venkateswara House Building Co-Operative Society Ltd., Sy. No. 26/1,

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 27 29/1,2,3,4, 30/1, 30/24, 2B, 30/3, 30/4, 30/5, 30/6, 30/7,

30/8, 30/9, 31/1, 31/2, 31/34, 31/3B/ 33/1, 33/3, 33/4 & 39/5 of Raachihalli,

Bangalore East Taluk, Bangalore. 13A-27½ 10-04-03

54. Sri. Manyata Promoters Pvt Ltd., Sy. No. 1, 3/ 1,2,3 4 6/1,2,3, 9/1,2,3,4

10/1 to 10/10, 11, 121 13/1 to 13/6 13/7A, ,13/7B, 13/4C, 1A/2(p), 15/17-B,

16/1,2,3 17/(p) 25/(p) 28/1(p), 28/2A(p), 28/3(p), 28/4. 29/3 & 30/1 of

Rameshwarhbobli K.P. Pura Hobli, Bangalore East Taluk. 82 to 29

55. Space Employees H.B.C.S. Harohalli 66A369 22-09-01

56. Divya Marabala Amanthapur 31A 39 26-07-2003

57. Vyalikaval H.B.C.S. Nagavara 98A 239 30-9-03

58. M.S. Ramaiah North City 36A 1to9 14-10-03

59. Amarjyothi H.B.C.S., Cholanayakanahalli 3A 309 5-09-79




1. Mysore Road Industrial Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 85/1 88/1 & 2 & 87/2 of

Madivala 3A-019

2. Rank Villas Sy No. 8/1, 12, 13 Belekanahally 1-6-88

1 2 343. Schedule Caste Harijan H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 32 of Marenahally 4A-159

4. Papu Cottage Municipal No. 36, 36/1, 2 2A 37

5. Canara Bank Employees H.B.C.S.Sy. No. 81/2, 3 & 85/5 in Byrasandra

6. Bharath H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 1218 of Guttarahally 45A – 049 10-8-98

7. N.S. Bank H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 18/1, 19/2, of N.S. Palya, B.T.M. Scheme

8. N.A.L. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 50, 51, 52 of Thavarekere 8A 10-6-83

9. S. Prakash Kumar, Sy. No. 8 8 part Raguvanahally 3A-269 3-8-1998

10. Jayanagar H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 54/1, 55/4.5 of Gubbalahally & Turahally 54A009 02-5-2000

11. K.A.S. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 17, 18 & 19 Sarakki 2A-289

12. Anjaneya Swamy H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 4(p) 5(p) of Uttarahally 67/(p) 68/4

and 79/3 Chikkalasandra 19A-36½

13. R.B.I. H.B.C.S. Gowthama H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 124 of Kothanur 2A-309 13-10-97

14. Sy. No. 98/2 99/1B, 99/2 100/143 101/2 of Kathriguppa 21-2-92

15. Nanjundeshwara H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 4/4 of Sarakkikere 6A 339 6-12-95

16. Bangalore City Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. Raghuvanahalli & Vajrahalli 154A 1-19 7-12-2000

17. Vysya Bank H.B.C.S. 19 & 21/2 of Tavarekere 10-A

18. Sy. No. 13 of Arekempanahalli

19. B.E.M.L. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 77 to 90 105 to 119/15.4 to 112, 147 Halagevaderahally

20. B.E.M.L. H.B.C.S. Sy. No.9, 10,/123 11, 12, 13/1 14/123 15/1 16/1p

18/3 Tubarahalli 64A-09

21. B.E.M.L. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 102/2 of Halagevaderahalli 4A-139

22. B.E.M.L. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 99/23 101/1 140, 141, 142, 173 to 175, 178 25-3-92

23. Bank Officers and Official H.B.C.S. Madivala 20A 369 3-12-86

24. Bhavani H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 17 of Kathriguppa B.S.K. 3rd Stage,

17/12 14, 15, 16, 17, 20 125 126,/142 132 & 133 20A 25-5-98

25. K.E.B. Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 21/1 55/18 65/2,3,4 of Thavarekere 15-6-87

26. Mico H.B.C.S. Sy. No 22 of 111 Arakere

27. Poorna Pragna H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 108/142 111/192 and 116/1 of Kathriguppa

28. Jayanagar H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 61/2 of Kadirenahalli 98/192 Chikkasandra

29. Radha Krishna H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 130/1 Kathriguppa 3 cops.

30. Vijaya Bank H.B.C.S. Balakanahalli 111A 219 5.4.89

31. Poorna Pragna H.B.C.S. Uttarahalli and Vaddarapalya 113A 009

32. Lakshman G.P.A. and T.K. Deepak Sy. No. 8/36 13/12, 16/3 28/3

30 (p) Kothanoor Village 55A-059 15-11-2000

33. Jayanagar H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 24/123 26/4.6 and 46/56 of Thavarekere

34. M.R.T.S. Central Co.Op. Soceity Sy. No. 93 of Nayanappa Setty Palya

35. Space Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 12 & 8 of Bikasipura 4-5-1988

36. Dena Bank Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 40 Kathriguppa 19-12-86

37. Vinayaka Residents Association 102/1 & 102/2 of Madivala 2 maps 1A 3949 8-10-01

38. T.P. Vanajakshi Sy. No. 8/1, 8/2 Dasarahalli 31-8-85

39. Maruthi H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 4/1 of Thavarekere 19-9-1973

40. Siddi Vinayaka Co.Op. Society Sy. No. 110 of Kathriguppa 27-2-74

41. Dnesh Rank Kothanoor 35A-069

42. I.T.I. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 10, 10/14 & 13 of Kathriguppa

43. Wilson Garden H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 121/3.45(p) 69 . & 99.2A 99/2B Kothanoor 29-2-96

44. Venkatappa Gowda Sy. No. 51/1A Yediyur

45. Mico H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 12/ 6 to 9, 18/1&5 14/7,8,9 of Thavarekere

Nayanappa Shettya Palya 29A. 349

46. R.B.I. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 99/1A 118/(p) 120(p) and 121/12 Kothanoor 10A 23-04-01

47. K.S.R.T.C. H.B.C.S. 58/C/ 59/c, 60/3 61.1.4, 62/2.3 Chikkalasandra 4-3-85

48. Bharath H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 16 of Nayanappa Shetty Palya

49. ViswaBhrathi H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 7 to 11 of Avalahally 100 & 102 of

Halkerehalli 2 Maps

50. S.B.I. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 36 & 47 56/1, 56/3 Sarakki 19-12-86

51. Bank Officers H.B. Co-Op Sy. No. 12 & 14 of Tawarekere B.T.M. Scheme 21A 179 26-4-84

52. A.G.S. H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 6/1, 30, 32, 33, 34, 37 & 38 of Arehalli 41A 05.254 19-10-92

53. Balaji H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 63/2.3 64 65/25, 67, 68/69 of Vasarahalli 2 maps 49A 05½ 9 19-11-95

54. I.T.I. Employees Co. Op. Society Sy. No. 2/12, 80/23 & 81 of Sarakki Village

55. R.B.I H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 99/1 100/12/ 106/10/10 118 to 120 121/12 Kothanoor 61A 109 18-7-95

56. Bank Officer H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 1212 & 14 of Thavarekere

57. Jayanagar H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 45, 48 to 51 of 2 maps Kadirenahalli

1 2 3437.39/1 of Chikkalasandra

58. Lakshmi Narasimha H.B.C.S. Sy. No.

59. Bhaktha Markandaiah Layout, Karithimmanahalli, Mysore Road

60. K.S.R.T.C Layout

61. Taramdal Pet H.B.C.S. Jaripet Sy. No. 68 & 693

62. Bank Officers & Official H.B.C.S. Doddakallasandra 3 Maps 291A-029 2-3-2001

63. Ideal homes H.B.C.S. Ist Stage, II Stage, 3 Maps\

64. State Bank of Mysore H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 16 12/21/1B to 6 22/2 Gerahalli 15-11-72

65. IlyasNagar (East ) Bangalore.

66. Kalidasa Labours Co-Operative Society Sy. No. 21 of Gavipura Village 20-10-76

67. Poorna Pragna 108/192 111/192 of Kathriguppa 1-9-82

68. Sy. No. 17/21 of Kathriguppa, Bangalore.

69. Central Co-Op Bank, Sunkenahalli, Hanumanthanagar

70. Nayanappa Setty Palya, Sy. No. 2/13, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23/1.3 Mico H.B.C.S.

71. Sy. No. 43/1 of Byrasandra 01A-029 27-8-84

72. Kempegowda H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 101/13 102 105/2 107/3 of Kathriguppa 2 maps 12A-18.9 07-01-1982

73. Anjaneya Swamy H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 6/1 and 7/2 Ittamadu 3 maps

74. Bharath H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 77(p) 78(p) 79 80(p) 87 (p) 88(p) of Uttarahalli 68A.199 09-01-1995

75. J. Srinivasa Reddy, J. Surendra Reddy Sy. No. 31 40 to 48 50, 53 to 69 76

Alahalli 2 mps. 64A-27.9 23-2-2000

76. K.A.S. Layout H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 17, 18, 19 of Sarakki 2 mps 2A.289

77. Bangalore City Municipal Corporation Employees H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 1/1to7

2,3, 4/7 22(p) 23 25/1 Raguvanahalli 2 maps 48A 159 18/1-96

78. Anjaneya Swamy H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 4(p) 5 (p) of Uttarahalli 5A 199 30-9-88

79. Ravi Hill View Layout Sy. No. 44 of Itamadu

80. Metatal Hospital H.B.C.S. Sy. No. 57/2to6 of Thavarekere 5A-299 7-1-82

81. T.K. Deepak Layout Sy. No. 84/1 39/1 40/1 of Kothanur Village 18A-199 18-1-97

82. Kanaka G.N.S.S. Sy. No. 19/3, 27/2 28/1 of Kadirenahalli 7A-339 25-2-86

83. Shakambari Nagar Sy. No. 58/12 3A38 60/123 & 4A4B5

70 ad 71/6 of Saraki 30A 39 21-4-86

84. Sy. No. 2/1 Yediyur Nagasandra Group Housing, G. Siddaraju 15-12-86

85. Plot No. 67/3 Jayaganahalli Kanakapura Road 24-1-86

86. Vivekananda Jantha H.B.C.S.

87. Sy. No. 7/28 21/3 of Kadirenahalli, Jayaganahalli H.B.C.S. 19A029

88. Sy. No. 23/1C Tavarekere Wilson Garden H.B.C.S.

89. Sy. No. 80 of Thaverekere Cauvery H.B.C.S. Ltd., 11-6-86

90. Sy. No. 98/2 of Katharaguppa Ramakrishna 25-3-75

91. Sy. No. 16 of Nayanappa Setty Palya Barth H.B.C.S.

92. Sy. No. 40/2 Avalahally Telecom Employees H.B.C.S. 2 Maps

93. M/s. Aries Agro Vet Ass. at Plot No. 30/1 Kadiranahalli

94. Sy. No. 23/1 of Tavarekere Wilson Garden H.B.C.S. Ltd.,

95. Laboratory for M/s. Jagadale Scientific Research,

Sy. No. 47, Mysore Road

96. Shop Site No. B.T.M. 2nd Stage, 1 Phase Bank Officers Official H.B.C.S.

97. Sy. No. 51 & 52 54 Madvala Bank H.B.C.S. Superceed

98. Dhobi Ghat B.S.K. 2nd Stage, Akhila Karnataka Madivala Machedevi

99. Sy. No. 16/2 of Sunkenhalli BSK 1st Sgage, Ashokanagar Balaji. 23-3-82

100. Central Silk Board B.T.M. H.B.C.S. C.P.W.D.

101. Sy. No. 41/2 Marenahalli Saroja Trading Co-Operation 4-2-84

102. Sy. No. 58/5, 59/2 60/3 61/1 62/2.3 Chikkakallasandra K.S.R.T.C. Employees

Co.Op Society Labours 24 129 29-1-92

103. Kanaka H.B.C.S. Marasandra

104. C.V. Amatha Kusumotham H.B.C.S. Kothanoor 24A 39 13-4-02

105. Bangalore University Employees H.B.C.S. Aalagevaderahalli 13A 3.9 29-10-92

106. A.S. Jayasimha Thalagattapura Mallasavalli 85A 299 26-7-2003

107. K.B. Lakshman Manjunath, Kothanoor Raguvana Palya 20A1 129 13-03-03

108. Bharath H.B.C.S. Turahalli 23 A 129 21-07-01

109. J. Srinivasa Reddy Surendra Reddy Aabhalu 4A 27 19-11-02

110. Vedavati Sundarraj H.B.C.S. Bikasipura, Vasanthpur 14-A 269 21-10-2003

111. B.N.N. Hari & Sons H.B.C.S. Uttarahalli Manavagal Kaval 12A 35/9 17-02-04

112. R.B.I. H.B.C.S. Kothanoor 10A 18 18-01-02

1 2 34113. Lakshman & Nagaraj H.B.C.S. Raguvana Palya, Kothanoor 7A 349 30-09-03

114. Lakshman, Kothanoor 55A 59 11-11-02

115. Royal Lake Plaza IInd Phase, Raguvanahally, Kothanoor 7A 349 30-09-03

116. Royal Lake Plaza Ist Phase, Raguvanahally, Kothanoor 20A 189 26-07-03

117. Madhan Boladota, Uttarahalli, Thurahalli 41A 139 29-10-03

118. B. Ragu Mallasandra H.B.C.S. 5A 139 6-03-04

119. Jayanagara H.B.C.S. Turahalli 64A 189 16-11-02

120. Vijaya Bank H.B.C.S. Bilekanahalli 111A 21G 18-10-02

121. Royal County Kothanoor, Laxman 55A 059 11-11-02





1. Koramangala Layout

2. Binnamangala Layout

3. Modified Layout H.A.L. III Stage.

4. Layout of H.A.L. II Stage.

5. Layout Plan of JeevanBimanagar, H.A.L. III Stage

6. Vacant Land available near Airport, H.A.L. II Stage 19-1-87

7. Shop site in front of MIG Neelasandra Austin Town

8. Sy. No. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 26 & 27 pf

Bommanahally H.S.R. Road Layout

9. Additional Site in vacan lands of Koramangala IVth Block 2-4-87

10. Additional Site in vacant lands of H.A.L. II Stage 16-4-87-88

11. Additonal Site in Sy. No. 62 to 65 of Komena Agrahara H.A.L. II Stage 21-1-87-88

12. Additonal Site in H.A.L. II Stage, Bangalore. 19-1-92

13. Slum dwellers of Anandapura J.B. Nagar H.A.L. III Stage 19-2-86

14. Slum Dwellers in vacant land near LIC Quartress, J.B. Nagar, H.A.L

15. Additonal site in Sy. No. 137 of Thippasandra H.A.L. III Stage, Bangalore 25-5-87

16. Additonal site in Shimivagalu Tank Bed Layout 13-5-87-88

17. Accomodating the Existing Houses in Sy. No. 117/1 of Neelasandra

18. Koramangala Layout VIII Block, Nanjappa Priate Layout for E.W.S 15-5-89

19. Remaining vacant land near LIC Colony, Jeevan Bhimanagar Sy. No. 62 Kodihally.

20. Sy. No. 16/1A & 16/18 of Madivala, Koramangala, II Block Layout 24-6-84-85

21. Additonal Site in Ist Block, Koramangala Layout 18-5-87-88

22. Location site for Petrol Bunk shop sited for auction, Domlur Ist Stage, Bangalore.

23. Slum Dwellers Anandapura H.A.L. III Stage, Sy No.81 of Komena Agrahara, J.B. Nagar

24. Existing Slum Dwellers of Dookanahally, H.A.L. II Stage.

25. Austin Town Ist and IInd and IIIrd Stage, Bangalore.

26. Combined Layout for 50’.0 x 80’.0 S.T. Bed E.W.S. site at Ist Block, Koramangala.

27. Sy. No. 4 to 7, 34 to 37 of Bhoopasandra in R.M.V. II Stage. 23-7-87-88

28. Modified layout plan of Sector – III, Hosur, H.S.R. Layout

29. Layout plan ofAkkithimmanahalli

30. Sy. No. 65 & 68 of Thippasandra, H.A.L. IInd Stage 26-10-96

31. Additional Site No. 62/3 Komena Agrahara, H.A.L. III Stage. 27-1-87

32. Additional sites in H.A.L. III Stage, between 80 feet Road, Defence Land

33. Sy. No. 65 to 68 in Thippasandra S.F.H.G. Buildings, H.A.L. III Stage.

34. Garages at MIG building Domlur IInd Stage.

35. Modified layout of H.A.L. IVth Stage, Benniganahally 99A12-9

36. Lakkasandra modified layout plan 29-1-69

37. Sonnenahally Civil Area, Bangalore

38. Proposed layout, Koramangala IVth Block

39. St Bed Area 20.30 E.W.S. site in Ist Block, Koramangala

40. Site in vacant land of Koramangala IIIrd Block, Bangalore.

41. Formation of additional site BDA vacant land between S.W.D. and 17th ‘E’ Main,

III Block, Koramangala.

42. Shop site IVth Block, Koramangala.

43. Koramangala 4th Block (Additonal Site)

44. Additonal (Site vacant land of Koramangala IVth Block)

45. Sy. No. 173 of Koramangala VIIIth Block

46. Additional site in ‘B’ Block, Koramangala layout

47. Slum Dwellers at IVth Block, Koramangala Extension.

48. Sy. No. 185 of Koramangala VIII Block Layout.

1 2 3449. Appa Reddy Palya and Dookanahally

50. Slum Dwellers in Anandapura Sy. No. 51/2 of Konera Agrahara Village

51. Showing Service Shops in HeevanBhima Nagar, H.A.L. III Stage and modified layout

52. Additional Site behind No. 5, 6 & 6A in VII Block, Koramangala layout.

53. Appa Reddy Palya and Dookanahally H.A.L. II Stage.

54. Extracts of H.A.L. IInd Stage

55. Sampige Hally, Ist Stage Layout

56. Layout plan between Audogodi Lakkasandra

57. Domlur IInd Stage Layout plan 3 files

58. Sy. No. 54 & 55 Benniganahally East of N.G.F. Layout further extension.

59. Sy. No. 70 & 84 of Haralukunte H.S.R. sector IVth Layout.

60. Modified layout plan of Lakkasandra, Bangalore.

61. Modified layout plan of Shinivagulu Tank Bed, Bangalore. 17-4-93

62. Shinivagilu Tank Bed and surrounding area, Bangalore.

63. Sy. No. 2, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 15 to 21 of Shinivagalu and

Ijipura Dollar Scheme Layout plan.

64. Modified layout South H.A.L. road, Domlur 2 maps 2nd Stage.

65. Sy. No. 49, 51, 1 to 64 of Domlur Village Domlure Ist Stage.

66. Sy. No. 65 & 68 of Thippasandra H.A.L. IIIrd Stage.

67. Sy. No. 93/1B & 169/1 part Kodihalli, H.A.L. Stage, Varthur

68. Sy. No. 216 (p) Kodihalli, H.A.L. IInd Stage.

69. Sy. No. 66 & 67 Haralakunte 130 of Yelikunta H.S.R. Layout Scheme

70. Papareddy Palya and Dookanahally village IInd Stage, H.A.L.

71. Domlur Housing Scheme Phase II IV & IV

72. Circle at Agara Connecting 150.0 wide Road in H.S.R. Layout 3 cops

73. Housing at Sudamanagar slums

74. H.S.R. Sector IIIrd Layout.

75. Krishnagar Industrial Layout.

76. Slum Dwellers Sy. No. 42/2, 43/1 71/1 & 72/1 of Akkithimmanahalli.

77. Shinivagalu Tank Bed Surrounding Area.

78. R.M.V. IInd Stage, IInd Block, Bangalore.

79. Sy. No. 2/2 and 2/88 of Guddadahally, H.B.R. IIIrd Stage.

80. Sy. No. 20/2 of Matadahally

81. Additional Sy. No. 55/2 of R.M.V. Iind Stage, IInd Block

82. Sy. No. 113 of Lingarajapura

83. Sy. No. 23 & 24 Poornapura Sy. No. 105, 106, 107, 108 122 Matthikere.

84. H.I.G. House No. 348 R.M.V. IInd Stage, IInd Phase.

85. Shop site HIG Layout R.M.V. Stage.

86. Shop site HIG RMV Stage

87. Sy. No. 250, 260, 340, 341, 343 of Banasawadi

88. Sy. No. 39 to 57 of Nagasetty Hally, Rajamahal vilas.

89. Sy. No. 40/656 of Nagavara Village.

90. Sy. No. 46/2A 46/2B Nagavara HBR IIIrd Stage.

91. Sy. No. 36/1 of Geddalahally 319

92. 25/5 of Geddalahally, R.M.V. Iind Stage.

93. Sy. No. 14 Byataguddarapalya H.R.B.R. IInd Block 3A 099 1989

94. Sy. No. 22/1 of KavalByrasandra H.B.R. IInd Stage.

95. Sy. No. 28/22 29 & 80/2 Geddalahalli, R.M.V. 2nd Stage.

96. HIG SFHS Raja Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage.

97. Shop Sie No. 317-318 RMV IInd Stage, IInd Block, Bangalore.

98. Sy. No. 30/2 37/1 Geddalahally in R.M.V. IIIrd Stage.

99. Sy. No. 30/, Geddalahally 3A029 2-7-86

100. Sy. No. 70/1 Nagasetthalli 17-1-86

101. Sy. No. 28/2 & 29 of Geddalahally R.M.V. IInd Stage. 8A 09 26-2-86

102. Sy. No. 59 of Nagasettihally.

103. Sy. No. 107 of Jakkur E.W.S.

104. Sy. No. 76/2 Kacharakanahally, H.R.B.R. Layout. 3A 109 7-5-87

105. Shop sites at Madadahally

106. 62/128 63/348 of Nagasettihally 3A. 109 26-2-86

107. Shop sites further extension of Madadahally

108. Binnamangala Mhanavathi Kaval

1 2 34109. Sy. No. 150/1p of Doddagunta M.S.R. Layout E.W.S.

110. Sy. No. 136 of Kacharakanahally.

111. E.W.S. H.B.R. IInd Block.,

112. Sy. No. 46/2A, 2B and 47/2A2 of Nagavara Village 3A 07

113. Sy. No. 30(p) Lingarajapura E.W.S. Layout 27-8-89

114. Sy. No. 129/2 129/3 of Kadugondanahally E.W.S.

115. Dollar Scheme in R.M.V. IInd Stage.

116. Sy. No. 108/1, 108/3 108/5 106/4 of Amruthally

117. Sy. No. 40/65 of Nagavara E.W.S.

118. Sy. No. 17 of Geddalahalli R.M.V. IIIrd Stage

119. CA Site No. 11, H.S.R. Layout Scheme III

120. Sy. No. 59 of Nagasettihalli, R.M.V. IInd Stage.

121. Sy. No. 40/116 of Nagavara E.W.S.

122. Sy. No. 66/p of Nagasettihalli.

123. Sy. No. 15/3 of Lakkasandra Village.

124. Anjanappa Garden

125. Koramangala Extension, Bangaloe.

126. Domlur IInd Stage.

127. Sy. No. 6 & 7 of Lakkasandra

128. Chimnayan Palya Wilson Garden

129. Wilson Garden Extension

130. Sampigehalli, Ist Stage.

131. Sannenahalli Layout.

132. Legislators H.S.R. Road Scheme.

133. Polo ground layout

134. Additional Sites in Sy. No. 1 of Lingarajapura 3-05-2000

135. Sy. No. 24/B of Ijipura, Koramangala 6th Block

136. Sy. No. 16, 18 to 21 of Dookanaahalli H.A.L. IInd Stage

137. Modified layout Sy. No. 16, 18 of 21 Dookanahalli H.A.L. IInd Stage.

138. Further extension of H.S.R. IInd Stage, Sy. No. 7, 8, 9 (p) 13, 14, 15, 16 (p)

18 (p) 19, 20, 21 of Agara, Begur.




1. Nagarabhavi IInd Stage, Ist and 3rd Block

2. Slum Dwellers of Agrahara Dasarahally, W.C.R. IVth Stage.

3. Sy. No. 174 & 175, Kethamaranahally, Rajajinagar, Mahalakshmi Layout.

4. Saneguravanahally built up area

5. Sy. No. 50/2A, 4A of Nagarabhavi Village.

6. Gavimutt and Dasarahally 5th Bock, Rajajinagar.

7. Sy. No. 36 to 40, 42 (part) Slum Dwellers, Saneguravanahally, Kamakshi Layout West.

8. Chord Road, Railway Line & Pipe Line

9. Thimmenahally Built up area, Magadi, Chord Road.

10. Sy. No. 8,9, 10 & 14 of Goragunte Palya, Industrial Suburbs, Rajajinagar, IInd Stage.

11. I & II Link Road, Rajajinagar Extension, Prakashnagar.

12. Sy. No. 36, 37, of Malagalu & 99, 100 of Nagarabhavi in Nagarabhavi Ist Stage, Scheme

13. Sy. No. 115, 119 of J.B. Kaval Layout, Bangalore. 26-11-86

14. Nagarabhavi IInd Stage, 6 & 7 Block.

15. Magadi Road and Chord Road, Hosahally Extension

16. Kamakshi Layout Plan

17. Scheme Plan of Srigandaval Layout 1115A-319

18. R.P.C. Extension, Vijayanagar, Bangalore.

19. W.C.R. IInd Stage, Rajajinagar, IInd Stage, IInd Phase.

20. Recovery Scheme W.C.R. Ist Stage.

21. W.C.R. IInd Stage, Bangalore.

22. Rajajinagar IInd Stage, Bangalore.

23. Sy. No. 13, 14, 15, 24, 88, 89, 214 & 229, J.B. Kaval of Laggere.

24. Chandra Layout, Bangalore.

25. W.C.R. IIIrd Stage Layout

26. Nagarabhavi Ist Stage Layout

27. Nagarabhavi IInd Stage Layout

1 2 3428. Scheme Plan of New in Sy. No of Laggere, Yeswanthpura Hobli

29. W.C.R. IVth Stage, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

30. Rajajinagar 1 to 4th Block

31. Nandini S.F.H.S. Layout.

32. Additional Site Chandra Layout Ist Stage Ist Phase.

33. Sy/ No. 117 & 121/1 of J.B. Kaval Nandini Layout 2A.09 27-8-99

34. Sy. No. 79, 80 of Kethamaranahally, Rajajinagara 3rd Stage,

Mariyappana Palya, Slum Area, Rajajinagar, IIIrd Phase.

35. Sy. No. 348, 349, 351 & 352 K.P. Chandra Layout. 19-1-89

36. Sy. No. 35/1 Saneguravanahally, Kamakshi Layout 6-11-86


37. Venkateshwara Layout, Nagandahally

38. Shop Site in Sy. No. 9/1 of J.B. Kaval Industrial Scheme IInd Stage

39. Sy. No. 1 of J.B. Kaval, Bangalore.

40. Small Scale Industries, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

41. Sy. No. 51 of Nagarabhavi 1st Stage 2A 059 12-4-89

42. Vijayanandanagar, Slum, and Krishnandanagar

43. C.A. Site No. 6 at Xth Block, IInd Stage, Nagarabhavi 11-5-96

44. Additional site in Chandra Layout Ist & IInd Phase

45. Sy. No. 14 & 15 of Laggere showing E.W.S. of Slum Dwellers, Ambedkar

Slum Sangha, 5th Block, Rajajinagar (Bhasyam Circle) 14-6-95

46. Sy. No. 366 K.P. Agrahara, Chandra Layout, 1st & IInd Phase 16-11-91

47. Sy. No. 6 to 14 K.P. Agrahara, Ambedkar Layout 10-11-92

48. Sy. No. 345 of K.P. Agrahara Chandra Layout of CA 3-11-89

49. Sy. No. 33, 34, 35 & 39 of Deevatige Ramanahally Chandra Layout 9-12-85

50. Sy. No. 40, 99 & 100 of Nagarabhavi 1st Stage, Bangalore. 6-5-87

51. Sy. No. 51 of Laggere to Slum Dwellers, Dhobighat, Ashraya

52. Sy. No. 5 of Shivanahally W.C.R. IInd Stage.

53. Layout plan of Block No. V of Rajajinagar Extension.

54. Layout plan of Block No. VIth of ————-’’——————-

55. Sy. No. 8 of Gangondanahally, Nagarabhavi, 1st Stage.

56. Additional Shop site, Magadi Road,Chord Road, K.A. Agrahara, Dasarahally Sy. No. 30.

57. Industrial Workers, Industrial Sub-Urb, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

58. Layout plan of Industrial Subn-Urb, Bangalore.

59. Chamundinagar Slum, Rajajinagar 5th Block 30-6-87

60. Sy. No. 103 of Nagarabhavi 1st Stage 4A-309 20-12-91

61. Dollar Scheme, Nandini Layout 31-129 30-3-92

62. Sy. No. 69/2B A.D. Hally W.C.R. IVth Stage, IIIrd Block

63. Sy. No. 38 37/6.4.7 33(part) Agrahara Dasarahally

64. Sy. No. 78 W.C.R. IVth State, IV Block, Agrahara Dasarahally

65. Sy. No. 336 Chandra Layout Ist Stage, IInd Phase, K.P. Agrahara

66. Additional to the existing Dhobhi Ghat by the side of ISKCON W.C.R. Bangaore.

67. Industrial Town, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

68. Sy. No. 24 of Laggere, Nandine Scheme, shifting of Chamundinagar slum 29-3-88

69. C.A. Site 6 in Nagarabhavi IInd Stage.

70. Rajajinagar IInd Stage (Milk Colony)

71. Rajajinagar IV N Block 27-5-79

72. Sy. No. 78 & 79 of W.C.R. IVth Stage, A.D. Hally 22-10-87

73. Sy. No. 15 (E.W.S) of Laggere, Bangalore

74. Sy. No. 39 and 47 A.D. Hally. W.C.R. IVth Stage, IVth Block, Bangalore 9-12-85

75. Sy. No. 57/2 A.D. W.C.R. A.D. Hally IVth Stage, Vth Block 19-2-86

76. Further extension of Mahalakshmi Layout 25-7-87

77. Accomodating Exisiting Slum Dwellers at Kirloskar Foundary

Extension of Mahalkshmi Layout

78. Sy. No. 810, 311, 3112, 319, 320, 322, 323 K.P.A, R.P.C. Layout

79. M.R.C.R. Layout Near Police quarters.

80. Sy. No. 17 and 74 of Nagarabhavi IInd Stage, XIth Block, Bangalore.

81. Sy. No. 43 & 44 Malagala Village, Nagarabhavi Ist Stage.

82. L.I.G. Block M.S. Flat at East Quadrant of Nandini Layout under S.F.H.S.

83. Magadi Road, Chord Road showing the Industrial near Tolget Circle, Bangalore.

84. Sy. No. 38/1 38/4 and 39/1 of Devitigeramanahally 4A 349

1 2 3485. Arundathi Nagar, Gangondanahalli of Lakkasandra Layout.

85/A Gnanabharati Scheme Velagerahalli and Nagadevanahalli 32DA-16A


86. Nagarabhavi IInd Stage XIVth Block & XII Block, Sy. No. 85 to 88 & 134 25A-379 23-11-99

87. Arundathinagar Slum, Chandralayout, Ist Stage, Ist Phase.

88. Sy. No. 88 & 89 Laggere, Nandini Layout 26-5-01

89. Sy. No. 43 & 44 of Malagalu Nagarabhavi Ist Stage for (Slum Dwellers) 16-1-01

90. Sy. No. 3 of Malagala Nagarabhavi Layout, Ind Stage Additional Site

91. Sy. No. 28/1 of Saneguravanahalli in Kamakshi Layout.

92. Sy. No. 32, 33 and 54 of Malagala under Nagarabhavi IInd Stage, E.W.S. 1A.349

93. Sy. No. 53/3 of Dasarahalli E.W.S.

94. Sy. No. 116 part of Laggere E.W.S.

95. Sy. No. 42/2 43 of Saneguravanahalli, Kamakshi Layout

96. Sy. No. 60 part & 61/2 of Nagarabhavi for E.W.S.

97. Sy. No. 106 of Kempapura Agrahara, Bapujinagar

98. Sy. No. 45/1 of Dasarahalli E.W.S.

99. Sy. No. 13, 14, 15, 89, 214 of Laggere Vilas, B.H.E.L. Officers H.B.C.S. Layout

100. Additional M.I.G. M.S. Flat at West Quadrant, Nandini Layout.

101. Industrial Works Industrial Sub-Urb, North Zone, Rajajinagar.

102. W.C.R. IIIrd Stage, III Block, S.G. Halli.

103. Additional Site of Vacant land available in R.P.C. Layout Sy. No. 499

of K.P.A. Bangalore.

104. Sy. No. 40 of S.G. Halli, Kamakshi Layout

105. SY. No. 88, 89 and 229 of Laggere, Nandini Layout

106. Additional site in Industrial Workers Layout. J.B. Kaval

107. Sy. No. 6 to 14 K.A. Bangalore.

108. Sy. No. 74/2 of Nayandanahalli, Kengere, E.W.S.

109. Sy. No. 53/4 of Dasarahalli E.W.S.

110. Additional site for Industrial Workers layout, Rajajinagar, J.B. Kaval.

111. Chamundinagar Welfafe Association, Bangalore.

112. Sy. No. 158 & 159 of J.B. Kaval

113. Sy. No. 66/2 of Mallasandra E.W.S. 5271-94exp

114. Sy. No. 54 129/12, 130, 135, 136, 137, 1293 of S.G. Halli, Kamakshi Layout

115. Sy. No. 174, 175 Kethamaranahalli further extension of Mahalakshmi Layout

116. Sy. No. 53 of Malagala 40, 101 & 109 Nagarabhavi Ist Stage.

117. Sy. No. 34 & 38/1 of Nagarabhavi E.W.S.

119. Sy. No. 25 part of Shivanahalli W.CR. Ist Stage

119. M.I.G. Flats At Sy. No. 172 Mahalakshmi Layout under S.F.H.S.

120. Sy. No. 5 of Shivanahalli W.C.R. III Stage, for Slum Dwellers.

121. Additional Site in Chandra Layout, Bangalore.

122. Dollar Scheme in Nandini Scheme, Bangalore.

123. Sy. No. 82/2 of S.G. Halli, Bangalore.

124. Sy. No. 74/1 2/1, 2/3 of Nayandahalli, Kengerei E.W.S.

125. Sy. No. 5, 6, & 8 of Agrahara Dasarahalli, W.CR. IVth Stage.

126. Sy. No. 14/123 15/1 16 part of Malagalu Village

127. Sy. No. 33/6 Saneguravanahalli, Kamakshi Layout.

128. Sy. No. 102 of Nagarabhavi Ist Stage.

129. Sy. No. 416/2 K.P.A

130. Sy. No. 28 of Gangondanahalli, Chandra Layout for Shift eredabilitate

slum dwellers Deepanjalinagar.

131. Sy. No. 43 & 44 Malagalu under Nararabhavi Ist Stage, E.W.S.

132. Sy. No. 48 of Nagarabhavi Ist Stage.

133. Chandra layout Ist Stage, IInd Phase, Gangondanahalli.

134. Sy. No. 78 of Nagarabhavi Ist Stage.

135. Modified layout of Chandra layout Ist Phase Ist Stage.

136. Sy. No. 212 and part of 213 of K.A. Bangalore.

137. Sy. No. 102 Ist Stage, Nagarabhavi

138. Rajajinagar Iind Stage, Milk Colony.

139. Additional site in Hosahalli Extension Ist Cross, Pipeline Road.

140. Sy. No. 30 of Agrahara Dasarahally, M.R.C.R. Road.

141. Lorry Stand & Godown Industrial Sub-Urb Rajajinagar Extension

1 2 34142. Sy. No. 41/1 42, 43, 44 of Malagalu Nagarabhavi Ist Stage Scheme.

143. Rajajinagar 6th Block, Bangalore.

144. Industrial Sunb- North Zone, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

145. Modified Layout plan of IV M Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

146. I & II Link Road, Rajajinagar Extension, Prakashanagar

147. Sy. No. 59. 63 of Nagarabhavi Iind Stage, XIII Block. 23-1-99

148. Sy. No. 9 of Malagalu VII, VIII Block, Nagarabhavi

149. Sy. No. 85, 88, 131, 134 of Nagarabhavi IInd Layout 21.379 15-02-2000

150. Layout plan of Ashokpuram hutting colony in Sy. No. 59 of Yeshwanthpur 26-6-02

151. A.G.S. Employees H.B.C.S. 15 (1,2,3,5) of Hullalu 21A 289 09-09-04

152. H.R. Murali Shankar 42.48 (p) Jarakabande Kaval 22A 069 04-08-04




1. Kumara Park West Extension Layout

2. Mallenahally B.K. Subbaiah Sy. No. 26, Kumara Park West Extension Layout.

3. Layout of R.M.V. Extension.

4. Gokul Ist Stage IInd Phase, Bangalore.

5. Layout Plan of Vasanthnagar.

6. Layout plan of E.W.S. Scheme R.M.V. IInd Stage. 19-10-82

7. Additional site in Sy. No. 3 (part) of Geddalahally, R.M.V. IInd Stage, Bangalore.

8. R.M.V. IInd Stage, H.I.G. Housers under S.F.H.S. 19A-119

9. Layout plan in the Tank Bed of Nagasettihally, Bangalore H.I.G. Scheme 27A-89 85-86

10. Layout plan of Palace Lower Orcade

11. Revised layout plan of Jayamahal

12. Sy. No. 22/1 to 5 23/5,6 78/1,4,5,9 of Nagasettihally in R.M.V. IInd Stage. 14-5-85

13. Gayathri Devi Park Extension Behind Sankey Tank

14. Sy. No. 1 & 2 Lottegollahalli, R.M.V. IInd Stage, Bangalore 26.A 30-9-87

15. Gokul Ist Stage, 4th Phase.

16. Sy. No. 40 & 41 of G. Byapppanahally Slum Dwellers

17. Nagashettihally Tank Bed of HIG Dollar Scheme 32A-09

18. Sy. No. 98/3 98/4 99/1.2 Pillamma Garden IIIrd Stage Kadugondanahally

19. Banasawadi Tank Bed H.R.B.R. Ist Block. 12-11-92

20. Jabbar Bock, Hutting Colony

21. B.D.A. Building Plans

22. Hebbal Gangenahally Layout.

23. Sy. No. 3 of Geddalahally, R.M.V. IInd Stage, IInd Block. 04-12-92

24. Okalipuram Layout

25. Sy. No. 105/1, 100, 101, 90 & 91 Chalakere of H.R.B.R. Slum 3A-309 16-10-86

26. H.I.G. Hosur Under S.F.H.S. in R.M.V. IInd Stage.

27. Vyalikaval Extension, Bangalore.

28. Sy. No. 1 & 120 of Lingarajapura, H.R.B.R. III Block.

29. Sy. No. 54, 56, 60, 65, 69, 66 of Lingarajapura H.R.B.R. Scheme Blcok ‘A’

30. Palace Uppar Orchard Layout

31. Sy. No. 12/1 32/1 & 33/1 of Geddalahally Village. 2A-209 27-1-86

32. Sy. No. 6 of Lottegollahally

33. Sy. No. 9/1 of Lottegollahally R.M.V. IInd Stage.

34. Sy. No. 52/4A of Nagasettihally R.M.V. IInd Stage.

35. Sy. No. 6(p) of Lottegollahally Bangalore.

36. Nagasettihally Sy. No. 68(p) of Bangalore.

37. Sy. No. 21/3B of Geddalahally, R.M.V. IInd Stage 28-3-87

38. Modified Plan of (as executed) R.M.V. IInd Stage IInd Block 39A-349

39. R.M.V. IInd Stage, IInd Block, Southern side.

40. Madadahally Layout.

41. Sy. No. 55, 58, 59 of Banasavadi pat of East of N.G.E.F

42. Sy. No. 239(p) Banasavadi Part of O.M.B.R. Layout.

43. Sy. No. 6(p) of Lottegollahalli, 2 maps 1A-329 17-02-01

44. Sy. No. 104/2 & 107/1 of Banasawadi Missing Site.

45. Sy. No. 545 & 57, Nagavara H.B.R. IIIrd Stage 18A 129 27-10-01

46. Sy. No. 62 of Kacharakanahally, H.B.R. IIIrd Block

1 2 3447. Sy. No. 7/1 b,c,d of Matadahalli, Gangenahalli

48. N.G.E.F. East Shifting sites affected the junction of ORR Salem Railway Link

49. Part of H.R.B.R. Layout Additional Site Ist Block. 9-12-99

50. Sy. No. 40/5&6 of Nagavara, H.R.B.R IInd Stage of E.W.S

51. Jabber Block, Layout

52. Layout plan of Vasanthnagar C.I.T.B.

53. Vasanthnagar Extension

54. Sy. No. 41 & 43 of Chikkamaranahalli, R.M.V. IInd Stage, C & D ‘D’ Group employees

55. Kumara Park West Extension.

56. R.M.V. Iind Stage, III Block, Western Side, Bangalore.

57. Hebbala Gangenahally.

58. Sy. No. 110 10/2 of Gengenahalli.

59. Rajamahal Vilas Extension

60. GayathriDevi Park ex.. behind Sank, Malleshwara.

61. Pillanna Garden III Sy. No. 98/3, 4. 99/1.2 Kadugondanalli

62. Ship Sites No.3 143 to 160 18 Nos. H.B.R. III Block, Layout 23-07-99

63. Sy. No. 36/1 of Benniganahally, K.R. Road, East of N.G.E.F

64. Plan showing Area to be reserved Sewerege Treatment B.W.S.S.B. Sub Dvn.

plans part of H.R.B.R. 9-12-99

65. Additional in M.B.R. Layout

66. H.I.G. Layout part of R.M.V. IIstage, Sy. No. 86/12 Nagasettihally. 27-9-2001

67. Sy. No. 120 & 121 of Banasawadi East of N.G.E.F. Layout 7-12-1999

68. Shop sites at Sy. No. of 1 of J.B. Kaval Nandini Layout.




1. Tavarekere Madivala Scheme IInd Stage.

2. Sy. No. 33 of Sunkenahally.

3. Sy. 2 Äí¨Ü 7 ÊÜáñÜᤠ11 ÎÅà¯ÊÝÓÜ ®ÜWÜÃÜ, ¹.GÓ….Pæ. Êæã¨ÜÆ®æà ´æàÓ…, ÊÜáãÃÜ®æà ÖÜíñÜ, ÄàPÜ®æÌ¿á®…Õ ÓÜÉÊÜå…

4. Tavarekere Madivala Scheme IInd Stage, Bangalore.

5. Sy. No. 5 to 8 & 11 to 13 of Gavipura Villa, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, Bangalore.

6. Bannerghatta Road and Hosur Road Ist Stage, Tavarekere, Madivala Scheme Bangaloe.

7. Sarakki Layout Between Kanakapura Road and Bannerghatta Road.

8. Channamanakere Tank Bed Area, B.S.K. IInd Stage.

9. Srinivasanagar in Sy. No. 42 and 43 of Gavipura, B.S.K. Ist Stage.

10. Additional Site B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, IIIrd Phase, Block Ist & IInd

11. B.T.M. IInd Stage.

12. B.T.M. Ist Stage, Byrasandra and Tavarekere, Madivala.

13. J.P. Nagara IX Phase, Sy. No. Alahalli, Thippasandra.

14. B.S.K. Ist Stage, Ist & IInd Block, Bangalore.

15. Addtional site Sarakki in between 100’ Road and 80’ Road Western side of Ragigudda.

16. B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, IIIrd Phase, 80’ Road, Mysore Bank Colony Block IVth

& Vth near Kathraguppa.

17. B.T.M. Scheme Ist Stage, Ist Phase Northern Side of 100’ Road,

Bannerghatta Road, Hosur Road, Bangalore.

18. Nagendra Block, Ragavendra Block, Gangadhareswara Block, Sy. No. 5 to 8

12, 13 to 14 Gavipura and Muneswar and A 1/10 to 1/14 6/1 6/7 6/8 Avalahally.

19. Southern side between Bannerghatta – Hosur Road, B.T.M. Layout Ist Phase, Bangalore.

20. Banashankari IInd Stage.

21. Modified scheme providing 1000 site for urban plan in B.T.M. Scheme.

22. Srinivasanagar IInd Phase, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, Sy. No. 8 to 14 of Gerahally Village.

23. Jayanagara layout plan

24. Hanumanthanagar, Sy. No. 47, 48, 49, 51, 25 & 53, Gavipura, Sunkenahalli Adjacent site.

25. Bannerghatta Road, Hosur Road, B.T.M. Scheme, Ist Stage.

26. Banashankari IIIrd Stage

27. B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, IIIrd Phase, 1 to 4 Block.

28. Sy. No. 10 & 11 of Tavarekere, B.T.M. Ist Stage.

29. Jayanagara VIII Block, Kanakapura Western Side.

1 2 3430. Additional site of 30’0 Road at site No. 109 of B.S.K. IIIrd Stage,

Sy. No. 11, 12 of Ittamadugu 2

31. Sy. No. 20/1B, 20/1A and 121 of Ittamadu, B.S.K. IVth Stage.

32. Sy. No. 11 & 12 of Ittamadu B.S.K. IIIrd Stage.

33. Sy. No. 17 of Kathriguppa, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage.

34. Sy. No. 19 of Sarakki, Dollar Scheme 24-8-92

35. Sy. No. 95 of Hoskerehally, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, Ambedkar Slum Dwellers

36. Timber yard layout, 2nd Stage at Avalahally.

37. Jayanagar 4th, East Hutting Colony, Byrasandra, Tank Bed.

38. Sy. No. 30, 31 & 32 (p) of Karisandra, BSK IInd Stage along 100’0 Road,

Ring Road, Dobighat

39. C.A. 36 of Sarakki IInd Phase.

40. Block No. 4, 6, 7 of BSK IIIrd Stage, IInd Phase.

41. Hanumanthanagar Layout

42. Sy. No. 15 of Kathriguppa, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage.

43. Sy. No. 38/5, Yediyur, B.S.K. IInd Stage, 2 mps 2A.16-

44. Sy. No. 48, 49, 50, 52 & 53 of Arakere BTM IIIrd Stage.

45. Sy. No. 93/2,3 & 94 of Arakere BTM, IVth Stage.

46. Sy. No. 1 to 72 of Gavipura 20A.329

47. Sy. No. 16, 17, 18, & 19 of Gerahally and 102, 103, 104/12 & 105 of

Hosakerehally 16A.279

48. Sy. No. 50 of Govinayakanahally, Kumaraswamy 7.A.22G

49. Sy. No. 50 Govinayakanahally, Kumaraswamy E.W.S. 12-7-92

50. Sy. No. 95 of Harakerehally, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, Ambedkarnagar Slum Dwellers

51. Sy. No. 29, 62, 125, 126 & 127 of Katriguppa B.S.K. IIIrd Stage,

IV Phase, VIIth Block, Bangalore. 23-1-96

52. Sy. No. 83, 41, 42, 45, 46, 47 of Madivala Dollar Scheme 8-5-86

53. Sy. No. 89 to 91 & 94 of Hosakerehally part of BSK IIIrd Stage, 24A-259 16-10-84

54. Sy. No. 19 to 25 part of 22-23 Avalahally, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage 17-1-86

55. Sy. No. 1/8, 8, 3, 4 & 5 of Avalahalli, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage 23-7-87

56. Sy. No. 36 of Avalahally, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage 25-7-87

57. Sy. No. 15/8 15/8 of Avalahally, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage 2-2-87

58. Sy. No. 37 of Avalahally, BSK IIIrd Stage, Karnataka Dalit Auction 8-6-87

59. Sy. No. 26/2 of Avalahally, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage 2-2-87

60. Sy. No. 17/1 27/1 & 27/2 Avalahally, BSK IIIrd Stage, R.K. Mutt Slum

61. Sy. No. 47/AB 2 & 48/ 5&6 of Thavarekere, B.T.M. Scheme 1A.139 88-89

62. Sy. No. 10 of Kathriguppa behind vidyapeeta BSK IIIrd Stage 94-95

63. Sy. No. 7 of Kathriguppe Slum, BSK IInd Stage.

64. Sy. No. 94-95, 121 & 122 of Hosakerehally 96-97

65. Kumaraswamy Layout 88-89

66. Sy. No. 18 to 23, 25 to 28 & 30 to 32 of Kathriguppa, Channammanakere

Achkut, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, IIIrd Phase 1-4-85

67. Sy. No. 15-16 & 17 of Doddakallasandra (Govt Land)

J.P. Nagar, IXth Phase Scheme 55A-259

68. Along 100’0 Ring Road near Dhobigat, B.S.K. IInd Stage, 2 maps 6-1-87

69. Sy. No. 10 (New No. 20) Kathriguppa Slum Dwellers, Ramakrishna Math Area

70. Kuma C.O.T. Layout, High Grounds

71. Rajajinagar IVth ‘M’ Block

72. Sy. No. 15 of Kathriguppa B.S.K. IIIrd Stage

73. Sy. No. 108 and 120 of Hoskerehally and Sy. No. 70 of Ittamadu, BSK IIIrd Stage

75. Sy. No 23 of Kathraguppa 27-3-86

76. Sy. No. 23 of Karisandra, BSK 2nd Stage.

77. Sy. No. 44, 98 103/12 104 105 & 106 Uttarahalli, Banashankar Vth Stage 19A-149

78. Sy. No. 90 of Hosakerehally, Banashankari 3rd Stage.

79. Sy No. 189 of Halegevaderahally, BSK 5th Stage,

250 & 251 ————–’’——- 11A-169 3-9-2000

80. Sy No. 17/1, 27/1 & 27/2 of Avalahalli BSK IInd Stage 13A-279 30-06-01

81. Sy. No. 179 Halagevaderahally, BSK Vth Stage, IVth Phase, 07A-149

82. Sy. No. 82, 84, 85, 86 88/2.3 and 119 Harahalli, BSK VIth Stage 45A-209

83. Sy. No. 5 &6 of Bikasipura B.S.K. Vth Stage 7A-259

84. BTM IVth Stage, I and II Block,

1 2 341 2 34

85. Banashankari IIIrd Stage, Kasturba Slum, Avalahalli

86. J.P. Nagar 8th Phase Layout, Kothnoor Village

87. Sy. No. 17, 18, 19 of Vasanthpur, BK IVth Stae 17A-029 14-8-2000

88. Commercial Market Area to Kumarswamy layout Ist Stage, Bangalore 14-8-2000

89. B.T.M. VIth Stage, Ist Phase, Arakere and Hulimavu 10-12-91

90. Sy. No. 15, 16 of Hulimavu additional site.

91. Sy No. 13, 2B Arehalli, BSK IVth Stage IA-269 17-2-98

92. Sy. No. 15, 16 & 17 of Doddakallasandra, J.P. Nagar, IXth Phase Vth Block 52A-159

93. Sy. No. 45/1 of Arakere 1A399

94. Modified Sy. No. 17/1, 29/1.2 of Avalahalli, BSK III Stage 13A-279

95. Sy. No. 9, 10, 11 & 13(p) of Vaddarapalya, BSK Vth Stage 40A-149

96. Sy. No. Raguvanapalya Sy. No. 4 to 9

97. Konanakunte Sy. No. 20, BSK Vth Stage.

98. Channasandra Sy. No. 27 of BSK IVth Stage 8A-159

99. Raguvanapaly, J.P. Nagar, 9th Stage, Sy. No. 26 to 39 Alahalli Sy. No. 1 22

28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 38 21-2-2000

100. BSK 3rd Stage, IVth Phase, VIIth Block, Sy. No.29, 125, 126, 127 of

Kathriguppa Village

101. Near the junction of 100’0 Ring road at Sarakki, IInd IVth Phase.

102. Sy. No. 50-51 & 52 of Thavarekere Village

103. Plan of Housing Sudhamanagar Slum

104. Doddabylakana Slum Dweller at Kumaraswamy Layout, IInd Stage.

105. Temporary shop sheds at Nandini under S.F.H.S.

106. B.S.K. IIIrd Stage, VIth Block, IIIrd Phase.

107. Sy. No. 19 to 25 and part of 22-23 of Avalahally, BSK 3rd Stage.

108. H.S.R. Layout Section IIIrd Bangalore.

109. Sy. No. 42 & 43 of Kothanoor Village, 8th Phase, J.P. Nagar.

110. C.A. No. II H.S.R Layout, Section III

111. B.T.S.C.A. site Bus Depot of Petrol Bunk in H.S.R. Layout IVth Stage.

112. Sy. No. 12 & 14 of Tavarekere

113. Sy. No. 60/4, Yediyur, K.R. Road.

114. Sy. No. 77/1 Tavarekere Sy. No. Byrasandra Daramavaram College, Bangalore.

115. Sy. No. 3 & 10 of Kathruguppa K.E.B. & Society.

116. Sy. N9. 22/2 of Tavarekere, B.T.M. Scheme, Banagalore.

117. Sy. No. 18 (part) of Thavarekere, B.T.M. Scheme

118. Sy. No. 56/1, 56/5 of Sarakki Ist Phase.

119. Sy. No. 67, 89 & 10 of Madivala.

120. Sarakki Sy. No. 12 & 26 of IInd Phase, Sarakki Agrahara.

121. Sy. No. 36/1 & 39/4 of Yadikura nagasandra, BSK Ist Stage

122. Sy. No. 201B of Thavarekere, BTM Scheme.

123. Sy. No. 74 of Sarakki, Bangalore.

124. Sy. No. 20/4 of Sarakki, J.P. Nagar Ist Phase.

125. Additional site in Sarakki Layout.

126. Additional site in Sarakki IInd Phase.

127. Sy. No. 102 of Madivalam B.T.M. Scheme.

128. Slum Dwellers in Kuraraswamy layout, 2 cops.

129. Sy. No. 98, 99, 100 of Thavarekere, B.T.M. Scheme

130. Sy. No. 50 of Madivala, B.T.M. Scheme.

131. Sy. No. 62 of Kathriguppa, BSK IIIStage, 4th phase, 5th Block.

132. Sy. No. 4/2 of Thavarekere, BTM Scheme.

133. Sy. No. 77/12.2 of Kathriguppa, BSK 4th Stage.

134. Sy. No. 136 of Kathriguppa, BSK IVth Stage.

135. Sy. No. 4.5 N.S. Palya, BTM Scheme.

136. Vacant land Sy. NO. 84 of Madivala B.T.M. Scheme.

137. Sy. No. 84 of Madivala under BTM Scheme.

138. Sy. No. 47 of Byrasandra Scheme.

139. S.F.H.S. at N.S. Palya, B.T.M. Layout.

140. Sy. No. 18 of Thavarekere, Bangalore.

141. Sy. No. 122 of Kathriguppa, BSK IIIrd Stage.

142. Sy. No. 83/6, 84/1 of Kathriguppa BSK IIIrd Stage, IVth Phase, IVth Block.

143. M/s. M.M. Industrial Estate. Sy. No. 53/1 of Yediyur.144. Sy. No. 22 & 23 of Thavarekere, Bangalore.

145. M.I.G & LIG Sy. No. 80 of Thavarekere, Begur

146. Kengeri Sattelite Town Layout, Area.

147. Industrial Site Layout plan, Sarakki VIth Phase.

148. Sy. No. 121 of Kathruguppa, BSK IIIrd Stage.

149. Vacant land at BTM Scheme, Bangalore.

150. Hosur under Self Financing Housing at N.S. Palya.

151. Sy. No. 22 of Gavipura, BSK IIIrd Stage.

152. Sy. No. 50 of Madivala, B.T.M. Scheme.

153. Sy. No. 10, old 119 of Kathriguppa, BSK 3rd Stge.

154. Sy. No. 121 of Kathriguppa, B.S.K. IIIrd Stage.

155. Sy. No. 30/2A 28 and 20 of N.S. Palya.

156. Sy. No. 10 & 11 of Thavarekere.

157. Sy. No. 50, 51 & 52 of Thavarekere.

158. Sy. No. 8/2 of Thavarekere, BTM Scheme

159. Slum Dwellers in B.S.K. Sy. No. 24 of Karisandra.

160. Shop sites BSK IInd Stage.

161. Junction of Ring Road 60’ wide Road to BTM Layout.

162. Sy. No. 46 of Sarakki, VIth Phase, Bangalore.

163. Sy. No. 80/3 for Industrial Hulimavu.

164. M.I.G. Block, M.S. Flats, B.S.K. Vth Block, IIIrd Phase.

165. Sy. No. 74/2b of Madivala B.T.M. IInd Stage.

166. Metropolitian, H.B.C.S.L. BTM Layout.

167. Sy. No. 13 of Chikkasandra.

168. Sy. No. 30 of N.S. Palya BTM Layout.

169. Sy. No. 10,11 of Thavarekere

170. Sy. No. 58/1,2,3 & 8B 60/1, 70, 71/6 of Sarakki Shakambharinagar.

171. Sy. No. 30/2A 2B, 2C of N.S. Palya.

172. Sy. No. 39, 40 & 44 of Madivala Dollar Scheme.

173. Sy. No. 19 of Sarakki Vth Phase, Bangalore.

174. Sy. No. 74/1 of Sarakki Layout, Bangalore.

175. Sy. No. 302A, 2B, 2C of N.S. Palya.

176. Sy. No. 17, 20, 21 of Gavipura, BSK IIIrd Stage, Bangalore.

177. Sy. No. 1/3 2/6, 4/1 of Byrasandra, Jayanagar East.

178. Timber Yard Layout, Bangalore.

179. Sy. No. 2/1 of Yediyure Nagasandra

180. Sri Ramakrishna Mutt Slum behind.

181. Industrial Layout along Mysore Road.

182. Sy. No. 30 of Sunkenahally, Hanumanthanagar.

183. Sy. No. 9, 10, 11, 23 of Gavipura Village.

184. Sy. No. 47, 48, 50, 51 & 52 Thavarakere, BTM Scheme.

185. Sy. No. 33 of Sunkenahally, Bangalore.

186. Sy. No. I of Marasandra B.S.K. Vth Stage 09-009

187. Sy. No. 60/4 of Yediyur, BSK IInd Stage, K.R. Road

188. Sy. No. 9, 10 & 11 of Vaddarapalya, BSK Vth Stage. 37A-049 15-8-2000

189. Sy. No. 16, 17, 18 of Thavarekere BTM Ist Stage.

190. Sy. No. 22 & 213 of Raguvanahalli, ‘A’ Block, J.P. Nagar 9th Phase.

191. Sy. No. 85, 86 & 119 of Uttarahalli, B.S.K. Vth Stage 20A-159 21-1-00

192. Sy. No. 89 of Uttarahalli BSK Vth Stage 2A-219 10-12-99

193. Sy. No. 9/2 of Marasandra, BSK Vth Stage. 3A-009

194. Sy. No. 58/1 of Yediyur BSK IInd Stage, K.R. Road. 2A-159 29-3-2000

195. Sy No. 3(Part) of bikasipura B.S.K.IInd Stage 3A-009 10-12-99

196. Sy.No.85 & 86 of uttarahalli B.S.K.Vth Stage 16A-159 8-12-99

197. Sy.No.50 of Govinayakanahalli Kumaraswamy Layout IInd Stage. 7A12-9 22-12-99

198. Sy. No. 14/1&3 90 90 of Doddakallasandra, J.P. Nagar 9th Phase. 16-03-2000

199. Sy. No. 50-51, 52 of thavarekere, BTM Ist Stage, Ist Phase. 15-02-2000

200. Layout in Sy. No. 18 to 21 of Vaddarapalya, Banasahankari Vth Phase 30-279 23-12-02

201. Maruthi H.B.C.S. 31/1 3/2(p) 3/3, 3/4 Lingadinanahalli 12A-199 30-09-04




BUDGET 2014-2015


Production targeted at 135 lakhs MT food


Implementation of .Krishibhagya. scheme for

improving livelihood of rain dependent farmers

community thereby benefiting 53 lakh farmers.

Allocation of Rs. 500 crore for .Krishibhagya.

scheme in 2014-15.

Establishment of seed processing godowns and

threshing yards.

Implementation of special technology package

for improving productivity of Ragi and Jowar crops.

Formulation of programme through helpline

centre for imparting training, advising and

assisting the farmers to boost their selfconfidence.

Preference to women agriculturists in providing

seeds, fertilizers, loans and subsidies at

concessional rates.



90% subsidy to SC/ST farmers to improve

technical knowledge and value addition


75% subsidy for using of solar power in

irrigation pumpsets and other power operated

machinery – Rs.2 crores provided on pilot basis.

Expansion of rejuvenation programmes to areca

and coconut crops.

Rs.2 crores provided for establishment of pest

and diseases advance warning units.

Rs.2 crores provided for dissemination of

information on weather, cultivation practices,

market price through SMS and information


Special marketing programmes for

strengthening of Karnataka State Horticulture

Produce Marketing Federation for enabling

HOPCOMS to handle higher quantities of

horticultural produce.

Rs.1 crore provided for implementation of

entrepreneurship development and skill

development programmes for areca and coconut

crop harvesting and value addition activities.


Animal Husbandry:


Allocation of Rs.2.50 crores for establishment

of 44 check-posts at State borders to control

livestock diseases.

Rs.2 crores for establishment of Regional

Disease Diagnostic Laboratories in Sira, Kolar,

Bagalkote and Sirsi.

Incentive of Rs.4 crores for implementation of

vaccination programme through voluntary


Recruitment of 250 Veterinary Graduates and

appointment on contract basis of 250 retired

Veterinary Doctors.

Formulation of guidelines and rules for

maintenance and conservation of poultry farms.

Provision of Rs.10 crore to open 100 new

Veterinary Centres and upgradation.

E-Governance initiatives to link electronically

4112 Veterinary Institutions.

One-time assistance of Rs.15 crores to Sheep

and Wool Producer Co-operative Societies.

Increase in death compensation of sheep and

goat from Rs.3000 to Rs.5000.

Incentive of 20 paise per litre of milk collected

to Milk Producers Co-operative Societies to meet

administrative costs.




Rs.5 crores for waiver off loans taken by

sericulturists and reelers under Indo-Dutch


Rs.1 crore to provide 90% subsidy for supply

of equipment to 100 customer service centres

for improving productivity of sericulture.

Establishment of transparent Tendering

System for marketing of cocoon and raw silk.

Increase in incentive from Rs.10 to Rs.30 per

kg for improved cross breed cocoon and from

Rs.40 to Rs.50 per kg for bivoltine variety.




Rs.1 crore provided for call centre based

extension service to fishermen.

Steps to improve hygienic condition in 8 fishing

harbours and 20 fish landing centres as per

European Union Standards.

Provision of Rs.30 lakhs to distribute water and

soil quality testing kits to District Level Offices.

Establishment of supplementary feed

production unit at Bhadra Fish Seed Production


Computerisation of major activities of Fisheries


Continuing facility of Tax free diesel . 1.5 lakh

kilo litres.

Jetty expansion at fish landing centre in

Tengingundi of Bhatkal Taluk.

Construction of outer harbour near Madikala

of Uppunda Village in Kundapur Taluk.

Construction of Oceanarium at Pillikula Nisarga

Dhama on PPP model.

Construction of 3000 houses for houseless





Enhancement of limit for interest-free shortterm

Agriculture loans from Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.3


Extension of .Yashaswini. health scheme to

urban area.

Implementation of .Priyadarshini. scheme to

enroll more women in co-operatives and Rs.1

crore share capital assistance provided to

Women Co-operative Association.

Provision of Rs.1 crore for launching

.Ashakiran. schemes to establish exclusive

Co-operative societies for physically challenged


Implementation of warehouse based sales and

access to electronic auctions.

Computerisation of activities of Karnataka State

Warehousing Corporation.

Establishment of .Grahaka Maarata Angala. in


.Kayaka Nidhi. of Rs.1 crore for welfare of

manual labourers .Hamalies. working in APMC.



Water Resources:


Major Irrigation:


Action will be taken to get States. due share of

water as per the final award of the Krishna


Appropriate action on the report submitted by

Sri Paramashivaiah Committee for harnessing

water from Western Ghats.

Priority will be accorded to ensure progress of

Stage-3 works of Upper Krishna Project.

Appropriate action to obtain rightful share of

water in line with the all party decision of the

Mahadayi River Dispute Tribunal.

Creation of an irrigation potential of 1,20,000

hectares, construction of field irrigation

channels in 1,00,000 hectares, field drain

channels in 1,00,000 hectares and undertaking

land reclamation works in 30,000 hectares of

saline and alkaline lands.

Construction of Koodalasangama . Adavihala


Implementation of Drip Irrigation System in

Koppal Lift Irrigation project under UKP.

Undertaking Venkateshwara Lift Irrigation

Project in Jamakandi Taluk.

Undertaking Kempawada (Basaveshwara) Lift

Irrigation Project near Inapur.

Undertaking Veerabhadreshwara Lift Irrigation

Project in Belgaum District.

Construction of a bridge in the downstream of

Hipparagi Dam.

Undertaking of Lift Irrigation Project near


Implementation of the Modern Telemetry

Technology in Gondhi, Bhadra, Upper Tunga

Project, Singatalur Project, Tungabhadra

Project & Vijayanagar Canals.

Modernisation of Canals in Dharma Project.

Improvement works in Santhemarahalli &

Honnur Canals of Kabini Right Bank Canal

Distributory No.42.

Modernisation of Canals of Kanva Reservoir,

Upper Canal of Nugu Project, Left & Right bank

canals of Suvarnavathi & Chikkahole reservoirs

& Hanagodu, Ramapura Dam Canals, HRBC/

HRHLC Canal Networks.

Lining works of Kabini Right Bank, Harangi

Right & Left Banks canals.


Minor Irrigation:


Implementation of .Suryajyothi Raithara-balina

Paranjyothi. programme to adopt Solar Energy


.Kere Abhivruddhi – Naadina Shreyobhivruddhi

. for improvement of old tanks.

Construction of Pick-ups across natural rivers

and streams in Gadag, Bijapur, Koppal, Kolar

& Chikkaballapur districts.


Forest, Environment and Ecology:


Development of Botanical Garden in Hennur

Tank area of Bangalore city to attract citizen

and tourists.

Rs.212 crores for construction of barricades to

prevent man-animal conflict.


Primary Education:


Programme for bringing out of school children

to the main stream.

Filling up of 9405 posts of Government Primary

School Teachers, 1137 Government High

School Teachers and 1130 Government

Pre-University Lecturers.

Vacant posts of Kannada Teachers in minority

language institutions to be filled up.

Imparting training in IT, Retail, Automotive,

Healthcare and wellness domains under NVEQF

to 10,000 students of 9th and 11th Standards.

Rs.2 crores for setting up of Education Quality

Monitoring Cell.

Reconstitution of Expert Committee to prepare

text books.

Providing .Akshara Ganitha. kits to students

of Government School in Hyderabad-Karnataka.

Rs.3.27 crore earmarked to provide basic

infrastructure to Government Pre-university


Setting up of Government High Schools in 178

places under Rashtriya Maadhyamika Shiksha


Rs.1.27 crores for programmes of academic

counselling, career counselling and guidance

under Rashtriya Maadhyamika Shiksha


Setting up of Gnana Kendras in 250 Grama

Panchayats in Hyderabad-Karnataka area.

100 Government Primary School in Hyderabad-

Karnataka area to be upgraded as Model

Primary Schools.

Introduction of online system from school to

office level to enhance the quality of computer



Higher Education:


Establishment of Advanced Research Centres

at Bangalore and Udupi to promote

development of Science, Technology,

Engineering and Mathematics.

Recruitment of 50 Scientists and 50 teachers

under .Welcome to Home. scheme.

Institution of award of Rs.50,000 each for 30

Best Teachers and Rs.1,00,000 for 30 Best


Setting up of Karnataka Virtual University to

benefit formal and informal education system.

Construction of Maharani Commerce and MBA

College with hostel in Paduvarahalli, Mysore

and additional hostel in Nanjaraja Bahaddur

Choultry premises in Mysore.

Setting up of Centre of Excellence for Skill

Development in Dandeli.

Setting up of Central University at Karwar.

Rs.2 crores each for upgradation of 30 Science

Colleges as Model Science Colleges.

Implementation of new programme in higher

education for economically backward students

of Hyderabad Karnataka area.

Setting up of Science and Innovation

Foundation to encourage research in all the

Universities and colleges involved in teaching

Science and Technology.

Waiver off tuition fees and laboratory fees paid

by girl students in all the aided colleges, thereby

benefiting 1.15 lakh girl students.

Rs.1 crore for various activities of Vemana Chair

of Karnataka University.

Rs.1 crore for activities of Basaveshwara Chair

of Karnataka University.


Health and Family Welfare:


Steps to obtain accreditation for the Regional

Drug Testing Laboratories at Hubli and Bellary.

Rs.5 crores earmarked for effective

implementation of Food Security and Standards

Act 2006.

Rs.2 crores to provide free denture to senior

citizens above 60 years belonging to BPL


Allocation of Rs.5 crores to launch

.Mukhyamanthrigala Santhwana Yojane..

Allocation of Rs.52 crores to extend Prasuti

Araike and Madilu Kit programmes to all the

beneficiary in 10 districts.

Launching of .Aspathre Nyrmalya. programme.

Providing energy biscuits to prevent

malnutrition in children in 4 Backward


Setting up special unit in Indira Gandhi

Institute of Child Health, Bangalore, for patients

suffering from Haemophilia, Thalassaemia,

Sickle-cell Anaemia and Primary Immuno



Medical Education:


Rs.6 crores per hospital for setting up of three

250 bed Super Speciality Hospitals in Mysore,

Belgaum and Gulbarga.

Setting up 6 new Medical Colleges in the

backward districts of Karnataka.

Upgradation of VIMS, Bellary and KIMS, Hubli

at a total capital cost of Rs.150 crores.


Women and Child Development:


Waiver off loans, principal and interest amount

due as on 31st March, 2013 given to women

and Self-Help Groups from the Women

Development Corporation.

Increase in honorarium of Anganawadi workers

and Assistants by Rs.500 and Rs.250


Establishment of 35 Special Treatment Units

for Women to provide medical treatment, legal

and police assistance.

Holding of Special Grama Sabhas to select

women beneficiaries under various

development programmes.

Allocation of Rs.3 crores to establish Sanitary

Napkin Manufacturing Units in 50 Taluks.

Allocation of Rs.2.50 crores for orphan and

destitute children undergoing long term

rehabilitation to get insurance coverage for

livelihood security.

Rs.4.23 crores for implementation of .Sneha

Shivira. Scheme in Gulburga, Kolar, Bellary &

Bagalkote districts.

Rs.1.55 crores to address maternal and child

under nutrition in High Burden Districts of

Gulburga, Kolar, Bellary & Bagalkote.

Rs.1.12 crores earmarked to bring 45000

beneficiaries under .Niramaya Health

Insurance Scheme..

Rs 2.16 crores for monthly unemployment

allowance of Rs.1000 to disabled persons who

have studied beyond 10th standard.

.Talking laptops. will be provided for visually

challenged students – Rs.4 crores.

Rs.7 crores for motorized two wheelers to

persons in the age group 20-60 years, with

severe physical disabilities.

Enhancement of annual grant amount to Day

Care Centres for senior citizens from Rs.4.15

lakhs to Rs.11.20 lakhs and extension to

another 10 districts.

Increase in the monthly maintenance allowance

from Rs.2500 to Rs.10000 for taking care of

children above 3 years age suffering from

cerebral palsy & mental retardation.

Grants to the special schools under Disabled

Child Centric Education Programme will be

doubled with allocation of Rs.17.87 crores.

Enhancement of assistance from Rs.35000 to

Rs.1 lakh to cover hospitalisation and medical

costs to disabled persons.

Scholarship amount given to students with

disabilities will be doubled . Rs.2.60 crores



Social Welfare:


Formulation of Karnataka SCSP and STSP Plan

Financial Allotment & Utilization Act 2013 .

Rs 15834 crores provided.

100 new residential schools to be set up at hobli

level for SC/ST students.

100 new post-matric hostels including 10 in

the University campuses.

Boarding expenses increased from Rs.700 to

Rs.800 for students of Government Ashrama

Schools and Primary Residential Schools.

Boarding expenses increased from Rs.900 to

Rs.1000 for students residing in pre-matric


Boarding expenses increased from Rs.1000 to

Rs.1100 for students residing in post-matric

hostels, Morarji Desai & Rani Chennamma

Residential Schools and P.U. College hostels.

Monthly food charges enhanced from Rs.500

to Rs.700 & Rs.600 to Rs.800 to grant-in-aid

pre-matric & post-matric hostels respectively.

Extension of .Vidyasiri Scheme. to SC/ST Postgraduates.

Supplying free laptops to students belonging

to SC/ST category and pursuing Engineering,

Medical Journalism & Doctoral Studies.

Enhancement of incentive for inter-caste

marriage of SC girls from Rs.50000 to Rs.1 lakh.

Limit on subsidy amount increased from Rs.1

lakh to Rs.2 lakhs towards loans advanced by

SC/ST Development Corporations.

Unit cost under .Land Ownership. Scheme

increased from Rs.7.5 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs.

Providing financial assistance for rehabilitation

of Manual Scavengers.

Rs.75 crores provided for comprehensive

development of Banjara community including

Bahaddur Bandi Kshetra belonging in Koppal


Construction of late B Kraishnappa memorial

at Harihar at a cost of Rs.1 crore.

Development of Sri Kudhumal Rangarao

Memorial at Mangalore at a cost of Rs. 1 crore.

Rs.30 crores for formulation of schemes for

development of SC/ST Nomadic & Seminomadic


Formulation of guidelines for giving specified

preference to SC/ST in procurement of services

and works up to Rs.5 lakhs and Rs.50 lakhs


Construction of Regional Office and

Community Bhavan Complex of Tanda

Development Nigam in Mysore, Tumkur,

Koppal, Dharwad & Raichur.

Financial assistance to educational institutions

run by SC/ST Organisations and religious


Development of Park at available land in

Beggars. Relief Centre in Magadi Road,


Rs.10 crores for comprehensive development of

14 Beggars. Relief Centres set up under Beggars.

Rehabilitation Scheme.

Setting up of office of ST Welfare Department

in 37 taluks.

Rs.1 crore grant for setting up of Research

Centres for downtrodden at National Law School



Backward Classes Department:


Construction of Devaraj Urs Bhavans at

7 District Head Quarters & 50 Taluk Head


Construction of Devaraj Urs Bhavan at Hunsur

at a cost of Rs.5 crore.

Establishment of Post Graduate Hostels in

University Campus, 4 each for Boys and Girls.

Rs.35 crores will be provided for basic facilities

in post-matric hostels once in 3 years.

Coaching assistance to 2000 candidates to take

up Civil Services Competitive Examinations.

Rs.50 crores for overall development of Golla

community and other nomadic tribes.

Rs.75 crores for .Vidyasiri. scheme to be

extended to 50 thousand students.

Reimbursement of fees of post-matric students

securing marks above the prescribed level.

State pre-matric scholarship rates to be

enhanced on par with Government of India


Amendment of Co-operation Act to provide

reservation to backward classes.

Enhancement of amount from Rs.75 crores to

Rs.100 crores for religious associations and

institutions of backward classes for

construction of community halls and hostel


Under Devaraj Urs Backward Classes

Corporation, following programmes will be


Loan assistance up to Rs.2 lakhs at 2%

interest to upgrade skills of Dhobi, Savitha

Samaja & Thigalas.

Development of Dhobhi Ghats.

Rs.1 lakh subsidy and loan assistance for

sheep and goat rearing.

Improving the skills of the pottery


Subsidy assistance of Rs.10000 and loan

assistance of Rs.1.1 lakhs for dairy activity

for backward classes.

Sanction of loans at 2% interest with

expenditure of Rs.1.5 lakhs for construction

of shops and providing marketing network

in Gram Panchayats and Town Panchayats


Financial assistance for rehabilitation of

arrack vendors.

Financial assistance to Vishwakarma

Community to improve skills in Blacksmithy,

Carpentry, Goldsmithy and Stone carving.

Financial assistance to Upppara community

for development of traditional skills.

Financial assistance for development as

tourist place where Kranthiveera Sangoli

Rayanna attained immortality.


Minorities Welfare, Haj and Wakf:


Rs.110 crores for overall development of


Establishment of District Minority Welfare

offices in 7 districts.

Boarding expenses increased from Rs.1000 to

Rs.1100 for students of Morarji Residential

Schools and Minority hostels.

Boarding expenses increased from Rs.900 to

Rs.1000 for students of Pre-matric hostels.

Food expenses increased from Rs.600 to Rs.750

per month for Minority hostels.

Annual family income limit enhanced to Rs.1

lakh from Rs.15,000 for seeking admission in

the hostel.

Financial assistance increased from Rs.350 to

Rs.500 per month for children in the

orphanages and destitute homes.

Rs.1.5 crores provided for e-learning teaching

aids to 100 minority schools.

Coaching to minority students taking Civil

Services Competitive exams and entrance tests.

Opening of 70 new post-matric hostels under

SDP scheme.

Rs.24.65 crores provided for construction,

repair to 30 hostels run in rented buildings.

Rs.6.2 crores to create basic infrastructure

facilities and modernise 124 minorities hostels.

Starting 3 new Morarji Desai Residential

Schools and 2 P.U Colleges.

Rs.36.82 crores provided for construction,

modernisation of Moraji Desai Residential

Schools running in rented buildings.

Rs.75 crores for implementation of various

development schemes of Minorities.

Rs.10 crores provided for construction of

compound walls and fences to protect illegal

encroachment of wakf properties.

Rs.125 crores provided for overall development

of Christians.

Rs.5 crores for establishing 2 Model Residential

Schools in 2 districts.

Rs.2 crores for skill development of women

belonging to Minority community.

Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan Study and Research

Centre will be established.

Rs.17 crore additional grant for Haj Bhavan in


Haj Bhavans will be constructed at Gulburga

and Mangalore.




Implementation of new policy to purchase land

for residential sites in rural and urban area.

Construction of 10,000 houses for special

category persons.

Waiver off loans and interest under .Ashraya

Scheme. . Rs 2488 crores waiver.

Provide 3 lakhs new houses with revised

subsidy and distribute 20,000 sites to siteless

people in rural and urban area.

Waiver off loan amount of Rs.230 crores under

HUDCO and VAMBAY housing schemes

benefitting 57000 families living in slums.

Development of 1.7 lakhs properties in land

acquired by Karnataka Housing Board.

Labour, Employment & Training:

Starting .Satellite and Advanced Media

Education (SAME). Programme in 60 ITIs.

Opening of 4 new ESI hospitals.

Providing Vocational Training in new trades.

Opening of Karnataka German Multi Skill

Development Centres at Mangalore, Hubli and


Opening of wind and Solar Energy Vocational/

Units in Gadag, Chitradurga and Belgaum.

Rs.28 crores for construction of own buildings

for 55 Government ITIs.

Establishment of 1 digital library in 158

Government ITIs at a cost of Rs.14.65 crores.

Introduction of .Chief Minister.s Shram Shakti

Award. to encourage workers and industries.

Rs.7 crore for extension social securities scheme

in all 30 districts.


Kannada and Culture:


Establishment of Banavasi Development


Rs.1 crore for development of Science Park in

Dr. H.Narasimhaiah High School in Hosur,

Gowribidanur Taluk and memorial in his name

Rs.1 crore for development of freedom fighters

martyr memorial building in Vidhurashwatha.

Rs.1.5 crores for organisation of cultural

programmes in old age homes.

Rs.5 crores for construction of building and

organising cultural activities on the occasion

of centenary of Kannada Sahitya Parishath.

Rs.2 crores to Women.s Associations and Self

Help Groups for organising cultural activities.

Rs.1 crore to open book stalls at district

Rangamandira/Cultural Complexes.

Rs.3 crore for organising drama competitions

at inter college level.

Rs.1 crore for making documentaries on culture

and heritage

13th Finance Commission grant of Rs. 50 crores


Modern technology like GIS mapping,

documentation to preserve monuments and

heritage buildings.

Documentation and evaluation work of 14


Preparation of inventory of undeclared and

unprotected monuments.

Rs 50 lakhs for organising .Prachya Prajne.


Construction of Kala Bhavan in Arkavathy

layout, Bangalore

Rs 1 crore towards Research & bringing out

works in different languages of Saint Poet


Rs 1 crore to Mahabodhi Society for Kannada

Tripitica Programme

Rs.2 crores for organising Platinum Jubilee

celebration of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar on

the occasion of 75 years of formation of Mandya


Rs.1 crore for development of Mylar Mallannna



Sports and Youth Services:


Rs.8.26 crores for implementation of Youth

Empowering Programmes.

Yuva Shakthi Kendras to be established in each


Karnataka States Sports Policy will be


To encourage sports achievers at International

and National events the award amounts have

been increased.

.Grameena Kreedotsava. will be organised to

encourage indigenous rural sports.

Enhancement of monthly remuneration from

Rs.1500 to Rs.3000 to former wrestlers.

Enhancing monthly honorarium of

International, National and State level former

sports persons.

Restoration of 25 old garadi-mane.

Grant of Rs.5 lakh each for construction of new


Enhancement of diet allowance of sportspersons

Up gradation of Sri Kanteerava Stadium,


Rs 2 crore for development of basic

infrastructure in Jakkur Flying School & for

purchase of new aircraft.


Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs.


Setting up of NCDEX cell for dissemination of

information about price trend and take action

against black marketers.

Introduction of smart ration card instead of

paper ration card.

Construction of Aahaara Bhavan with an initial

amount of Rs.2 crores.


Rural Development and Panchayat Raj:


Rs.85 crores allotted for statutory additional

grant in accordance with population of Zilla


Release of Rs.135 crores for maintenance of rural


Development of roads of 20 km in each rural

assembly constituency and providing

connectivity to predominantly SC/ST villages.

Implementation of 3 year programme under

.Grama Vikasa Yojane..

Under NREGA & NBA schemes, introduction of

.Gourava Yojane., bathroom cum toilets for 1.50

lakhs rural families.

Rs.6 crores grant for development of Abdul Nasir

Sab Rural Training Institute.

Rs.2 crores to Mahatma Gandhi Institute of

Rural Energy Development.

Establishment of purified drinking water units

in 1000 villages.

Implementation of 77 multi village drinking

water schemes by providing safe drinking water

to 24 lakhs rural people.

.Jaladhara. drinking water scheme for providing

individual household connection to 5 lakh SC/

ST colonies.

Under .Salu Marada Thimmakkana Neralu.

scheme under NREGA, roadside plantation on

3000 km rural roads will be under taken.

6000 Mukthidhamas at the rate of one for each

gram panchayath will be developed.

Rural Godowns will be constructed for storage

of foodgrains.

Integration of different watershed schemes using

Ridge to Valley Concept.

Construction of Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra

buildings under MGNREGA scheme will be

taken up in 300 Grama Panchayat.

Land development, Horticulture, Fisheries

related 2 lakh individual works in eligible cases

will be under taken MGNREGA scheme.

Establishment of Ombudsman and social

auditing system.

Computer centres at rural colonies.

Doubling of honorarium to elected


Training to elected representatives through

Kannada University, Hampi.

Upgradation of 10,000 rural roads- Rs.5688

crore scheme- submission of proposal to

Government of India.


Planning & Area Development:


Rs.38 crores to Malanad Area Development


Rs.20 crores to Dry Area Development Board.

Rs.1 crore to Coastal Area Development

Authority for development of coastal region.

Rs.601 crores provided under Legislatures.

Local Area Development Scheme.

Bringing out Human Development Report by

December 2014.

Rs.2259 crores provided for addressing regional

imbalance in 114 backward taluks.

Computerisation of birth and death registration

in Anekal taluk on a pilot project basis.


Urban Development:


Municipal Administration:


Implementation 14 drinking water supply

schemes and 10 drainage schemes with the

estimated cost of Rs.697 crores.

6 water supply schemes and 7 UGD schemes

with an estimated cost of Rs.247.20 crores will

be taken up UIDSSMT.

Under UIDSSMT scheme drinking water

supply scheme in 10 towns and 2 UGD

schemes at an estimated cost Rs.400 crores

will be taken up.

Rs.5 crore for providing water supply and

sanitation facilities to Anganawadis in urban


Construction of 26323 houses at an estimated

cost of Rs.1335 crores in 124 slum areas in

State under Rajiv Awaas Yojane.

.Chief Minister.s Urban Alleviation

Programme. at an estimated cost of Rs.25 crore

will be launched in 181 cities.

Rs.75 crores earmarked for Scientific

Management of Solid Waste.

Establishment of Modern Abattoirs in three

cities with GOI assistance.

Creation of open spaces like parks, lakes &

stadiums in 10 City Corporation Limits


Rs.25 crores grant earmarked for construction

of Modern Electric Crematorium in 10 cities.

Rs.62.51 crores for Capacity Building of Urban

Local Bodies staff.

Rs.25 crores earmarked for implementing of

Gruha Bhagya Scheme for 1000 Poura


Rs.10 crores earmarked for Energy Saving


Rs.100 crores special grant earmarked for

Infrastructure Development in Mysore City.


Bruhat Bengaluru Maha Nagara Palike (BBMP)


Rs.1527 crores for various developmental

activities under different schemes.

Comprehensive development of selected Arterial

and Sub Arterial Roads for smooth flow of traffic

at estimated cost of Rs.500 crores.

Widening of some of the important roads at

estimated cost of Rs.300 crores.

Construction of Railway under bridges and over

bridges at an estimated cost of Rs.200 crores

in collaboration with Railway Authorities at

important Railway Crossings in the city.

Comprehensive development of Pedestrian

Footpaths at estimated cost of Rs.100 crores.

Development of important junctions at

estimated cost of Rs.100 crores.

Development of 12 main roads under TENDER

SURE model and other selected main roads at

estimated cost of Rs.300 crores.

Earmarking of Rs.250 crores for development

of backward areas of earlier CMC and TMCs

within BBMP jurisdiction.

Earmarking of Rs.100 crores for development

and protection of 31 lakes.

Implementation of new parking policy at

estimated cost of Rs.10 crores.

Allocation of Rs.100 crores for disposal and

processing of solid waste.

Allocation of Rs.200 crores for construction of

Grade Separators at important Junctions with

heavy traffic density.


Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)


Construction and allocation of 8000 flats to the


Formation and allocation of 5000 sites.

Rs.100 crores for the implementation of

Aranyikarana Hasiru Maale programme and

development of 39 lakes.

Construction of Peripheral Ring Road at the

cost of Rs.5800 crores with assistance from JICA.

Construction of Goraguntepalya of Tumkur

Road Junction (NH-4) at a cost of Rs.125 crores.

Construction of overbridge from ALISDA to BEL

Circle at a cost of Rs.191.86 crores under JNNURM.

Construction of Elevated Corridor from

Basaveshwara Circle (Chalukya Circle) to

Hebbal Junction at a cost of Rs.1100 crores

will be taken up.


Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board



Detailed project report will be prepared for

providing water supply to 110 villages in BBMP


Improvement and renovation of 74 km Sewer

lines with 50:50 sharing between BWSSB and


Construction of 300 MLD Capacity Waste Water

Treatment Plant.

Construction of 108 small Capacity Waste Water

Treatment Plant in Bangalore city.


Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development

Finance Corporation (KUIDFC)


Providing adequate water supply and UGD in

16 Urban Local Bodies at an estimated cost of

Rs.205 crores.

24×7 water supply schemes to Belgaum,

Gulburga, Hubli-Dharwad Municipal

Corporations and 22 other cities under other

schemes of KUIDFC.

An estimated cost of Rs.450 crores for Heritage

based Urban Development Project will be taken

with assistance of World Bank.

.City Cluster Development Programme. with

assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB)

will be prepared and implemented.

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited


Target for completion of entire network of

1st Phase by the end of March 2015.

2nd Phase of Metro comprising of 61 Stations

covering 72.10 kms is planned to be completed

at the cost of Rs.26405 crores and approval of

Government of India obtained.

Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT):

Preparation of Comprehensive Mobility Plan to

improve 52 towns.




Organizing Pension Adalats at hobli levels to

cover all eligible beneficiaries.

Integration of Janashree Bima Yojane with Aam

Admi Bima Yojane, Rs.20 crores earmarked.

Rs.10 crores for the purchase of land for burial

ground not exceeding 2 acres, priority to


Enhancement of pension to Ex-Patels to


Development of New Software called .Namma

Bhoomi. for making administration farmer


Implementation of .Padasale Scheme. in all 176


Revenue Adalats will be held at Hobli and

village levels for distribution of updated and

corrected Pahanis on the spot.

Commencement of re-survey scheme – 2

Issue of caste and income certificates in schools

by utilizing data available at Nada Kacheris.

Construction of district office complex buildings

in 6 districts including Mysore at a cost of

Rs.135 crores, construction work of 12 Mini

Vidhana Soudha buildings and ongoing

constructions of 24 Mini Vidhana Soudha

buildings will be taken up at a cost Rs.101


Cauvery Scheme integration with Bhoomi for

speedy issue of Khata.

Rs.81.2 crores has been provided to develop

infrastructural facilities at temples, charitable

and religious institutions.

Providing subsidy to tourists from Karnataka

for Charudhama pilgrimage.

Providing special grants of Rs.6 crores to protect

land belonging to Muzarai Department.




Rs.20 crores provided for solar energy schemes.

Subsidy of Rs.6200 crores for providing free

electricity supply for irrigation pump sets of

farmers and Bhagyajyothi/Kuteerajyothi


Electricity connections will be provided for

remaining irrigation pump sets under taken

under Ganga Kalyana Scheme by SC/ST,

Backward Classes and Minorities Development


Rs.750 crores will be provided for Electricity

Supplying Companies to implement the

following schemes.

LED Solar street lights will be distributed

for 50 villages.

Up gradation of .Distribution Automation

System. in 10 Municipal Corporation


Additional inclusion of two sub-divisions

in every ESCOM.

Implementation of Smart Grid and Smart

Meters scheme in 98 cities.

Implementation of Green Energy Corridor

Scheme with the assistance of KPTCL and



Public Works:


Improvement of 544 kms of under-developed

roads under Special Development Programme.

Special package of Rs.50 crores towards repairs

of roads, bridges in rain-affected Kodagu


Plan to undertake permanent repair work of

Shiradi Ghat Road under NH-48 at a cost of

Rs.95 crores.

Plan to develop 18.5 kms length of NH-48 of

Shiradi Ghat Section at a cost of Rs.2200 crores

with assistance JICA.

Plan to develop 1200 km long road under PPP

with financial assistance provided by ADB to


Improvement 8 States Highway of 452.70 km

length at an estimated amount of Rs.1203

crores under the joint assistance of World Bank

and Financial Institutions.

Implementation of .Karnataka Minor Ports



Infrastructure Development Department:


Bangalore International Airport has been

renamed as Kempegowda International Airport


Steps for increasing terminal capacity from 12

to 20 million passengers.

Facilities will be provided for setting-up of

Railway Bogi manufacturing Units at Kolar and


Rs.540 crores for railway projects.

Distribution work of natural gas is in the final

stage with the joint venture of KSIIDC and GAIL

India Limited.

Measures will be taken for adopting eco-friendly

CNG in City Transport Vehicles.


Commerce & Industries:


Rs.10 crore for up gradation of Convention

Center at KTPO, White Field.

Implementation of Karnataka Investment

Promotion Programme.

One Time Settlement Scheme (OTS) for waiver

of interest payable on loans under PBS scheme

by KVIC through KVIB will be introduced-

Rs.26.15 crore earmarked.

Rs.2 crore earmarked to provide marketing

subsidy under .Karnataka Khadi Branding.

scheme, with the assistance of National Institute

of Fashion Technology/Design.

Rs.1 crore grant provided for Karnataka Khadi

Gramodyoga Sangha, Hubli.

Setting up of training and manufacturing

centers in naxal affected areas of Karkala Taluk,

Udupi District through Karnataka State Coir

Development Corporation.

Interest subsidy of 9% to village industries and

khadhi institutions will be extended to all 176

taluks in the State.

Rs.10 crore Venture Capital Support will be

provided to potential entrepreneurs to set-up

new industries through .Fund of Fund.


1000 Residential work sheds will be provided

to skilled workers under new Special House

Building Scheme at the cost of Rs.10 crores.

Setting up of Coir Technology Park at the cost

of Rs.2 crores at Vijnana Gudda, Tumkur


Establishment of 1000 micro enterprises in

rural area.

Rs.4.50 crores grant provided towards interest

subsidy of 6% to new generation entrepreneurs.

Financial support of 50% in Aerospace Sector.

Notifying the two industrial townships with the

co-operation of Urban Development


Establishment of 10 modern check posts.

Mapping of mineral wealth through modern


Establishment of Gems and Jewellery SEZ in

Devanahalli of Bangalore Rural District.

Rule amended to provide reservation to SC &

ST persons in sand extraction, transportation

and grant of Minor Minerals quarry leases/


Rs. 120 crores under Weavers Special Package


Rs. 75 crores provided for implementing New

Readymade Garments Policy.

Rs. 75 crores needed for the reconstruction of

Mysore Sugar Company by developing its

property located in J.C. Road, Bangalore.


Information Technology, Bio Technology and

Science and Technology:


Constitution of Skill Development Societies

with an initial corpus of Rs.10 crores to meet

the skill requirements of IT and Electronic


Setting up of Greenfield ESDM Clusters for

Electronic Hardware Sector.

Revision of Animation, Visual effects, Gaming

and Comics (AVGC) Policy and setting up of

Digital Media City and AVGC Labs.

Setting up of 2 Sub Regional Science Centres

in Chamarajanagar District and Gowribidanur

Taluk of Chickballapur District – Rs. 3 crore

per centre.

Providing Science education to school students

using Robotics Technology.




Providing 150 additional services through

mobile in different departments.

Formulation of New e-Governance policy.

Establishment of State Data Centre at Suvarna

Soudha, Belgaum, for disaster recovery and

business continuity.

Opening of 50 new Citizen Service Centres

under Karnataka One Scheme.

Providing 50 additional services of various

government departments through Citizen

Service Centers.

Extension of KSWAN 2.0 to Gram Panchayat.

Implementation of Human Resources

Management Scheme (HRMS). Linkage to





Rs.50 crores provided to implement the

recommendations made by the Karnataka

Tourism Vision Group.

Establishment of Kaveri Tourism Authority.

Establishment of Cubbon Park Management


Organisation of activities like Karnataka Travel

Mart, Pravasi Karnataka Divasa, Nethrani

Beach festival, Talakadu Kaver Festival,

Nrityotsava at Nandi and Pattadakallu, Bidar

Fort Festival through private participation.

Setting up Toursim Interpretation Centers and


Adoption of Tourism Centres under CSR.

Publication of .Investment-friendly Tourism


New Tourism Human Resource Development

Policy will be brought-out.


General Administration:


Hyderabad-Karnataka Area Development Board

constituted . Rs.600 crores grant.

Provision of Rs.1637 crores for special

development programme in Hyderabad-

Karnataka Area.

Implementation of recommendation

Sri. P.C. Hota Committee for bringing more

transparency and prevention of corruption in

the recruitment process undertaken by

Karnataka Public Service Commission.

Introduction of .Jyothi Sanjeevini. scheme to

Government servants and their dependants.

Enhancement of Freedom Fighters pension from

Rs.6,000 to Rs.8,000 and enhancement of

Honorarium from Rs.2,000 per month to

Rs.3,000 for participants from the State in Goa

Liberation Movement.


Information Department:


Establishment of High-Tech State Media Centre

at Vartha Soudha in Bangalore at a cost of

Rs.5 crores.

Development of Multiplex theatres with four

screen facilities.

Construction of International standard film city

in Hesaraghatta, Bangalore.

An annual award instituted to promote short


Launching of a separate health insurance

scheme for accredited journalists and their


Enhancement of pension given to retired

journalists from Rs.3000 to Rs.6000.




Implementation of Ambulance-Signal Lights

Synchronisation Scheme under B-Trac Scheme

. Rs.72 crores.

Implementation of M-Trac-1 and M-Trac-2

Schemes in Mysore and Mangalore cities at a

cost of Rs.40 crores and Rs.25 crores


Installation of Mobile jammers, barbed wire

fencing and CCTV cameras for providing safety

and security in different Central Jails of the


Establishment of Water Processing Units in 7

Central Jails.

Enhancement of daily food expenses of Rs.48

per head to Rs.75 for enhancing nutritional

value of the food for convicts.

Construction of Residential and

Non-Residential buildings for Indian Reserve


Construction of Office Building for SP, Yadgiri

District, at an estimated cost of Rs.7.73 crores.

Implementation of Student-Police Cadet


Enhancement of Group Insurance amount for

all the ranks in the Police Department up to

Inspector level.

Enhancement of ex-gratia amount of Rs.5 lakhs

to Rs.30 lakhs in case of death of police

personnel while on duty.

Enhancement of ex-gratia amount for

permanent disability will be increased to Rs.10

lakhs and for serious injuries it will be

increased to Rs.2 lakhs.

Providing Rs.15 crores for construction of Fire

Station buildings and residential quarters.

Providing Rs.10 crores for construction of hostel

building under K-SAFE scheme to

R.A. Mundkur Fire Force Academy, Bangalore.

Purchase of modern Aerial Ladder Platform to

attend fire accidents in high rise buildings.

Providing Rs.1.80 crores for construction of

Regional Training Centre for Home Guards and

Civil Defence personnel at Davanagere District


Establishment of 20 new Police Stations

including 10 Women Police Stations and 10 new




Establishment of Vehicle Inspection and

Certification Centres at Shimoga, Gulbarga and


Establishment of Automated Driving Test Track

at Bellary, Gadag and Madikeri.

Adding 3982 new vehicles, 28 new bus depots

and 37 new bus stations by Transport

Corporations out of their own resources.

Construction of Truck Terminal taken up in



Law and Courts:


Rs. 10 crores for construction of Administration

Building and other works of Karnataka State

Law University.

Rs.458 crores will be given for providing

necessary infrastructural facilities to

subordinate Courts.

Construction of Advocates Bhavan in City Civil

Court Complex, Bangalore, at Rs.2 crores.




Goods and Services Tax


Necessary steps to prepare trade and industry

as also the department for its introduction of

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Commercial Taxes:


Revenue collection target fixed at Rs.42000

crores for 2014-15.

Value Added Tax:




Tax exemption on paddy, rice, wheat, pulses and

products of rice and wheat continued for one

more year.

Reduction in tax on scented arecanut powder

excluding mixture from 14.5% to 5.5%

Increase in registration limit from Rs.5 lakhs of

annual turnover to Rs.7.5 lakhs.

Waiver of penalty payable for default in filing of

returns by small dealers who have no tax liability

and opt for cancellation of their registration.

Increase in minimum sale value fixed for

obtaining electronic delivery note (e-SUGAM)

from Rs.20000 to Rs.25000.

Exemption to works contractors from compulsory

registration provision.

Suitable administrative measures to enable

dealers to rectify mistakes in the returns which

have no tax implication.

Provision for single second appeal against

reassessment for several tax periods of one

financial year.


Additional Resource Mobilization Measure

Levy 5.5% VAT on liquor sold by bar and

restaurants operating in urban areas and by

clubs, lodging houses and star hotels.

Rationalisation measure

Provision for filing of annual statements by


Luxury Tax:


Increase in minimum daily rent for taxation

from Rs.500 to Rs.750.

Entry Tax:


Tax exemption on ethanol brought for mixing

with petrol.

Rationalisation Measure

Provision for filing of monthly returns by

dealers and deemed acceptance of such returns

as under VAT.


Revenue collection target of Rs.14,400 crores

fixed for the year 2014-15.

Additional Resources Mobilization Measures

Increase in Additional Excise Duty on Beer from

122% to 135 %

Increase in Licence fee of Primary Distillery,

Indian Liquor Manufacturing Distillery and

Brewery by 50%.

Increase in Licence fee of MSIL retail liquor

shops (CL-11C) from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakhs.

Increase in fee for shifting of shops from one

place to another, from existing 25% to 50% of

the Licence fee charged on the Licence in respect

of such shops.


Stamps and Registration


Revenue collection target is fixed at Rs.7450

crores for 2014-15

Stamp Duty exemption on subsequent sale deed

relating to alternate site allotted by the

Bangalore Development Authority, consequent

to the denotification of the land.

Stamp Duty exemption on instruments

executed between concerned persons under the

Aerospace Policy 2013-23.

Provision for remission and reduction of Stamp

Duty on instruments specified in the

Government notification dated: 23-04-2003,

with retrospective effect.

Reduction in Stamp Duty on Award relating

to movable properties from the current 5% to

rates ranging from 0.25% to 0.75%, on slab


Stamp Duty at uniform reduced rate of 2% on

all Joint development agreements and their

consequent Powers of Attorney.

Reduction in Stamp Duty on instrument

relating to Delivery Order from 0.5% to 0.1%

on the value of goods imported into the State,

and also Stamp Duty exemption on goods

imported into the State that are exempted from

Customs Duty.




Revenue collection target is fixed at Rs. 4350

crores for 2014-15

Levy of Rs. 500 per seat per quarter instead of

life time tax for the Motor Cabs costing more

than Rs.15 lakhs and registered in other states

and entering Karnataka on tourist vehicle


Suitable amendment to the Motor Vehicle

Taxation Act to prevent vehicles registered in

other States from plying in the State without

payment of life time tax.




Budget size (Consolidated fund) – Rs. 1,38,008

Crores. It is 34.8% more than the Budget

Estimate of Rs. 1,21,611 crore estimated for

B.E. 2013-14.


State Plan size – Rs. 65,600 crore. It is 34.7%

more than the Budget Estimate of Rs. 48,685

crore estimate for B.E. 2013-14.


Total receipts – Rs. 1,36,249 crore of which

Rs. 1,11,039 is Revenue Receipts while

Rs. 25,210 crore is Capital Receipts.


Total Expenditure – Rs. 1,38,008 crore of which

Revenue Expenditure is Rs. 1,10,757 crore and

Capital Expenditure Rs. 20,491 crore.