In a major setback to BBMP, the SC declined to entertain the application for a TI and said that it would confirm the order of the High Court related to the survey and subsequent removal or demolition of illegal structures or constructions in the BBMP Limits.

Earlier, the High Court of Karnataka directed the BBMP to conduct a survey and report the matter about the same and the BBMP submitted a report stating that approximately 2.99 lakh buildings have violated or deviated from the sanctioned building plans and it does not have men and money power to act or remove the same. The High Court, observed that it would direct the state Government to provide funds and manpower to do the same.

The BBMP, smartly tried to turn the tables with an application before the Apex court, stating that there is a pending case(akrama-sakrama) before it, therefore, the High Court Order may be put on hold. But, the Apex Court declined and warned BBMP. Thereafter, the application has been withdrawn.

The illegal structures and unauthorised portions or construction might face issues.

We advice the buyers and tenants not to buy or take such properties on lease,(by paying a bulk amount) as it may be detrimental to their interests.