With the onset of new procedures, streamlining the registration process to bring more authenticity, the department has made some changes regarding the scanning of katha and verification of katha and rtc online.

The documents will be verified and logged in for the registration. If there is any no issue or court orders against the schedule property, the seller and the buyer will get an OTP in their mobiles.

The witnesses and all the parties must provide self attested adhaar copies and even the witnesses will get the OTP in their mobile, thus authenticating the presence and specific person signing the document as witness.

The revenue sites with green katha (GOVINDA KATHA) cannot be registered. Once, the documents are verified for their authenticity, the e-katha will be verified by the system. If the e-katha is fake or bogus, then the system will reject the application for registration.

BBMP and BDA katha`s have not been connected with this system for verification. If it is done, then, the fraud and cheating might be reduced in the real estate property transaction.


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