The Bangalore district administration has issued notices on thursday to the owners of 69 structures that have allegedly encroached upon government ( kharab ) land at Ideal Homes Layout in Rajarajeshwarinagar, which includes film actor Darshan`s house and S.S.Hospital and the reply has to be given to the administration within seven day`s time.

The notices were served following the final report by the Joint Director, Land Records, who, after a survey, determined that 7 acres and 31 guntas of kharab land had been encroached upon in Ideal Homes Layout.

The earlier survey and orders were challenged by the affected in the High Court in 2005, but the court had ordered a re-inquiry into the issue.  The re-inquiry report, submitted in September 2016, concluded that the layout had been developed after encroaching upon 7 acres and 31 guntas of kharab land.

The report showed that the encroachments were on government land and not on a drain.