Finally, the KSPCB, has woken up to the woes of the BELLANDUR LAKE FROTH and inspected some of the apartment complexes and industries, which were draining their untreated toxic effluents and discharge into the raja kaluve and to the lake and instituted 14 Criminal cases and have issued few (selected few) show cause notices to the violators.

Most of the sewage and untreated effluents flows into this lake is mainly from apartment complexes surrounding this lake area.  It is to be noted that many of the complexes are not constructed as per the sanctioned plan and does not have SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS and the few ones, which have the STP units does not function properly and the rest does not function at  all.

Some of the STP units exist for the sake of approval, but they never function and some does not treat the sewage at all.