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  1. Hi, The link is not working.  C.Suresh +917838405538

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    1. Sir,
      Please approach directly the ARO of your jurisdiction or CSC for assistance. There are lots of glitches, confusion and breakdown of the online system, contact the concerned RO or ARO to resolve it.
      We have lodged the complaint with the BBMP It, DC Revenue and the Commissioner regarding the problems faced by the citizens.

      EP Team

      1. the moment we approach CSC or ARO, they beg from us for coffee or team (greasing their hand) for helping us. Isn’t their any website or help document to find the necessary stuff and then pay the tax. Basically online stuff is to reduce lengthy queues in front of BBMP Ward Offices. But if the website is not friendly for the citizens to pay then what is the use of paying online.

      2. Sir,
        You need not do all those acts stated in the mail. Just go there fill up and pay up. Do not give room for greasing.
        EP Team

  2. Dear Sir,

    We demolished our house and constructed a new house.
    We occupied the new house in November 2015.
    I got to know that, we have to pay tax only for half of the year (2nd half).
    But, do we need to pay tax for the vacant land for the 1st half of the year?

    How to do this in online application?
    Should I make, 2 separate payments – 1 for vacant land for first half and 1 for house for the 2nd half?
    So, I will get 2 receipts. Is that ok?

    Please clarify.

    Thanks and Regards,

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