The NGT(SZ) has issued notice to BDA to appear before it on 28-01-2016 regarding the sanction of building plans to several builders on the lake beds, valleys and buffer zone.  Sriram Chirping woods and another builder is coming up with thousands of apartments across Kasavanahally lake, haralur lake, kaikondarahally lake, agara lake and few more water bodies in Bangalore East taluk, in Varthur Hobli, Bangalore Urban District.

Several public interest organisation have been submitting their objections to BDA/BBMP/KSPCB and to all the sundry departments regarding the ADVERSE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT and the BDA/BBMP have been sanctioning the plans without bothering about it.  Finally, the NGT AND THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA stepped in and stopped the construction.  

Few more builders are also fighting the suits in Begur Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, might have to shelve the projects, which began in 2009.  These builders are fighting various criminal and civil suits.  These projects have destroyed the delicate environment cover to the entire area of Bannergatta road and the surrounding areas.  In these zones, 75% of the buildings have violated even the dangerous building plans sanctioned by over 200%.  The culprits are the builders, officials, owners, local bodies (panchayats). BDA, BBMP, politicians and other government bodies like KSPCB, BESCOM, BWSSB who have deliberately ignored the nature`s law.  Finally, the Banks and the most important are the BUYERS.  Had the buyers, rejected or refused to buy illegal, unauthorised, irregular and dangerous buildings, these builders or developers WOULD NOT HAVE BUILT THESE ILLEGAL BUILDINGS AT ALL.

The buyers blame the Government, but ultimately, they are the sufferers and expect sympathy and regularisation at the cost of the honest tax payer.