Severe action against apartment complexes, which are discharging untreated and toxic materials and waste into the lakes in Bangalore is being contemplated by the Government in order to stop the dying lakes and water pollution. The KSPCB and other Government Departments may disconnect power supply and initiate other penal proceedings, if the STP is not installed and the sewage is NOT treated properly.

The main reason behind the huge discharge of toxic waste and sewage in Bangalore south and east are the illegal Dying units (which are banned in Tamil Nadu) which are releasing highly toxic and pathogens into the raja kaluve and streams, industries and the illegal and unauthorized apartment complex, (B katha apartments) which do not have STPs.  Most of the residents use large quantities of detergents, cleaners, acids and chemicals and discharge them without properly treating the sewage, resulting in the pollution of water bodies.

During a review meeting, The KSPCB officials said untreated sewage released by apartment complexes was the main cause for the pollution of water bodies.

The state government has decided to cut off power supply to apartment complexes that do not have their own sewage treatment plants. Many apartment complexes in the city release untreated sewerage directly into lakes and other bodies, leaving them extremely polluted.