Though the Akrama Sakrama is still hanging in the High Court Of karnatka, The BBMP has issued a circular regarding the Akrama Sakrama, The circular, for the first time, puts forth a guideline to calculate the violations and deviations with retrospective CDP/ODP plans which were prevalent during the year of construction.

The circular says that the extent of violation buildings will be calculated in comparison to the zonal regulations of the Bangalore Development Authority master plan in effect when the building was built.

The first plan was issued in 1972 and was called the Outline Development Plan. It covered 130 sq km as its Local Planning Area (LPA). This was followed by the first Master Plan in 1984 when the LPA was expanded. The conurbation area of each of these plans has successfully expanded with each plan. The city has seen two more Master plans – RMP 1995 and RMP 2015.

Now, the year of construction has to be ascertained and accordingly the calculations has to be done with the prevalent BDA CDP/ODP/Masterplan to arrive at the specific percentage of deviation.

The whole point of Akrama Sakrama is to regularise unauthorised development and building bylaw violations. Now, How will the Government/BBMP/Municipalities, now determine the year of construction of a building if it is unauthorised in the first place?

The setback norms have varied with each successive master plan.

Anyway, the BBMP has given additional grounds of appeal  to the petitioners to obtain a Permanent Injunction Order to STOP THE AKRAMA–SAKRAMA.

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