‘B’ khata is bogus: Siddaiah, Commissioner, BBMP,Bangalore, June 29, Palike Commissioner says no such category exists-READ DECCAN HERALD DATED 30-06-2011.

‘B’ khata is bogus: Siddaiah, Commissioner, BBMP,Bangalore, June 29,
Palike Commissioner says no such category exists

BBMP Commissioner Siddaiah said on Wednesday that there is no such document called ‘B’ khata, which, ironically enough is issued by the Palike offices. There is now every reason to believe that the ‘B’ in the ‘B’ khata, the semi-official document being used in land transactions stands for ‘bogus.’

The general perception among the public has been that a ‘B’ khata on a revenue property is a kind of surety that their property is not illegal. It is not true. Banks that had given loans on the strength of the document later stopped doing so when they realised that the document was not valid.

On Wednesday, the floor leader of JD(S) Padmanabha Reddy raised the issue in the House, declaring that the ‘B’ khata is “nothing but a mirage”. Yet the BBMP officials harass people for issuing a B khata, said Reddy, adding that the arrangement was only to make every property owner in Bangalore pay tax.

Reddy told the House that there are two registers of properties in the revenue offices – the ‘A’ register listing legitimateresidential or commercial property, and the ‘B’ register listing properties that are illegal as per the KMC Act.

“There is no provision under the KMC Act to issue ‘B’ khata. Because an illegal property is listed in the ‘B’ register, the Palike devised on its own a ‘B’ khata,” said Reddy.

Palike Commissioner Siddaiah, who was unaware of this practice of the Palike officials initially, said the ‘B’ khata is a valid document, but later when the deputy commissioner (revenue) briefed him that Reddy’s statement was correct, he too had to admit that there is no significance of ‘B’ khata as such. The commissioner then said Palike officials may have devised the practice to tax the facilities provided to the property owners of illegal layouts.


93 thoughts on “‘B’ khata is bogus: Siddaiah, Commissioner, BBMP,Bangalore, June 29, Palike Commissioner says no such category exists-READ DECCAN HERALD DATED 30-06-2011.

  1. If “B Khata” is bogus, then how did BBMP give B-Khatas all these years?
    What should people who have taken B-Khata do?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Please read our earlier publication on B katha.
      You must direct the question to the Commissioner, BBMP .
      ecopackindia team

    2. The legality of a construction is confirmed by the registrar office, not by BBMP. BBMP is responsible for the civic ammenities and collection of taxes for it, only.
      BBMP created the B-khaata for its internal records to be able to segregate funds received as taxes from illegal constructions (as per KMC act) vs legal constructions (i.e. A-khaata).
      Some officials are bribed and a B-khaata obtained for illegal constructions by property developers, however pls understand that paying taxes for civic ammenities on illegal constructions, doesnt make the construction legal.

  2. Very good article posted to open the eyes of property buyers.
    Most of the builders and brokers are fooling the peoples telling Property is BBMP approved ( For B-khata) and tell the buyers to hurry up for transactions. Some of the banks also giving loans to these illegal properties and cheating peoples.
    Buyers should not make it urgent to buy any such property without verifying the documents and fall in future problems.
    Its better Not to have a Property than to buy such property and have future burden.

    1. Dear Sir,
      We have been regularly publishing the details about the B katha, fake B katha etc. But, buyers are not bothered about it, as long as they got the bank loan. Bank loan does not confer any right , title and interest.
      ecopackindia team

      1. B Khata is bogus, It is just a register of the illegal properties, Agreed
        Now what should a person do if he has allready bought a site with the B Khata/ Illeagal/ Unauthorised Site.

      2. Dear Sir,
        Get it legalised. Contact an advocate in this regard.
        ecopackindia team

  3. Hello Team,
    Please help me. I tottaly confused with B- Khata, and Revenue site and DC convereted?
    1. When DC converted Land comes to BBMP Limit, does owner get BBMP A khata or B- Khata ?
    2. BBMP B-Khata nothing but revenue property/Green built right? Does DC converted Land is Illigal?
    Pls help, I dont want loose my hard earned money and Kill myself


    1. Dear Sir,
      1). NO.
      2). Yes.
      Please consult an expert before the purchase.
      ecopackindia team

      1. Thanks for the immdiate response. I really appreciate you!
        I still confused your answer
        1. Do you mean to say that, When DC converted Land (Later stage) comes to BBMP limit, we get BBMP-A Khat , after paying betterment charge (from Gramathana to BBMP khata) and IT WILL NOT MOVE TO BBMP- B khata .

        2.Do you mean say , DC converted Land is not a illigal ?.

        3. Can I get legalised the DC converetd Gramathana khata to BBMP- A Khata without waiting for Akarama Sakrama counter open. ( I mean when it comes under BBMP) ..PLS PLS ans for this

      2. Dear Sir,
        1). DC conversion is conditional.
        2). Yes. If it complies with all statutory regulations.
        3). No.
        Please consult an expert and an advocate or an advocate who has full knowledge about Land records, Compliances, KLR Act and KTCP ACTS.
        ecopackindia team

    2. Ans to Q 1. BBMP will issue only regular Khatha and also Khatha Extract. (Regular Khatha means Khatha is in computerised version)

      Ans to Q2. Forget (so called) B Khatha. DC conversion might be legal, but after conversion, other norms to be complied with.

  4. Hi
    No gurarantee of BDA approved as well BBMP approved since all are (Agents / Politicians / Government) playing with hard earned money of middle / lower class families.
    Foget it of your dream home at Bangalore
    Even we are seening the Akrama Sakrama since more than 4-5 years … nothing has come out till date
    Just every one want to safeguard with others money

    1. Dear Sir,
      It is a well known fact that the B forms will not confer any right, title and interest. If the so called middle class families want to have their own house, it is not difficult, to get it at economical price. They want at very highly subsidised and double cheap price and they fell prey to such revenue sites and bogus layouts and documents.
      ecopackindia team

  5. By the way, is BBMP issuing so called A khata for properties where everything is legal…heard that even BBMP is not acceupting betterment charges and not issuing A khata as well..

    1. Dear Sir,
      BBMP is issuing A katha for all clear titled and legal properties.
      ecopackindia team

  6. Can you please tell me how do i get survey details of a land?
    Is there any online system available to provide information about sites like if tehre is any case on the site etc?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Go to the survey office and get the details.
      ecopackindia team

  7. Hi
    Am sathish
    I am planning to buy a DC converted site which is within the BBMP limit, already paid advance of 1.50 lacs. This is the first sale after conversion.We have applied for the plot loan with some NBFC who has sanctioned the loan by verifying all the documents, lastly when they verified the KHATHA with BBMP Office, it has came out these khata are bogus. So bank is not willing to releaes the loan. Now vendor is informing that he will get the genuine khatha certificates. Please clarify whether khatha can be obtained after getting registered in my name. Please do help me by clarifying the above.

  8. BBMP is the main body to give permission for the approval of a plan if they have approved the plan then what is there in issuing the Khathas.Why are they issuing B khatha if it is BOGUS.There is no strong reply from any body in your Office on this.Also how is BBMP allowing the Village Panchayat to approve the Plans of Flats.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Contact the Commissioner with your query and seek clarification.
      ecopackindia team

  9. To,
    His excellency The Governor of Karnataka
    The Commissioner, BBMP, Bangalore

    Dear Sir

    I have purchased a site (30 X 40 Feet) which is D.C.Converted with approved layout plan when it was in Gramatana. when BBMP extended its limits this property has come into the limits of BBMP. Now I have been given a B register entry, is this property is illegal, if yes, please let me know What i have to do to legalese it, if not why don’t you help me by issuing A Khatha,so that I can to get bank loan facility for construction. Because of your statement on B Khata no banks are coming forward to assist me. I think you must be knowing that there are lakhs and lakhs of middle and lower middle class people in Bangalore have purchased such sites Bangalore and struggling for construction. I hope you understand our situation and take immediate action to help such people.

    1. Dear Mr.Reddy,
      DC Conversion and layout approval is not applicable for gramatana sites. Check?
      Your mail has been forward to The Commissioner, BBMP, Bangalore.
      ecopackindia team

  10. Sir,
    Just curious, does the commisioner ever respond to such queiries, I had sent some emails earlier, but no reply, I was not surprised.
    May be he will respond to you!

    1. Dear Sir,
      You have rightly pointed out that he might not be able to respond to lakhs of queries and complaints.
      We are not special, so, the same treatment will be meted to us.
      We often visit and meet the officials and most of the queries related to unauthorised/illegal buildings and complaints against all the officers. None of them bothers or cares. This is democracy.
      ecopackindia team

  11. So many builders are building apartments in same areas where B-Khata is being issued to individual site owners. Builders claim apartment is BBMP approved.
    How these apartment owners get A-Khata?
    Are these structures illegal?
    If they are collecting betterment charges from Builder, why not accept from individual site owners and give proper khata

    I think BBMP and govt is furthering interests of builder mafia by allowing them to regularise their property at the same time denying opportunity to lower middle class owners to own sites and individual houses

    1. Dear Sir,

      If the builder has converted the land for residential use, pay the betterment and obtain the building plan sanction, then it is legal.
      Generally, the Builders might be having a valid DC Conversion and also pay the betterment for the entire stretch of land, if the builder complies with all the conditions of the sanction, the apt owners will get A katha, otherwise, even the apt owners will not get A katha.
      ecopackindia team

  12. Sir,

    W.r.to Shiv’s query, just rephrasing it. For eg: none of the individual sites in a dc converted layout got A Khata. But some builders are building apratements in 50*80 and 90*60 sites in the same layout for which they got “A” khata for individual apartments. Why this preferential treatment for the apartments. Why not house owners with 30*40 and 60*40 in same layout are not getting A khatas?


    1. Dear Sir,
      If that is the case, Please collect all the details and documents about such projects, approach the JC or Additional Commissioner of your jurisdiction or DC Revenue and seek clarification and demand the transfer of katha to be issued to your name. Some such instances are noticed and have got the kathas. Try.
      Best of Luck,
      ecopackindia team

  13. I m going to buy resale property which has B khata but on top of that present owner ( other person than builder) has B khata on his name. and paid all taxes till the date. SO , is it advisable to buy this property with some valid documents? if yes then what documents should i get from owner for this. PLease help me in that.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Please consult an advocate and an expert in property related issues, before making advance payment.
      ecopackindia team

  14. Is it legal to construct an house in revenue site with all documents but no khata/betterment charges paid & hence no approved plan? In case started with construction, what may be the consequences/ bbmp actions.

    1. Dear Sir,
      It is an unauthorised structure or illegal construction. If noticed,(if you do not take care of the concerned officials) it will be demolished. You have create fake documents to get power and water supply.
      ecopackindia team

  15. Hi Team, I came across a DC converted land with NOC from BDA, its a gated community. I would like to know what could be the issues I might encounter if I purchase this site and proceed for registration?

    1. Dear Sir,
      We cannot predict the future course of events. Please consult an expert and an advocate in this regard.
      ecopackindia team

  16. Hello Sir,

    I have seen a Site in Uttarahalli for purchase. The owner said its under BBMP and has B-Khata. As mentioned in earlier posts B-Khata is not legal but I heard that A-Khata is not given even if we are ready to pay the betterment charges.

    Is there any list of Valid documents which I can get from the owner even if its B-Khata and purchase the Site? Please confirm so that I will know whether to go ahead with this B-Khata sites or not. Thanks

  17. HI Sir ,
    I am planning to purchase site in Hongesandra village,Munireddy layout which formed in 1995’s currently come under bommanahalli CMC limits ..They are telling this site DC converted ,betterment charges are paid during grahma panchayat .they have given A -katha and katha extract for this site without DC certificate,betterment receipt .. How to obtain the copy of DC convertion certificate from BBMP office and betterment charges ? how to obtain copy ‘s BDA NOC for this site? could you please help me ?

  18. Hello

    Would you know if prakruthi township, babusapalya (near the logos church) is a legal area to buy an independent house?
    The house is under an existing Andhra bank loan. that that mean bank has verified all documents? How to check?


    1. Dear Sir,
      We do have details.
      Bank loans does not mean that the titles are clear.
      ecopackindia team

  19. First of all there is no A, or B khata. BBMP has only original Khata which is reffered by some as A khata. There is no B khata at all, it is called form B register. No where in form B register it states that it is a type of khata. Real estate people started calling it B khata for their benefit. If I am correct, the term A khata replaced original khata after the introduction of the so called B Khata in 2009.

  20. B khata is bogus.
    BBMP is bogus.

    The only thing that is real is the money you pay to get this bogus piece of paper that is issued by a bogus organization.

    The architect of this bogus scheme is the government of the day from the top down to the BBMP sub-registrars. Naturally, the money flows from down all the way to the top.

    Which is why they let ordinary people believe that a B khata could secure their property title, collected enough revenue and decided one day to declare it invalid?

    The counter argument to this would be that BBMP never claimed that it is a Khata certificate – Just that it is entry in the B register. As a government organization meant to serve the public, shouldn’t they be more clear about what the
    B register means?

    Of course, why would they want to be clear? All they want is an easy way to pocket your hard earned money so that they can purchase a second or thirty second BDA site for themselves.

    When the same people in the government noticed that their many BDA sites weren’t appreciating fast enough for their liking, they realized that this was because the middle class could not afford BDA sites and were purchasing BBMP sites on loan. So they pull out the ‘bogus’ card and wait for their sites to sell like hot cakes (now that there are no loans for B-khata sites).

    Once these revenues dry up, they will pull out the Akrama-Sakrama card, pocket hefty revenues. Then, announce betterment fees, pocket more revenues…

    Now, you know why these sites are called ‘revenue’ sites?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Thanks. REVENUE SITES ARE THOSE WHICH BRINGS REVENUE TO THE BBMP,BDA, GOVERNMENT AND THE OFFICIALS. The buyers of these kinds of properties must understand this.

      ecopackindia team

    1. Dear Sir,
      2). If the titles are good without any violation and deviation and if the price is attractive.(apartment)
      ecopackindia team

  21. Dear Sir I Had Purchased A Buit House With B Khata In Begur Road Bomanhalli
    Now How To Change For “A” Khata I Have DC convertion, sketch Of House And Title Deed
    Now What R The Thing I Required For Changing A Khata

  22. Hello Sir,

    I have made a part payment for a newly built house having B-Register/Khata title in Begur Road. Before doing a part payment i even spoke to the officer at Bommanahalli (Begur Road) BBMP office about the legality of such property. As per them there is no risk involved in buying such property. What is the advice from your side.?

    1. Dear Sir,
      When there is no problem, why do you disturb us with this kind of query?
      ecopackindia team

  23. I have a plot that falls under BBMP limits, I leart B-Katha is bogus I did not go for it. Houses are already built around my site and almost developed area. Now I wish to construct house in my plot and looking for construction loan, for which I need to get A Katha and plan approval. I met a BBMP offical who says would get me every doc that is requried for getting loan for a price of Rs 40,000/- Is this right to do?

  24. Dear team,

    I purchased an apartment in 2010 which has this B katha/Register. What are the consequences if we still continue to be on B katha until akrama sakrama happens and pay property taxes?

    1. Dear Sir,
      We cannot foresee or predict Consequences. You can pay taxes.
      Legally it(even the F form) cannot be transferred to your name. As you cannot even get(genuine) B forms, you cannot sell it.
      ecopackindia team

  25. Is it suggestible to purchase a property which comes under BBMP but there is no DC conversion.

  26. Is it possible to convert B Khata to A Khata by paying betterment charges and taxes till date?

  27. Hi,
    I purchased appartment 3 years back and till now khata transfer did not happen. When we follow up with builder 2 months back engineering dept from BBMP visited our appartment and specified there are deviations (3 they have highlighted) and given endorsement that they will not give OC because of this reasons.
    Now i am not sure how to proceed from here as i am hearing OC and Khata are releated, is there a way to legalise these deviations or what exactly need to be done? Any help will be appreciated…

    1. Dear Sir,
      It is very simple.
      Remove or demolish the illegal portion or the deviations from the sanctioned plan and the OC will be issued.

      Wait for Akrama-Sakrama.
      Feel, lucky, the authorities have not issued eviction notice.
      ecopackindia team

  28. Dear sir, I have a query about illegal construction, one builder has approached me for selling an apartment, he had BBMP approval for constrruction for G+3, but has built G+4, each floor has 10 flats,so basically the 4th floor is illegal, he has told me that it will get approved, one Akrama-Sakrama come into place & that it would happen soon, he is quoting the price of the flat below market rate prevaling in the area, also he said he can arrange loan from a private bank. In this regard, I have a few questions, since I am a middleclass salaried person with only my hard earned salary as my sole breadwinner, & absolutely no other source of income, so since I will be putting my entire family planning at risk, before that I really would like to clarify a few points:
    1. Shall a person go for buying this property
    2. How soon you think can the approval take place
    3. what will be the violation in temrs of percentage, I heard that for residential purpose, 50% violation is allowed
    4. If I buy the flat, can the BBMP officials come to my place & ask me to vacate the flat, & worse, bring down the flat?
    5. Can I hold the builder responsible in such an event, or I will be soley responsible & entirely on my own, for all the legal consequence arising because of non approval.
    Please do respond to me, I am very much confused.

  29. i purchased house with Bkath in the Year 2011 Jan with home loan, its not DC converted, no betterment paid, but paid Taxes in BBMP office till date, So aper this artical i found thats its not legal property…Please help me out how can make legal property

    1. Dear Sir,

      Wait for Akrama-Sakrama, if the final date is extended from 31-12-2008 to 31-12-2011, you may get it regularised. As of now, all the illegal and unauthorised properties will be regularised till 31-12-2008.
      ecopackindia team

  30. Our apartment complex (G+3) is built on a land previously in gramthana now under BBMP. The land owner entered into JDA with builder. requisite sanctions obtained by BBMP. The builder gave out possessions in 2010 subsequent to which the betterment charges rates were announced. The builder refused to pay however residents collected charges. Now revenue officer is saying they will issue only land and building khata. For individual apartment khata they are asking for OC. builder says OC not required for G+3 apartment in Bangalore.
    1) What are our options as builder not cooperating at all?
    2) Builder has collected bwssb charges can we get it back as no water or severage system yet in our area?
    3) there are talks of property ID after which khata will not be required?
    your response will be much appreciated!

  31. Dear sir,

    I am planning to Purchase Property situated in B katha – it had power supply – BBMP is approved & the owner is paid Tax & Electricity bills up to date

    Betterment charges dint paid/ We asked the owner to conver it to A Khata & we wil pay the charges & transfer it

    He replied until Akrama sakrama is opened it is difficul to Convert to A khata

    suggest me your openion in this regards
    subramanyam v

    1. Dear Sir,
      Consult your advocate and an expert in town planning laws.
      ecopackindia team

  32. Dear Sir ,

    I am taking one independent house with B khata but not DC convereted .shall i get any problem in future ..


      1. Dear Sir,
        Please check with near and dear ones, if you do not find one, contact us, we are a group of professionals, shall conduct a diligent enquiry into the titles and provide you with title report and verification report.
        ecopackindia team

  33. Please let us know whether Varalakshmi Layout near Nice road and Bannerghatta Road junction adjasent to T JOhn college of nursing’s compound wall , is having any legal issues. This information is needed for purchase of a 40 /60 site which is dc converted (as per the owner’ Rs. 80,000 to be paid as betterment charges) with bbmp taxes paid uptodate.Please guide us with the market rate per sqft and guideline value for regn. Thanks .

    1. Dear Sir,
      We do not have any details about this layout. Please consult an expert and an advocate, check all the relevant documents at the concerned offices, make a newspaper publication inviting objections or claims and make a local thorough enquiry before taking any decision. Do not rely on the sanction of bank loan. Bank loan will not confer you any right, title and interest.
      Take Care,
      ecopackindia team

  34. I have a DC converted site with B Katha.I like to know how to pay the betterment charges and convert the B Katha to A Katha please advice.
    Vinodananda Rao

  35. Hello Ecopackindia,
    Thank you for all these updates feed back on B Katha, I’m planning to buy a BBMP B Katah site which is Betterment charges are paid, can you suggest is that ok to buy is betterment charges are paid and letter from BDA also
    Can you please suggest

  36. Sir,
    We have decided to buy a flat in bellandur with ‘B’ Khata certificate.. The deviations are penthouses and the distance between the gate and the building is 6 ft… Is it safe to buy this property? Will there be any difficulty in resale ,say after 10 yrs or so? If it gets regularised by the government, how long will it take? Can we get A khata after the regularisation? …

    1. Dear Sir,
      Consult the best expert and advocate for opinion. Without proper scrutiny, we may not be able to pass remarks.
      ecopackindia team

  37. Hi Sir,

    We have decided to buy a plot near Hosa road from Vaishnavi gateway.
    What about D.C.converted layout with A-katha for the whole layout, with betterment paid for whole layout. Owner says i will get bank loan for purchase of sites, however, not from nationalized banks, but at time of registration will be B-katha. Is this correct ?

    He says I can pay betterment for individual site and get it converted to A-katha. Is it correct ? I also consulted lawyer but don’t how much extent it helps. Please help me in this regards. I’m very much confused.


  38. I am planning to buy a flat on a property that has a BBMP A-khata in Chikka Banaswadi area. However the property has an old BDA notification (about 15 years back). The entire area has been developed and very few vacant plots are left. Does the BDA have any authority on the property now that BBMP has issued the A-Khata?

  39. I am planning to buy a 3bhk Flat . Flat land is having A katha but BBMP approved plan is deviated about 50% and Builders said they wont get OC but they will get b Katah for me. Is it a good deal. Also SBI pre approved for loan.

    Number of floor and flat numbers are as per approved plan. But I cannot see 3 bhk in approved plan.

  40. Hi,

    I am planning to buy a penthouse in C.V.Raman Nagar. I saw many flats as well, but they say land is A Khata but building is B khata. So I decided to go for Penthouse which I am getting for very less price. But I am confused after reading all the comments above.

    Even to get a flat with OC and CC is very difficult. Please suggest me if it is Ok to buy and also if you know any banks which will give loan for Penthouse?

    Thanks in advance.

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