Property Services

Property Management

1) Payment of taxes  (for multiple properties and bbmp properties only), Obtain Encumbrance Certificate, Mother deed, Sale Deed, Katha, Katha Extract, OC, Bescom & BWSSB Connectivity etc.

2) property regularisation.(Akrama-Sakrama) When, the legislation is brought in.

3) Legal opinion or Title Report on properties from the panel/team of experts.

4) DC conversion of properties.(More than 20 guntas in bangalore city limits and 1 acre in BMRDA Jurisdiction)

5) Permission for the change of land use.

6) Investigation, Examination and Verification of original Title Deeds, Procurement of title deeds, Encumbrance Certificates, Mother Deeds.

7) Verification and Compliance of buildings and Conformity.

8) Reports regarding the Buildings with Sanctioned Building Plans and other licenses.

9) Payment of revenue/municipal Taxes, Betterment levies.

10) Survey of the properties.

11) Katha Transfers. (bulk-apartments) Regularisation of un authorised layouts, buildings,complexes & Regularisation of deviations from the sanctioned building plans.(UNDER NEW AKRAMA - SAKRAMA SCHEME- WHEN IMPLEMENTED)

12) Approval of Layout by BIAPPA/BMICA/BDA/LPA/KHB/ BMRDA. Permission to buy agricultural lands from AC. Handle 79A, 79B and 80 u/s KLRAct.

13) Procurement of Akarband, Atlas, Survey Sketch, Survey, Tippany and related survey documents.

14) Placing Ads in Electronic and Print media for lease and sale of properties.

15) Negotiation with prospective buyers and sellers.

16) Drafting legal agreements/lease agreements/sale deeds. Execution of property registration.

Services are offered only to legitimate issues on authentic documents



Stack monitoring, Ambient Air Quality monitoring, Light monitoring, Noise level measurement, Oxygen level measurement and Analysis.

Environmental Audit statements and studies (EAS). Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) Designing of Water and Air Pollution Control Systems 

We take up turn key projects, servicing, plant installations and manufacturing of equipments for water treatment, waste water treatment, reverse osmosis plants, softeners and iron removal systems. 

Conducting studies on Water, Air quality etc. Operation & Maintenance of water treatment plants. 

Supply and Servicing of Pressure Sand Filters (PSF), Activated Carbon Filters (ACF), Softeners, Reverse osmosis and demineralization.

Supply of water treatment equipments, water treatment chemicals, Chemical Dozing Pumps, media for filters, swimming pool filters, suction sweeps and SS Ladders.

We manage and administer commercial properties.Retainer Consultancy, getting clearance from regulatory bodies